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The (Unofficial) Black Dagger Brotherhood Blog Hop is hosted by Talk Supe and Under The Covers ~
March 27th- April 3rd

~ To celebrate the release of JR Ward's book, Lover Reborn ~

Talk Supe and Under The Covers are hosting a blog hop intended for all the other BDB fanatics out there.

How does it work? 

Post ANY Black Dagger related piece on your blog on ANY of the dates between March 27 - April 3. It does not have to be a giveaway. You may post anything BDB related.

Posts could be:

  • a review of Lover Reborn
  • a review of a previous BDB novel
  • your own fantasy cast
  • a giveaway
  • a post about your favorite Brother, Shellan, or BDB Book
MY FAVORITE BROTHER:  Vishous, Son of the Bloodletter 


HEIGHT -  6'6"

V does things to me that to this day STILL curls my toes. 

Favorite V and Jane scene:
     Telling herself this was just a garden-variety sponge bath situation, and not believing the lie for an instant, she drew her hand over his abdomen, up past the swollen head of him, and down the other side. As the very edge of the washcloth brushed up against his sex, he hissed.
     So help her, God, she did it again, going slowly up and around him and letting the erection get stroked just a little.
     His hands tightened the sheets, and in a low rasp he said, " If you keep this up, you're going to find out just how much I have in common with a human man."

Annnnnnd, I'll skip a bit to move to the best part: 
"You want to do this to me, don't you? he said roughly. "Not because you want me. But because you wonder what it feels like and what I look like when I come."
     As he kept up with the stroking, she numbed out completely.
     "Don't you, Jane." His breathing started to quicken. "You want to know what I feel like. What kind of noises I make. What it smells like."
     She wasn't nodding her head, was she?Shit. She was.
     "Give me your hand, Jane. Let me put you on me. Even if you're only clinically curious. I want you to finish me off."
Annnnnnnnnnnd I just came a little...

Favorite Vishous quote:

First off, there are waaaaaaaaaaaay too many to put here, and I do have other things to do today, lol. ( Like read Lover Reborn, ahem).
Let's just say that I absolutely love the depth of this character that the WARDen has created. He is like a frickin' onion with soooo many complex layers and we have barely begun to scrape the surface. I know a lot of BDB fans were disappointed with Lover Unleashed--but NOT ME. The scene between Butch and V in the playroom about killed me. It was the WARDen at her best, IMHO.
There are so many great things about this series, and readers know that you either love these books or hate them. There really is no in between. But for those of us who love these books, we are very passionate about them. NO DOUBT.
My only complaint? Who the hell can choose just ONE brother? Me, I wanna line them up like a friggin ALL U CAN EAT buffet that's open 24/7 and have my fantasies played out with each one....one at at time or a free-for-all...I'm not picky.
Lastly, I LURVE the playful side of the Brothers--Rhage and V especially. If you have NOT read The Black Dagger Brotherhood Insider's Guide, I suggest you do so--it is a must-have for the followers of this series and made me pee my pants.

Sadly, I have no giveaway ( pulls out lint from pockets), but I could not pass up the opportunity to talk about my number one series in the fiction world.

Hope I have at least entertained you, or at least made you wiggle in your seat as you read about V getting Jane to whack him off, lol.

Enjoy the hop ~ CS Maxwell.


  1. Great Choice! Loved the pictures. I think I could stare at them all day! I am right there with you with having no money. My book addiction takes a lot to feed.
    Amanda @ Sisters Unedited

    1. Amanda,
      I know that these pics make me wanna lick my screen :)
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I hope you have had a chance to read Lover Reborn :)

  2. Mmmmm....I still get that special warm feeling about V! But what about the bathroom scene?!?!?!? HOT! Thanks for posting!

    Heather at Red Headed Bookworm

    1. Heather---The bathroom scene was the ultimate for me in that book.....and if you have read Lover Reborn, I think the WARDen has written some of the best masterbation scenes EVER....HAWT!

  3. GREAT post! I love the pics and the all you can eat buffet idea! After all...BDB's, how can you choose just ONE?

    1. Barbara=
      Thanks for stopping by and reading my post on my fave Alpha men---the BDB. Have fun on the blog hop.


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