Sunday, May 15, 2011

My firt book review and interview-Laura Kaye's 'Hearts In Darkness'

I am so excited about doing my first review and interview on my blogsite. **doing happy dance**  I wanted to focus on a new author that I recently discovered -I can see great things happening for her. Laura Kaye is a newly published author that some of you may be familliar with and don't even realize it. I know I didn't.

After reading 'Hearts In Darkness', I moseyed over to her web page and realized that she was the author of a very popular fanfiction story, 'The List' over on  I had read this story awhile back and I loved it!

She now has a ebook, her first, and a new release scheduled to come out May 20th.  Hop over to my review site to hear about 'Hearts In Darkness and an excerpt!


  1. I loved the interview. It may have been your first for this site but it inspired me to buy the book by Laura Kaye. Looking forward to reading the one you do for Gayle. (LJ)

  2. SQUEE--I hope you enjoy it---and if you do, be sure to let LauraKaye know! Love ya!

  3. LJ--I'm squeeing along with C.S.! :)

  4. I actually just bought Hearts in Darkness today. Gotta get through my books for review before I can read it, but I can't wait :) Great interview btw

    Nikki Barrett

  5. Nikki, let me know when you finish HID; would love to hear what your thoughts!


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