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Review of 'Changing The Game' ~ Jaci Burton

Availiable: August, 2, 2011
Type: Contemporary, Sports, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Berkley Trade
ISBN-10: 0425242404
ISBN-13: 978-0425242407

Info on author Jaci Burton:

Wow--the cover alone is da bomb diggity. But the pages in between will make your heart pound a little harder, too.

Changing The Game is the second in the Play-by-Play series by the fantasmic author, Jaci Burton. With over 45 published books under her belt, she is one of those writers that get better and better with each book. Like a fine wine.

Gavin Riley, pro baseball player for the St. Louis Rivers, is not looking for commitment. He loves women, he loves sex, and has no intentions of getting serious with Elizabeth Darnell. They're not dating, right? They're just fucking.

Elizabeth Darnell, a 'walking sex bomb with a wicked brain' (Gavin's words, people-not mine), has loved Gavin for years. Not that he had the first clue. Men can be so obtuse about such things. So when Gavin invites her stay with him for awhile, she breaks every one of her hard and fast rules about not getting personally involved with one of her clients.

And that's when the game changes--nothing will ever be the same again.

Excerpt from 'Changing the Game':

Gavin sat outside and watched the seagulls swooping down at the water's edge searching for breakfast while he nursed a cup of coffee and pondered the naked redhead asleep in his bed.
Not just any naked redhead, either, but his agent, Elizabeth.
What a surprise she'd been last night. In more ways than one.
He would have never expected Elizabeth to be his match in the bedroom. She'd turned him on in ways he'd never imagined.
Sure, he'd had a bit to drink last night, and fucking her hadn't been on his mind. It had just happened. But whoa, it had been good.
And he wanted more.
But it was an all-around bad idea. First, because she was his agent, and they needed to keep their relationship strictly business.
Second, she had screwed over his brother, and that still didn't sit right with him.
Third, she wasnt his type at all. He liked his women soft and easygoing. And easygoing and Elizabeth didn't belong in the same sentence.
He still wanted more of her.

The first part of the story explodes with steamy, hot, love scenes that push all the right buttons- an erotic punch to the gut. By page thirty-nine, I was wondering if the two lovers would pull a muscle, hurt something---or at least be a bit chafed.

But there is more to this story than 'fog your glasses' sexy times. (Although Jaci superbly weaves them throughout the book).

This story follows two lovers who utlimately struggle with opposition at every turn. But will family tensions, nagging doubts, and deep-rooted fears be too much for Gavin and Elizabeth to overcome?

I really enjoyed this book-more so than the first of the series, 'The Perfect Play'. I love it when the hero fumbles around and acts like an asshat. He lets his ego get the best of him and he gets knocked to his knees by the fiery Elizabeth Darnell. Oh, how the mighty tumble.
All the Rileys make an appearance and it feels like coming home. There are even a few new secondary characters (Shawnelle and Haley) that add a pinch of humor--think too many margaritas and  women grinding against each other on the dance floor. 

You also get a peek of Ty Anderson, hockey player for the St. Louis Ice, when he hires Elizabeth to be his agent.  And I am sure that Jenna Riley will be melting into a puddle of goo around the sexy athlete in the next book of the series, "Taking A Shot". Can't. Wait.

4.5 Stars 

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  1. My, my, my, oh my!

    Between the review and the excerpt,
    I've been convinced to be sure to
    add Changing The Game to my TBR list.
    They really didn't have to twist my
    arm to reach that decision!

    Pat Cochran


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