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Book Review and Interview with the FAB-OO C.L. Parker ~ Author of Cataclysm.

Q & A Interview with C.L. Parker

Hello, peeps!

Today, I am interviewing the fabulous and funny C.L. Parker on my blog as part of her Virtual Blog Tour.
I have to tell you—C.L. is mah girl.  She is the peanut butter to my jelly- The yen to my yang- The Mork to my Mindy.

Let’s start off with a history lesson: 

I met C.L. via the internet over 2 years ago, and we had a spark-instant connection. It was like we shared the same brain. The love of writing and reading brought us together and we have been like BFF’s since that fateful moment.

C.L.: Don’t listen to her. She’s lying. Seriously, she’s forcing me to do this with blackmail, but if I ever get those compromising photos back from her, I am so going to stomp her ass.

C.S.: HAH--You have to catch me first--and, er...I think the compromising photos were of me at that bar, remember? 

C.S.: ( Focus--and get back on track,lol) We had the insanely great luck to go to NYC last June as part of the RWA Convention.  Although it was our first face-to-face, there was no awkward moment, no uncomfortable silence. We clicked.  And we had the time of our life.

C.L.: I’m pretty sure she felt me up in my sleep. Just sayin’, I know I don’t sleep in the nude, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t strip my panties off in my sleep, so… yeah.

C.S.:  Okay, I have to warn you people--when C.L. and I get together? Yeah--we tend to go off on wild tangents--so forgive us, lol.  And thank GAWD, we had 2 beds in the room. And YOU felt me up first, in Central Park...***digs in compromising photos for proof***

Now, I have the opportunity to pimp by gal-pal and ask her a few vital questions, as well as some naughty fun ones. ***Rubs hands together and cackles like a pack a day smoker.***

C.L.: See? Told you she’s blackmailing me, even pimping me out. I’ll probably get bitch slapped once this interview is done for spilling the goods, but that’s a win for me anyway because I like it rough. Got one over on her, didn’t I? This happens quite often. *waggles brows and gives a knowing wink*

C.S.: Welcome, C.L. **gestures to a chair to sit down **Make yourself at home. I am, of course taking totes advantage of this being on the blog-I am in my flannels and sans bra/makeup. **Whew thank God the peeps at home are missing me in all my glory. I just wish I had some pink bunny slippers to wear for Gabe….

C.L.: Oh! We were supposed to wear clothes? When you said it was a bare all interview, I assumed you wanted me nekked. Oopsie! *there’s an odd sound coming from the chair as she sits* I swear that wasn’t me breaking wind; that was just my bare ass shifting on this nice, plush leather chair you’ve provided for me. I was out of baby oil. *blush* *grabs a doily from the table and tries, in vain, to cover herself* Tehee! *smacks C.S.’s hands away* Yes, they’re real! Yeesh. Moving on…

C.S.: (chokes on coffee and tries to catch breath.) **AHEM** We’re here to talk about your new release, Cataclysm. But in order for it to make sense, you should first read, Supernova. This is a paranormal series about fate or destiny. For those who haven’t read Supernova, can you give us a quick synopsis? (You can also check out my review here.) I will provide cover photo here of first book.

C.L.: Um, I’m pretty sure you promised there’d be shots of Patron. You holdin’ out, or what?

C.S.:  **(mutters under breath about demanding authors and thinking they are all that--while hitting the liquor cabinet for a bottle from her secret stash)

C.L.: That’s more like it. Body shot? I mean, since I’m already naked and all … No? *shrugs* Have it your way. I give great body shots. *downs a shot sans chaser and motions for a refill*

Okay … In Supernova, we meet our heroine, Kerrigan Cruz. Kerrigan is just learning about a gift that’s been handed down from generation to generation of women in her family. She’s a Guardian of the Light, charged with the ability to protect a person’s right to free will, which affects their destiny and ultimately, their fate. When her grandmother, Availia, passes away, Kerrigan inherits her estate, including the Cruz family home in St. Augustine, Florida. There, she finds her grammy had taken in a stranger, Dominic Grayson. Dominic is an acoustic guitar playing, Spanish speaking (although he has no Spanish heritage), tattooed thug for hire. And he has a secret of his own that he’s trying to keep from Kerrigan while also trying to train her to use her gift with the sparse amount of direction Availia left him. Boy meets girl, and the sparks fly. Lots of UST (unresolved sexual tension) that is most certainly resolved by the end of the book. Somehow, during that resolution, Kerrigan learns that part of her responsibility as a Guardian is to find a way to protect Dominic from Sinclair Davis. Sinclair practices black magic and is attempting to rip Dominic’s soul from his body so that his deceased father, Drake (also Sinclair’s soul mate), can inhabit it. Oh, I should mention that Sinclair used to be Dominic’s girlfriend, but turns out she had just drugged him to believe he was in love with her. Sounds convoluted, but that’s a quick rundown.

C.S.: That is A LOT to take in, but yeah--that pretty much sums it up. And you did it beautifully, BTW.

Of course I know how this story started-and I remember how we spent HOURS talking about the hero of this story, Dominic. ***fans self*** But could you sexplain---er, explain, how the idea of Supernova came about?   Insert pic of Dominic

C.L.: *shaking my head* You dirty, dirty whore. Freudian slip, much? Pass the shamwow, unless you really want to have to explain to your husband why you had to send this chair out to the cleaners.
Anyway, I’ve been a daydreamer for as long as I can remember and have often found myself wondering how my life might have turned out differently if I had chosen different paths. I knew I wanted to write paranormal romance, but I also wanted to break out with a new concept. What’s awesome is that I didn’t have to spend a lot of time contemplating what to write because once I’d started thinking about destiny, free will, and fate, this story just sort of took on a life of its own.

C.S.: As a writer, sometimes the characters ‘argue’ or ‘fight’ how the story is being written. Did you find this to be the case with Dom? What happens when a character doesn’t work the way you want them to? Let’s start with the hero of your first book, Dominic Grayson.

C.L.: Aw, jeez … Dominic? Can I first say that I love writing from his POV the most? There’s something about being inside his head that does things to mah girlie bits. *shivers* Dominic actually doesn’t give me a hard time. I wish he did. Get it? “Hard time” … buahahaha! Anywho … Let me be quite frank here: I don’t force my characters, or even try to force them, to do anything they don’t want to do. Plain and simple: I write what they show me. My characters and I have a good working relationship like that. Dominic is sort of stand-offish with outsiders, but only because he’s had to be so guarded for his entire life. The one I usually have an issue with is Gabe, and only because he’s a scene stealer. Sassy bitch always thinks he needs to be in the spotlight. *shaking my head*

C.S.:  Uh, yeah--Gabe IS in a class all by himself--but we'll get to him later, boo. Tell us a little bit about Kerrigan. Who inspired you for the heroine? (Insert pic of Kerrigan).

C.L.: What!? Kerrigan doesn’t do heroin! Ohhh, you said “heroine” with an ‘e’… gotcha. I really love Nina Dobrev’s take on Elaina from Vampire Diaries. The way she portrays that character, so unlike the personality I garnered from the books, is exquisite and would be the bang on how I see Kerrigan. And I never realized that until Supernova was well underway. I have to say that Kerrigan doesn’t play the victim though. She grows stronger as the story develops further, even though I really didn’t like her weaknesses in the beginning. I was so proud of her in Cataclysm. She took charge in more ways than one.

C.S.: Now that we know more of the back-story of Supernova, what can the readers expect in the second book, Cataclysm?  (Insert pic of cover of book.)

C.L.: Cataclysm is, of course, the continuation of where we left off in Supernova. By the end of Supernova, Dominic and Kerrigan still haven’t found a cure to his curse. Only in Cataclysm, it gets worse for Dominic. Now, he’s starting to fade in and out, and there’s this fear that he’ll simply fade away completely. So the clock’s a’tickin’. Add to that the fact that Drake is back and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. My favorite line from Dominic in Supernova is, “My demons are my own, and not a day goes by that they don’t haunt me.” In Cataclysm, he’s forced to face those demons. There are also a whole slew of other obstacles that get thrown at him, and it becomes a real test of his endurance. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to pull him out of my head and just hug him like there’s no tomorrow – and then maybe cop a feel. Hey, the man is packing … don’t judge me.

We also have the introduction of two new characters, Colton and Andrew Dickens. Colton is Dominic’s little brother, and Andrew (Drew) is … well, he’s competition. Dominic has a field day with this and there’s testosterone flying all over the damn place.

C.S.: Tell us how you came up with the titles of your series. What do the titles mean in reflection of that particular story?

C.L.: Good googly-moogly, you ask hard questions! I’m not nearly drunk enough for all this, but I’ll give it a go.

C.S.: **pours two fingers of Patron in C.L.'s glass and smiles devilishly** 

Supernova is the explosion of a star. My thought process is that a star gives off a bright light, which coincides with the gift of the Light, and the explosion is a representation of how these characters’ lives, as they knew them, got turned upside down and inside out.

Cataclysm is a momentous and violent event marked by overwhelming upheaval and demolition; an event that brings great changes. Without giving anything away for those who haven’t yet read this one, I’ll just say that you’ll completely understand once you have.

Nexus is simply a common connection; the point where two ends meet. Basically, this will be the book that shows the reader why Dominic and Kerrigan were destined to cross paths in the first place. It’s the one where everything will come to a head, and I’ll just leave it at that.

C.S.: I have been reading the reviews, and there are some fans out there of one of your secondary characters, Gabe. There is also such a love/hate relationship regarding him. I personally, think he is hysterical. Some of the outrageous things he says, has me choking on fluids. (**note, Do NOT read while drinking coffee**) How did the creation of Gabe come about-and how do you think he is pivotal as a secondary character?

C.L.: Ah, Gabe … Yes, there’s definitely a love/hate relationship regarding him, although I have to say the majority seems to really adore him. Some of his fans would even like to see a little m/m starring our diva. But, ew! That would be like writing one of my sisters in a steamy love scene, and that ain’t about to happen. LOL!

I’ve always wanted a gay BFF, and having found none (not that I was actively looking), I guess I just sort of created one in my head. I know it sounds stupid, but he makes me laugh so damn hard, and I love to laugh almost more than I love sex. Almost. I get these weird looks from people all the time, and it’s because I can see and hear his reaction to random things at the most random times. He is very much real to me, and I heart him hardcore!! Love him or leave him, it really doesn’t matter. He is who he is, and he makes no excuses for it, so I won’t either.

In terms of the saga, Gabe is the comic relief. He takes a particularly tense situation and puts a lighter spin on it. Plus, you’ve got to love his unyielding loyalty to his friends. He’s fierce and passionate when it comes to protecting the ones he loves, even if it’s from themselves.

C.S.: The last book of the series, is titled, Nexus. When can we expect its release? Is there anything you can share with us on what to expect?

C.L.: Nexus is scheduled for release in September 2012. Tut, tut, tut, you sneaky little shit … to give away deets for Nexus would negate the cliffy at the end of Cataclysm, but good try ;) Okay, I can tell you that three new characters are introduced. And I suppose I can also tell you that one of them, in particular, is sinfully delicious. From what I understand from my pre-readers, his level of oh-my-gawd! surpasses even Dominic’s. *squirms in chair, making that squeaky sound again* Yes indeedy, oh-my-gawd is a fantastic description. *takes the doily from her lap and wipes the drool from her chin* Jeezus, there’s this one scene on the back of a motorcycle where … oopsie! Almost gave something away, didn’t I? See? I lose all sensibility when I think about him. Next question!

C.S.: ( **passes a towel over to C.L.  to protect the leather of her fave couch and gives her BFF the stink eye** ) AHEM-The series that you have written is paranormal. What draws you to write about this popular genre? Do you plan to branch out and write something different in the future?

C.L.: I think I write paranormal because I’m not normal. LOL! ( C. S. looks at her with a raised eyebrow and mouths "Duh")  I really think it’s because I have this wickedly vivid imagination, and I have to write what I see. It just so happens to be worlds and characters which are a bit fantastical.

Do I ever plan to branch out? Well, that depends on what stories begin to weave in this chaotic mind of mine. Who knows? I guess I’ll find out shortly before the rest of you. But that’s going to be a long way down the road because I already know the next series I’m writing, with at least seven books, will also be paranormal. And then the five that I believe will spin off from that … paranormal as well.

C.S.:  Sounds like you're going to be pretty busy.  Better buy some frozen dinners NOW for the kiddos. HAH! 

Now let’s get down to the naughty and fun questions, lol.  **AHEM** The sex scenes. Let’s just say, first off—this is an adult blog. So feel free to let it all out.

C.L.: Um, I’m naked. Pretty sure that is the very definition of letting it all out, unless you really are wanting me to break wind.

C.S.: Uh....that would be a big-fat NO.  And BTW? Whatever damage you do to my couch you will have cleaned, fixed, repaired--GOT IT? 

What I found so damn erotic about Dom and Kerr was the emotional connection they shared. How do you, as a writer, tackle writing a sex scene?  What schematics are important to you to convey when writing smexy times?  Do you feel like there is a fine line between what’s okay and what’s considered too much?

C.L.: *rubs hands together* I do love that whorish brain of yours.

C.S.: Why, thank you, boo boo--but then again, by dirty whorish brain can in no way equal or surpass yours.  (**almost gags on the bull shit that I'm spewing)

C.L.: How do I tackle a sex scene? Bah! You said “tackle” and “sex scene” together. LOL! Okay *gets serious* I’m going to remind you that I write what I see. The main thing that I feel is important to convey in a scene such as this are the emotions driving the scene. If it’s an angry scene, I want that desperation to dominate to be known. If it’s a sweet scene, I want that tenderness to seep into your hearts until it swells with the awwws and your eyes well up with tears.

I want my reader to feel that caress, kiss, nip, suck, and thrust. I want them to taste that kiss and the saltiness of his … skin. I want them to revel in the warmth of body heat, make their toes curl, squirm in their seats, and maybe even give them a go-to fantasy for their special alone time.

A fine line between what’s okay and what’s considered too much? Hell no! They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think the same can be said for smut. What’s too much for one or not enough for another will hit the perfect spot for someone else.

C.S.: Who are some of your favorite male heroes and why? And by the way? Hands off BONES! He is mine.

C.L.: Dammit all! You just had to get me going on this one, didn’t ya? Okay, if I must, I must. Hands down, and excluding my own characters, I find all of the following the most squirtastic:

I often imagine myself the juicy center of a BDB Rhage/Rehvenge sandwich. A beast and a barb? Well, you can’t exactly go wrong with that, now can you?

TREY! Oh my God, Trey from Olivia Cunning’s Sinners on Tour … him and those damn suckers … unf! Plus, he’s really naughty *waggles brows*

C.S.: Not to mention he swings BOTH ways--and I love his obssession w/ Bri.  **fans self** That little hot menage with him and Myrna? GAH--You remember? You were reading it at the hotel while we were in NYC--and THAT is probably why I had to hog tie you to the bed--didn't want you to be sneaking over to my side of the room, if ya know what I mean. **waggles eyebrows

Who’s next? Oh, yes … Jericho Barrons. He can make his effin’ cock grow at will! Hello!!??

C.S.:  I SO do not remember that scene well enough from KMM's Shadowfever. ***makes note to re-read scene and memorize for future instant slow-mo.

And you can have Bones, I already have. *snort* I’ll take Spade!!! The way he rolls his *insert unladylike curse* hips!! Denise MacGregor is not nearly woman enough for him. Period. End of sentence.

Last, but certainly not least, Reyes Farrow, aka Son of Satan, from our gal pal, Darynda Jones’, Charley Davidson series. Son. Of. Motherhumping. Satan!!! He’s smoking hot with wicked sex appeal. He is LITERALLY sin in skin, AND he’s tatted all over. Need I really say more?? I didn’t think so, but I will anyway … those tatts are the map to Hell, and I’m currently erecting pearly gates at the entrance of my hoohah … come to momma, Reyes! All who enter are granted a piece, erm … peace and eternal life.

C.S.:  ( I swear, boo boo--you made me spew my coffee AGAIN--and Reyes has to be shared, kay? Cause I .MUST.HAVE.HIM. Either that, or I'll have to cut you. Just sayin'. Don't make me call Darynda on you.

Now, What author(s) is/are your automatic go-to for reading sexy, hot, paranormal?

C.L.: JR Ward, aka The WARDen, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jeaniene Frost, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole, Karen Marie Moning, and Larissa Ione – not that I actually get to do much reading, but I’ve dabbled in a couple of these, which isn’t the same as diddling, peeps! Get your mind out of the gutter. LOL! You said, “paranormal,” but I’m also going to throw in Olivia Cunning because, dayum, her entire books are one big smutfest!

C.S.: **Nods furiously in agreement with the last statement--eyes roll back in head and licking lips**

Let’s play a game. It’s simple. Just say if it’s a total turn-on or turn off. You can add other deets if you feel inclined. J

1. Facial Hair –
C.L.:  Turn on, but only if it’s well maintained and short. There’s just something about scruff on the inside of your … okay, I won’t go there. Next!

2. Back Hair
C.L.  – Ew! Gross! Really!!?? I would so wax that in his sleep! Maybe. If I can keep my gag reflex in check. That’s a big NO on that one!

3. Tattoos
C.L. – Yes, please!!! Sometimes it’s nice to have a picture on the canvas to trace … with your tongue. Speaking of, please post that pic you put on my Facebook wall here. People need to stare at it for as long as I have so that they, too, can pick out the smiley face.

C.S.:  NO worries, Mate---I have been staring at that pic so long, I have every line of ink memorized. Remind me to tell you after the interview about the dream I had last night about those wings.

4. Piercings
C.L.:  – Mmhmm … Wait, I guess I should say it depends on where it is and what type of accessory they’re using. I like most, but not all are a turn on. Like crazy huge spikes and gauges … um, no thank you. However, if it’s say, a bar through the head of his cock, well then that’s just a party on a stick. Buahaha!

Which do you prefer?

C.S.:  Although the thought of a peen piercing makes mah girly bits shrivel just a wee bit, I do wonder what it would feel like, ya know? But then again, what if it gets caught on something down there? I swear, my vajayjay would NEVER forgive me.
I do like a nipple hoop--maybe an eyebrow...nothing on the lips though. I am a firm believer in moderation and a little goes a long way--with the exception of cock. Little and cock are two words that should NEVER go together, know what I mean jelly bean?

5.  Kisses or hugs?
C.L.: Depends on my mood. Mostly kisses. Hey, it’s like a hug for the tongue.

6. Casual dresser or jeans and tee?
C.L.: Jeans and a tee – buttonfly jeans and a form-fitting tee. I haz a weakness for the buttonflies. Oh, and none of that saggy shit. I want those jeans to hug his package all around. Momma likey!

7. Vanilla or kink?
C.L.:  Kink, baby!! And please do throw in the dirty talk. LOVE dirty talk!! I mean, downright filthy!!

8. Missonary or Ride ‘em Cowgirl?
C.L.: Ride ‘em Cowgirl to start, and then dominating missionary to on your hands and knees to finish ;)

C.S.:  Demanding, much, boo? Hope your man has a shit-load of Viagra, BWAH!

9. Your man bare foot or shoed?
C.L.: Ugh, I hate ugly feet! But, if his feet are nice, oddly, that’s a turn on for me. Go figure.

C.S.: Huh...I knew you were a sick bitch, LOL.

10. Your man cooking dinner for you or going out to a restaurant?
C.L.: Cooking for me … while nekked! Okay, he can wear an apron, but only a manly looking one, and only until the heat has been killed. Wouldn’t want him to shish kebab dessert ;)

C.S.: Thanks for coming to play—and good luck with your Supernova Series. I love ya, boo. **air smooches**

C.L.: T’was mah pleasure! Now, can you help me out of this chair? My ass cheeks are sort of stuck to the leather, and it’s completely your fault, thanks to the whole favorite male heroes and all. And I think I’ll be taking the rest of that Patron. That’s sort of like gratuity, right?

C.S.: (mutters**I'm gonna have to get a new couch now, dammit) And hands off the liqour boo-Next time, at least wear some panties, I'm not made of money, ya know.

C.S.: Sorry for the vulgarity.....meh....no, not really. LOL.
 That was fun. Thanks for reading.

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