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Title:  A SEAL In Wolf's Clothing (Heart of the Wolf, Book Nine)
Author:  Terry Spear
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca
Mass Market Paperback:  352 pages
Release Date:  March 6, 2012
ISBN-10: 1402258909
ISBN-13: 978-1402258909

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Book Blurb:

Meara Greymere is in charge of the cabin rentals on the rugged Oregon coastline, so her brother and his mate could take a delayed honeymoon. But while Hunter is away, the she-wolf intends to play—she just has to convince the right alpha male to rent one of the cabins, and she’ll take it from there. But when Finn Emerson arrives with every intention of pretending to be her lover, she's not going to take this lying down. She knows he'll tell her brother what she's up to and put an end to her game.

Finn Emerson is a Navy SEAL, formerly one of Hunter Greymere’s team members, and now he's trying to track down a gray wolf, who's already made an attempt on one of their team member's lives. Finn believes Hunter will be targeted next, only to discover Hunter is off with his mate on a honeymoon, and he fears Hunter’s sister is in grave danger. But the SEAL soon learns protecting the unpredictable sexy she-wolf is a mission and a half and protecting her isn’t all he wants to do.

Book Review:

Let me start off by saying I have never read any of the previous books in the Heart of the Wolf Series. What attracted me to this book were three things:
1. Many, many, recommendations from friends who loved the books in this series.
2. SEAL--I am a sucker for military romance.
3. Cover, Cover, Cover...yeah, it captured my attention and I had to see if it would rock my world.

That being said, I loathe to read out of order. and typically don't. However, I never felt 'lost' while reading the book. The author did a superb job in explaining her 'world' without it getting too wordy and/or  losing the flow of the story line.

Although the heroine Mearna was not to my liking, I did love the quirkiness of her character. She had some endearing moments for me. I guess what I didn't really get was all the MUST FIND A MATE NOW scenario. For me, the plot was a little predictable, the 'can't have you, but I WANT YOU' a little cliched, and it didn't exactly rock my world when the two finally got together. The build-up was way hotter and more intense.

Finn, the SEAL hell bent on protecting her, was also hell bent in staying out of her bed. This made for some really good UST moments as well as some serious over-the-clothes smexy times that fogged my glasses and had my kindle smoking...great sexual chemistry between the two lovebirds. 

I also loved the cast of secondary characters and hope to see some of them get their own story. I'm not sure how many the author has planned out for this series, but I will be hanging out waiting to read more about Roarke.  

My rating is due to the lack of originality, not in the lack of great character development, solid world building, or plot development. It just lacked the UMPH that I like to have in a book--one that keeps me glued to the kindle (or the paperback, as the case may be).
If you are fan of shifters, strong heroes who can kick ass, you will love this installment of Terry Spears Heart of the Wolf Series.  

3.5 Horny Devils

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