Monday, February 6, 2012


I had a very slow weekend as far as books go, but I did manage to get one to add to my TBR pile:

The Coven of the Unbinding never forgets what's theirs.

Juliet Carpenter thought of the coven as family, but when she falls for a man who betrays them all, she's left alone and desperately searching for a reason why. Caleb Leigh has spent the past year in hiding, unable to escape his demons. When Juliet finds him again, her need for vengeance clashes with the hunger still burning between them.

It's a fight born from the embers of a half-forgotten attraction and the wounds of a past too raw to ignore. With enemies circling and secrets threatening to consume them all, Caleb has no choice but to fulfill a promise made long ago--protect her, save her. Even if it costs him his blood, his body... and what's left of his mind.
I haven't read the first two books of this series--but I have heard good things. **crosses fingers**
How about you? What books did you add to your TBR pile?
Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. I saw this one in the store over the weekend. Was tempted to buy it (as well as about a dozen others on the shelf). But lack of funds and a towering TBR mountain at home held me back. Just barely. LOL. I do have it on my list though--so I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. :)

    The only thing I received this past week was a RAK gift from a fellow blogger--an e-book copy of Darkness Devoured. I look forward to reading it, as soon as I get a spare day or two. :)


    1. TBQ--dman, but the weekend has gotten away from me....
      I will review this when I can find time to get to it as well...
      Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Nice! Haven't heard of this one but then there are wayyyy too many books and never enough time to read them all in a timely manner! Hope you enjoy it!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Jessica----that's just a bit of problem for me, lol. Cant stop myself from buying, even though I haven't read the first book of this series.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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