Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reading Challenge for the New Year

I am such a book HOOR and love to pimp good reads. That being said, I thought I would try something different on my blog.

I have discovered very many talented authors this past year-and I am so glad that I picked up this new-to-me author. Otherwise, I'd missed some really, REALLY, great reading material. (Insert Jeaniene Frost here and her sexy, hawt, alpha hero, Bones.) Here are just a few of the authors that I would have missed.


Thank God, I picked these goodies up. These authors are now an auto-buy for me.  And if you haven't put these fabulous authors in your TBR pile, shame on you, and do so NOW!

So, I'd thought I would do my first Reading Challenge on my Blog.
Starting January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012, I challenge myself to read at least 25 new authors for me. Every month, I will post what authors I have read, their book(s), and review their work. I would love for you guys to let me know how you are all doing as well with this challenge.
At the first of the year, I will post the 25 authors that I plan to read.
And if you have any suggestions on who I should put in my TBR pile, feel free to leave me a comment. I would LOVE to here from you.
I am not sure what kind of giveaways or prizes that I will be doing with this new feature on my blog--but I will keep you updated. Suggestions are truly appreciated.

Happy reading!


  1. what a great challenge. I am a new follower.

  2. LOL, Kimba
    I LITERALLY just finished perusing your blog page and clicked 'follow'. I love your page and plan to put your button on here for peeps to see under the blogs I follow. Thanks for stopping by--you made my day.

  3. Ooo, i'll definitely be checking back.

    Shame on me lol i haven't even read any of these authors' work!

    Great blog, thanks for sharing. New follower here and grabbing your button.


  4. Thanks for following, and I grabbed your button as well, LOL


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