Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last of the Brown Siblings Series--and will be greatly missed!

Title: Never Enough
Author: Lauren Dane
Paperback: 320 pages  Price $10.20
Kindle:  $9.99
Publisher: Berkley Trade

Also available at:

Lauren Dane truly amazes me every time I read one of her books. I shouldn’t be shocked anymore—I’ve read so much of her work.
Never Enough is the last book of her Brown Siblings series—and one that I will miss so much coming back to.
The series is as follows:
Laid Bare
Coming Undone
Inside Out
Never Enough
Adrian Brown is a rock star-- A god among men.  His sexy voice, soulful lyrics and musical talent leave screaming fans in his wake. But he seeks solitude in the few he calls friends--his family. And his love for his family is strong. He has made himself a perfect and safe haven—surrounding himself with only those he loves.  He doesn’t trust those outside that circle.
Gillian Forrester, a Brit, came over from England to escape her family. Her mother and sister tend to seek out men who are worthless—losers—bottom of the cesspool. And her father is in jail for murder—a pedophile who killed a young girl. She seeks a better life for herself and develops a close bond while living with her grandmother.
Gillian’s older sister gets pregnant, never naming the man who will be a father. She gives up her right as the child’s mother and Gillian steps in to raise the innocent baby.  Barely an adult herself, Gillian raises the son as her own—Miles—and she loves him with all of her heart. She sacrifices her life for this baby, no regrets, and slides into the role as a single mother. With a few close friends, they grow into a closely-knit family.
After the death of her older sister, Gillian learns o the secret of Mile’s father—Rock Star Adrian Brown. 
And he doesn’t even know.
Dane writes at a heat level that is smoking hot to read—her men are dominant, sexy, and curl your toes in the bedroom. But she also writes her sex scenes with such a vivid and emotional connection. 
Dane also tickles my funny bone—there are some truly Laugh Out Loud moments in this book. Gillian’s snarky nature and Adrian’s blunt tact provided some hilarious moments—In and out of bed.
What I find in Dane’s stories is amazing—and what Lauren Dane is most excellent at. She packs such a wallop of emotions, family values, and a heart- warming story.  I love the way she writes---TRUE TO LIFE. There are no perfect answers, no easily fixable solutions, no ‘I love you and the rest doesn’t matter.’ But the love and commitment of Adrian and Gillian, as well as with the other secondary characters, is monumental….at least to me.  They argue, they talk, they spend time together—they don’t walk away.
I will miss these guys.
4.5 stars

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