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Lisa Renee Jones ~ Guest Blog Appearance on Her Blog Tour

Hello everyone!  I have recently 'discovered' another great author, Lisa Renee Jones. And I am happy to have her here at my blog today.  I am just one of her many stops on her Halloween Blog Tour.

At each stop there will be great giveaways! Be sure to stop by each blog. Lisa will also have a special surprise for one person who follows each stop and comments!

In the spirit of Halloween, and all that is scary, eerie, and creepy, I will be reviewing her novella, Hot Vampire Seduction.

But first, here is Lisa Renee Jones--

Thanks so much to Trish for having me today! I write about vampires, werewolves, and various dark and deadly creatures with dark and deadly story lines, frequently in my books. Before I met my DH though, barely watching or read paranormal stories. In fact, right before meeting him I had discovered a few Vampire stories I liked and was shocked. Well, DH loves the paranormal world, and he is trying to convince me we should go on a ghost hunting training event with a Colorado paranormal association. I don’t know…I get SCARED lol. In my books, my hero is always paranormal too so he can save the heroine. In real life, DH has to face facts. He’s human lol.  However, the temptation is there simply because I have found watching scary movies actually makes me write about being scared much more effectively, with sharper clarity. One who we started watching that you guys have to try if you like scary stuff is THE HAUNTED on the animal planet. That show has scared us both several times before bed!

I kid you not – this show will make a believer out of you in the paranormal.

Now my Vampire Wardens won’t scare you, though the bad guy in the trilogy is pretty bad. He’s a werewolf created from a virus that makes a rabid wolf. In my Warden world, there are good wolves too but they are natural born.  In fact, in December my story Wicked Werewolf Night, will be about a wolf in the same world as the Wardens.  Hot Vampire Touch – book 3 in my Wardens will release, followed by Wicked Werewolf Night.

To win a bath and body shop goodie bag, just tell me if you think I should do the paranormal investigation trip or tell me your favorite ghost story!

The Vampire Wardens Book 1
Self-published (August 9, 2011)

Amazon kindle
Barnes and Noble nook
The Vampire Wardens Book 2   
Self-published (September 12, 2011)

Here is a peek of Book 2 in the Vampire Warden Series

The underground vampire population of Austin, Texas has taken to hosting orgies with human women who’ve been forced to indulge in a new aphrodisiac.The drug, Blood Red, is a mixture of a rare type of werewolf blood and that of a vampire. Blood Red creates an insatiable desire for sex in the user to the point of pain in the absence of pleasure. Sometimes that pain leads to death.
Vampire Warden, Aiden Brooks, has spent more than a hundred years enforcing the laws of his race, and life has taught him that anyone that he allows into his world ends up dead. Despite knowing this all too well, having painfully loved and lost in his past, when his search for the creator of Blood Red places coroner Kelly Riggs directly in both his path, and that of a dangerous clan of vampires, his desire for her goes well beyond offering her protection. He’s drawn to her bravery, seduced by her feisty spirit and beauty, but he is determined to resist her, fearing he will put her in harms way. But Kelly is already on the radar of the enemy, and when she gets too close to the evil vampire clan’s secrets, she is given Blood Red. Now Aiden’s hunger for her might be the only thing that can keep her alive but who will save her from him?

I loved this short story. It had suspense, vamps, and a wicked, hot menage scene that I didn't see coming. (no pun intended, swear).

I read this series out of order, unintentionally, and will be picking up the first of the series.

Lisa packs a punch in this novella-characters you can care about, suspense that grabs you by your throat, and smexy times that make your toes curl. I read it from start to finish in one seating. And like any great author, at the end, she left me wanting more.

Book Rating: 4 Stars
Sensual Rating: 5 Stars

To read more by this fabulous author, check out the links below.
And thanks to Lisa for stopping by. Don't forget to comment and leave your email so we can contact the winner of Lisa's awesome goodie bag.



  1. Awesome post Lisa! Don't enter me.

    Just wanted to say Hi to Trish and Lisa.


  2. im dying to read this book! would love the chance to win ! how many books do you have planned for this series?

    alainala At hotmail DOT ca

  3. I would definitely go for the ghost hunting. I know it's scary but imagine the stories you can tell others. And it's great for research too. Thanks for visiting here today and for another awesome giveaway! I feel like I'm stalking you throughout this tour but I promise I'm harmless. LOL.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  4. I think you should go on the trip, it would be a great experience! Your books look great!

    Robin D
    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

  5. LOL about Joder's stalking...its not stalking its Intense Research of an Individual (IRI). I would love to read the book!

  6. What a treat of a post this fun weekend. I hopped over the enjoy the fun from Lisa's site and have signed up to follow. I look forward to more of what you have to share. Thank you for the lovely giveaway opportunity


  7. Definitely do the trip. You'll be scared out of your wits, but think of all the great material you'll have for new books!!

    Favorite ghost story? Happened here in our old Victorian house (built 1872). I was a Jr in high school, babysitting baby brother (who was just a toddler & autistic, so no real speech). He kept fussing at me - and I knew there was nothing he *needed* (he'd been fed, changed, etc - and he didn't want to be held - or down - he was just *fussy*). I have "Interview with a Vampire" in the VHS and a fussy baby and its storming like there's no tomorrow outside. So finally I said "Not now, Eth." Just as if he'd answered himself, but it was an older, deeper male voice, said "if not now, when?"

    Needless to say, the lights ALL went on, the movie was shut off, the toddler got picked up and we went and hug out in my room til my mom got home! LOL.

    Wasn't the first (or the last) encounter with our household ghosts. We love them and most of the time they're a great comfort to us.

  8. I have read the first 2 books and so loved them. I would go on the trip just because it's something different. Yes, I would probably be scared too, but what fun. I know you're going to enjoy all of Lisa's books. She is a fabulous writer.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  9. I think you should go on the trip!
    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  10. Alainala, Lisa plans a 3rd book in the series then there is a spin-off series that comes out. We try to keep her website updated, check the "upcoming releases" section of the site. I hope you enjoy the books!


  11. I say go for it. You might meet a ghost or you might just see some nice scenery.

  12. I would have to say if you have a week heart don't go. I don't think I would go personally. I live near Boston where they do haunted tours and Salem where they do tours too. I don't think I could do Salem because I would wet myself if something did happen.

  13. Thanks for everyone who stopped by. I will announce the winner later on today! Happy day before Halloween!

  14. Congrats--to JODER--who wins LRJ's goodie bag. I will let her know your email so she can contact you.
    Thanks to everyone for their comments and visiting my blog.

  15. Congrats to the winner! Just stopping by to share that I loved the Vampire Wardens and cannot wait for book 3. Definitely a must read :D

  16. Lisa is a new author for me. I love vampire stories so I can't wait to check these out. Thabks for the chance.


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