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Okay....I woke up this morning to discover that while I was sleeping--Olivia Cunning revealed her new cover for the upcoming release ~ Double Time.


First off, I must say that the man-hunk with the necklace HAS to by Trey. At least, in my pervy little fantasy world that this cover has evoked, it will be.

Dear are the catalyst for a very non-productive day for me. My eyes cannot seem to swerve away from this stunning cover. My heart is pounding against my ribcage and all the blood in my body is being re-routed down to my girly bits with sweet anticipation of Trey's story. November 1, 2012 is an ETERNITY away.

I cannot pimp out this series enough--it is so deliciously, sinfully, good in all ways smexy. Five guys for you to sink your teeth into for all sorts of dirty fantasies...Seriously, I wanna take a bite.

First there is Sed Lionhart- Lead vocalist of the band, SINNERS. Black hair. Blue eyes. 6'4"
Loves: Sex in public places....
His Book: Rock Hard  Book 2
Favorite Quote: "None of your business. Go get me a beer."

Here is my vision of Sed:

Yeah, that's Matt Shadows from the rock band, Avenged Sevenfold. Thanks to Olivia Cunning, every time I think of The Sinners, I simultaneously think of A7X and hear their music in my head...and vice's a sick, sick, obsession I have with these men. 

Then, there's Bri....Brian Sinclair. Lead Guitarist and background vocals. Black hair. Brown eyes. 5'10".
The man composes his music is such an erotic fashion that could bruise a gal's liver.  And he is such an uber romantic, wanting to please, that he shows his kinky side. And offers Myrna her greatest fantasy...can you say menage? We'll get to more about that a bit later...
Favorite lines:
He put his fingertips up against her forehead.
"You must be at least this tall to ride The Beast. Secure your belongings and keep your arms and legs around the ride at all times."
"Trey, are you molesting virgins again?" 
My vision of Brian Sinclair is also from A7X--their lead guitarist, Synnster Gates is the epitome of The Beast, er...Bri...he even wears a hat like Brian in Backstage Pass.  

His book:  Backstage Pass, Book One

Have I hooked you yet?

Next, is Trey.
Trey, mother-effin-Mills. Rhythm Guitar and background vocals. Black hair. Green eyes. 5'10". Bisexual. And has loved Brian Sinclair, his best friend for a long time. Only Bri doesn't know it. Oh, yeah...and he's the second for the menage fantasy of Myrna's. AND he knows how to use a lollipop aka sucker. **sings Lick me like a lollipop reverberates in my head**
He is cute, cuddly, sexy, funny, and from the first book he worms into your, heart and doesn't let go.
His book: Double Time is to be released this coming November....nothing like wishing my whole damn life away...
Favorite lines:
Trey pulled the sucker out of his mouth.
"Um, Myrna?" he said. "You seem to be naked."

A tube slid across the table toward her and she caught it. "Lubrication," she said gratefully.
"Dude, so not cool. Lube is always needed for backdoor entry." Trey stuck his sucker back in his mouth and left the room.
"Well, we can add Brian to the list of people who think I'm an asshole."
"That's not a list, Sed. It's called a phonebook," Trey quipped, his eyes still closed.
I could seriously quote Trey all friggin day. He has some of the best lines in both books. LURVE LURVE LURVE him. (Down, C.L....I can see you getting all possessive from here).

However, my heart right now belongs to Jace Seymore, bass guitarist and kink meister... er master. (Yes, Master J).
Blond hair. Brown eyes. 5'6". Not very tall, I know...but believe me--he MORE than makes up for it in another more important area. I think the words that Jessica ( Sed's love) used included HUNG and HORSE...
He's quiet; a man of very few words, but he grabbed my attention in the first chapter of BACKSTAGE PASS and he hasn't let go of me yet. Not that I'm complaining. His book was supposed to be next. However, we must wait for his story, HOT TICKET, for sometime in the Spring of 2013. OH, the AGONY.
I don't have a favorite quote off the top of my head--I can't seem to get this vision out of my head long enough to function:
That is my Jace...waiting for me....
He also reminds me of A7X's bassist....what do you think?

Last is Eric Styxx, the drummer of THE SINNERS....and the cut-up comic that loves to watch (i.e. others have sex that is, lol).  His book, SNARED, will be the last in the BACKSTAGE PASS Series. It's expected release is FALL 2013.
Drummer, composer, and musically gifted. He can play almost any instrument. Black hair. Blue eyes. 6'5".
Sadly, I have no pic of how I picture Eric in my head. He is the hardest one for me to visualize. Maybe its because of the pic above of Jace waiting for me in the hot tub? Meh...could be.

Favorite Line:
"Deeper? Are you trying to bruise her liver?"

So, there you have it. My LUSTING FOR COVER this Sunday is DOUBLE TIME ~ by the dirty girl, Olivia Cunning.
Pick up the series-I dare ya NOT to fall for these bad ass rock-n-roll hotties!

Here is the link for more info on Olivia Cunning and her books:


  1. Hi Trish!

    Thanks for participating in this week's L4C! :)

    Oh My. Okay, first of all, love the cover.

    Second of all, where have these books been all my life?! I'm apparently missing out on some crazy yummy men and quotes! LOL. I'm off to add them to the list, I remember hearing about the lollipop the other day on another blog and thought "Hm, must check up on that one!" and then... I forgot. So glad that your pick for the week gave me another chance to add it!

    TBQ's Book Palace

    1. TBQ- sorry I didn't get over to your page to put up my link :(
      But I am glad that you stopped over here to check out my cover...I swear, I got nothing accomplished because of this cover...I cannot wait to read Trey's story!

    2. Hey, don't worry about it! :) At this point, there's not a lot of participants in the meme, so putitng up a link or two isn't a problem. :D



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