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It’s been a long time coming...

First off, let me start by saying that C.L. Parker is my bestie. She and I have had many long conversations via the phone, and I have known her since the conception of her first book, Supernova, a little over a year ago. I had a front seat on this awesome journey and am very happy to review her first release.

That being said--I have also told my friend that I wouldn’t hold back on my review. I would be totally honest. If I thought her book was total shit, then I would tell her. She also demanded the truth from holding back. We have that kind of friendship-we can be our deranged, snarky, bitchy selves and still love each other. C.L. is the type of friend that would tell me my ass is too huge in a pair of jeans, or to put on my big girl panties and And vice versa.

Luckily, I loved her book---boy, did I sweat that one out. It was one of the reasons it took me so long to read it. The other reason was that I was familiar with the story. Kind of hard to read when you know what is going to happen. I like surprises.

But--I put my on my big girl panties  (wink, wink) and read Supernova.

This debut book was a breath of fresh air--no vamps, no weres, no witches...well...maybe some of you may see similarities and think this is about black magic, but that really isn’t what the story is about.

Kerrigan Cruz, only daughter to Hudson and Priscilla, has a disturbing dream the night that her Grammy Availia dies. It is also the eve of her twenty-fourth birthday and her life is about to change forever. Tired of living under the controlling thumb of her military father, and her extremely nauseating boyfriend, Jackson Knoff...yep...go ahead and laugh...This slime-ball has a  wicked case of halitosis that has Kerrigan wishing he would eat a damn tic-tac. Not to mention, he has failed to give her an earth-shattering orgasm. In fact, not even a tee-tiny one. The poor girl has never experienced the quivering of her girly bits, and that is just a damn shame.

Kerrigan  relocates to St. Augustine, Florida - the oldest city in the U.S., and home to the infamous Fountain of Youth - to live in her Grammy’s home. Along with her best friend, Gabriel Baxter - her very gay friend who provides some wacky moments in this book and will have you laughing your ass off in some parts. Gabe has no filter for his deviant mind, and considers himself an expert in all that is ‘DIVA.’ He is a wonderfully, interesting secondary character that pesters his way into your heart and sits down for a spell. Whether you want him to or not. LOL.

Enter Dominic Grayson. Sigh. A drool-worthy man who sets Kerrigan’s world off kilter from their first encounter.  He dons button-fly jeans, goes commando, and wears snug fitting tees that sport the logo of classic rock bands. But that is not what makes my legs feel like a wet noodle and my toes curl. It’s the fact that he plays the acoustic guitar. And he does it so sexily--

He stuck his chin out and sang with closed eyes. He felt every word he sang like they were a map to his soul....She wanted to lick the defined lines of the flexing tendons in his forearms. But most of all, she wanted to let her lips hover over his to feel them moving to form the words, inhale the breath of each lyric he sang, and taste the lust that spilled forth from the cavern of sin.

Dominic has a secret---a HUGE secret, that he’s afraid to tell Kerrigan about. This secret could put a stop to their delicate relationship. Dominic doesn’t want to lose Kerrigan and holds back a major part of himself that threatens the fragile bonds that tether them as one. He fights his growing, mutual attraction and leaves Kerrigan a very, very, frustrated woman.

There is plenty of UST in this book--much to my chagrin...heheeheh...-but the wait is SO worth it. Let’s face it. This southern gal knows how to write a smokin’ sex scene like nobody’s business. I will NOT post a spoiler here of that.

What had my stomach all in knots (and my girly bits tingling) while reading this very visual and intimate scene, was the emotional wallop that C.L. delivers during it. She paints such a vivid picture that is filled with raw emotions--not just the actions of the two lovers, but something that goes much deeper.

There are twists and turns in the story and questions that are still left unanswered-Thank GAWD, this is just the first book of three. That’s right, this is a saga. And I have asked C.L. not to share any details of the next two books. I love to be surprised, so she is just gonna have to put on HER big girl panties (holes and all) and suck it up. **Insert smile**

So, have I done my job and hooked you yet? I sure hope so. Because I have a tingly spidey sense that indicates this won’t be the last time we see this awesome newbie to the paranormal genre.

Now, I have this book on my fantasmic Kindle (say it with me, I am a Kindle HOOR). And I have highlighted the shit out of this book. But I don’t want to give away too much. Why in the hell would you read, if I did that? Snort.

But I must give you another taste....just a tee-tiny thing to wet your appetite and make you click that button over at Amazon....

His body sang to hers, an erotic composition of desire vibrating through every fiber of her being. She wanted to get lost in the alluring crescendos of each breath he took, and float like a feather on each exhalation he released.

I have swooned....once again...just writing that.

My honest rating of this book is 4 Stars...I have read other stories by her and know just what she is capable of. She has blown me away so many times with the power of her words. However, there are some areas that I believe she could have built upon, but for whatever reason, didn’t.

These few weak spots are my opinion. I stress that because I know what my girl can do. She knows it too. We have discussed the couple scenes that I am referring to, and she agreed. She also put the blame and shame on me, saying had I agreed to pre-read for her, I would have called her out on it, and she would have fixed it before it went to print. See? We tell it like we see it ;)

Also, not every reader thinks the same about a story. That’s the brilliant thing about writing--you grow as you go. And because of that, I know that C.L. Parker will no doubt develop into a fantastic author. She’s already well on her way.

Supernova has such wonderful pacing--you are on a roller coaster ride of twists and turns of a   well-developed plot. She adheres to her characters’ true nature and you aren’t left saying, “WTF?” Overall, I love Dominic and Kerrigan, and I am looking forward to the next book.

You can order Supernova at the following sites:

If you want more info on this author or let her know what you think of her book--or just chat--she’s funny as hell--you can find her over at the following sites:


  1. LOVE the eyes on the cover! wow

  2. Blackrose37
    The eyes ARE amazing. And I've seen a mock up of the second book--again eyes, but they are supposed to be Dominic's...yum!


  4. C.L. Parker went to St. Augustine and fell in love with it while researching for this book. I have been once, a long time ago-I'm afraid I don't remember much and it wasn't downtown.


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