Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today, I am very excited about my post, as it features one HAWT delish piece of smexy goodness. My BFF, the fabulous C.L. Parker (author of the Supernova Saga), has turned me on to her new almost-stalker obsession of actor Kris Holden-Reid.

Canadian Actor Kris stars in the SyFy series, Lost Girl--a supernatural crime drama that pushes the line with sensual love scenes that give my girly bits a work-out. Seriously, I have watched the BEST.Kiss.Scene.EVER.  The man has mad skills---

At first glance, he's not smokin-hot sexy. Not my typical ALPHA hero with rock-hard abs and chiseled features. Nope....
But after watching the first episode, I have become a full-fledged fan of his. There is just something about him that in infinitely alluring and sexual about him--very understated--but THERE. 

And he has a wicked tatt up the back that I want to touch--slowly and with my tongue.

Have I convinced you to check out Lost Girl?
It comes on the SyFy channel on Mondays at 10pm

Leave me a comment and let me know if you have watched this show and what you think of Kris Holden-Reid. I'd love to hear from you.


  1. @#$%^&(*&$$%^&!!!!!!!!!!!

    My name is CL Parker, and I am a werefae Dyson addict. OMG, CS, you must post the video clip of the kissing scene ... the first one and the one I watched like a cajillion times last night, which prompted somewhere around 7 panty changes. JS.

    When I first saw Kris as Dyson on Lost Girl, I couldn't figure out if I thought he was cute or not. But there's just something about the way the man moves, almost predatory in nature, and then the kiss ... hot damn, the kiss ... shudder. It was like my ovaries had been dipped in lava, and I was H.O.O.K.E.D!

    This man has the most luscious lips I have ever seen, and I can't help but wonder what they might feel like on my south mouth. I mean, CUM ON!! No, really, Kris ... CUM on me. Please? And the tattoo down the back ... unf to the nth degree. He shall be starring in several of my fantasies from here on out, but never fear, Jensen Ackles and I have an open relationship so I'm not really cheating. I mean, I let him get MARRIED, after all. Surely me getting a little Kris Holden-Reid action on the side can't be bad, right?

    Okay, now that I'm squirming in my seat with a long day of work ahead of me, I think I should leave this page before the crotchsplosion that's threatening to embarrass me in front of my co-workers actually does take over.

    Thanks for the eye porn this morning!


    1. C.L. I hope you brought a few extra panties to work, girl. LOL.
      And no thanks to you and your picture porn fest of Dyson last night, I got no writing done. OH WAIT---that was me that kept on sending pics to your FB account, my bad.
      Thanks for the visit--LURVE you hard woman!


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