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Title: Morbid Seraphic
Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

This is a collection of stories by different featured authors and include the following:

  • Fallen From Grace ~ SK Whiteside  
  • S(a)TAN ~ Nathan Squiers
  • Assassin's Rose ~ KaSonndra Leigh
  • The Demon's Playground ~Amanda R. Browning
  • Better the Devil You Know ~ Stephen B.
  • Pearl From Hell ~ Dominique Goodall
  • I Could Not Stop For Death ~ Jana Boskey
  • Illusions ~ Lisa Goldman
  • Haunted ~ S.K. Whiteside

Even the divine have a dark side…

Take a journey into a world where the forgotten reign as King and Queen. Explore a “reality” where the divine give meaning and substance to the concept of IMMORTALITY.
These menacing tales feature beings of divinity from angels, demons, gods, goddesses, to personifications of divine principals. No other worldly being is safe. The sparkly undead and wild shaggy dogs have no place in this anthology of dark proportions.

Can you handle it?

About S.K. Whiteside

S.K. Whiteside is a writer of Paranormal/Fantasy, Horror, and Suspense. As a full time Mental Health Counselor, she started writing in Academia but decided writing about things on the “other side of the veil” was a lot more interesting. Living in the Paranormal capital of the world makes it fairly easy for her to come up with characters, many of which are based off of real personas in her life that are so vibrant they can’t help but carry over into her writing.

S.K. Whiteside is a Fiction Weaver and World Creator. It just so happens that the worlds she creates are often filled with things that go bump in the night. A New Orleanian at heart, the Deep South often serves as the setting for her Paranormal Tales of the unknown. Her Charismatic characters and snarky banter often derive from the various personas of those she loves and the voices in her head. When not writing she spends her time telling everyone else in the world that they are completely bonkers but yet she often channels Napoleon Bonaparte.

During her down time she pokes at the massive giant whom holds her captive and runs from two monsters that she swears are out to kill her. Some people call them her husband and children but she knows the truth... For more information on S.K. Whiteside, please visit her website or visit her on Facebook.


  1. Thanks for the promo! Awesome site!

    1. S.K.
      No problemo--glad you liked it :) It makes me smile to hear that!


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