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Tuesdays have never been so sexy!

Sexy Snippets is a weekly feature hosted by Reading Between the Wines for the 18+ crowd. To join in just grab the button, post a sexy paragraph or two from your current read and share the author & title so other participants can add the book to their TBR list if they like. Then add your post to the linky over at RBTW's blog post so everyone can follow along. Have a sexy good time!

     Stephen didn't try to organize any of what he was thinking and feeling--he just let it blast free, and he could tell that Elliot was doing the same.
     Elliot's joy was nearly tangible, and he was trying to figure out what should happen next--should he go ahead and kiss Stephen and follow wherever that led, or should he back away and give them both some time to adjust to this whole crazy idea?
     Stephen took the question out of his hands.
     Although, this time when he leaned forward to kiss Elliot, Elliot met him halfway.
     And he tasted like coffee and sheer exhilaration as Stephen licked his way further into Elliot's mouth, and Elliot pulled him close, closer, his hands against Stephen's back, against his neck--his long, graceful, artist's fingers in his hair.
     It was better than any dream, better than he'd ever imagined, and he wanted...He needed.

Yeah, there is a little bit of man love in this book--and Suzanne Brockmann has (once again--Robin and Jules, peeps) rocked it. Written with depth, emotion, and scorching heat that made my toes curl and swoon.  Elliot and Stephen are secondary characters that are romantically linked in Brockmann's newest release, BORN TO DARKNESS--the first of her newest series, FIGHTING DESTINY.
Can I say I absolutely adore and worship this woman? She writes with such passion, conviction, and multi-layered facets---its like discovering a brand new world.  And this world in BORN TO DARKNESS is gonna be one helluva DOOZY.   It's very different from her TROUBLESHOOTERS and fans may either love it or hate it...Me?  I'm along for the ride, Mrs. Brockmann and eager for more.
Now it's your turn to show me your sexy!


  1. Funny I'm currently reading a book with M/M/F even though it's usually not my kind of read - maybe I just haven't met the right M/M book to review. ;)

    Sexy snippet! :)

    Thanks for visiting mine: http://niinas-reading-and-reviewing.blogspot.com/2012/04/sexy-snippets-coherent-enough.html

    1. Niina---I recently read Rule of Three and it had a f/m/m interaction romance that was hawt AND had that emotional bonding/connection that I need when reading menage....you should check it out.
      Thanks for commenting. :)

  2. Oh. My. God. I LOVED it! She has been on my TBR list FOREVER, I so need to move her up!
    Thanks for participating!

    P.S. I am looking for some good menage rec's, do you have any? readingbetweenthewines10@gmail.com

    1. Crystal--I sent you an email with a list of menage rec's....I hope you haven't read them. Do I have your profile on Goodreads?
      Nevermind--I looked you up :)
      So, I sent you a friend request w/ a message.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  3. I have this one just waiting to be read. I'm moving it to next week after this snippet!

    1. Cocktails---
      I have a warning witht this book--
      If you LURVED Troubleshooters as much as I do, give this book a chance. There are a LOT of new characters--there is world building which made my head spin a bit, and it does have a slower pace after being familair with her earlier books. Keep reading. It picked up for me and I am really looking forward to reading more. I hope you enjoy it and let me know, kay?

  4. Hi New Follower. Great site. Interesting sexy snippet. I have heard of her but never read her. Might have to give her a shot.

    Mine is here

    1. Wickedly Delish~
      I absolutely LURVE new follwers and now I must go check out your blog :)
      Suzanne Brockmann reminds me a lot of JR Ward-minus the paranormal and not as HOT in intenisity (sex wise), but still good.
      She has a series, TROUBLESHOOTERS, that is about military men, SEALs, and they are bad-ass, kick-ass, smexy men. Her stories are layered, complex, and you see them grow and develop over time and several books. Let me know if you check them out. She is like tops in my books. An auto-buy.


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