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Hello Everyone! I'd like to welcome author, Cassandra Carr to my blog today. She is filling in as our Guest Blogger today. Let's give her a warm welcome!!

Why hockey players and bull riders?

by Cassandra Carr

One of the most common questions I am asked is, "Why do you write hockey players and bull riders? They're so disparate!"

The answer is easy: No, they're not. Not really. Let me explain:

1. Both are athletes, and I love me some athletic heroes! I mean, what could be better than having all that hard-bodiedness pressed up against you? And the stamina, oh man...

2. Both are known for their humbleness (at least compared to other athletes). Many hockey players and bull riders come from small towns, whether in the US, Canada, Europe, or in the case of bull riders, Brazil or Australia. Though both sets of boys certainly enjoy their toys, they're known for being down-to-earth and easy to approach. In all the years I've been personally interacting with hockey players-going on more than 15 years now-I've had exactly one of them act like a jerk to me. And he was pretty much a jerk to everybody, including his own teammates, so I don't think he was showing me anything unusual.

3. Both do something many people consider crazy or dangerous. And I don't know about you guys, but I love crazy and dangerous! Well, in my romance heroes, anyway.

4. Both need to have drive, competitiveness, and a host of other admirable traits to be successful at what they do. And who can't admire a guy who moves to a completely different country, where oftentimes he doesn't even speak the language, just to make his dream come true. These guys sacrifice a lot for what they have.

5. Both are tough as nails. Bull riders don't get paid if they don't compete, and it's not uncommon for a bull rider to ride despite broken bones, cracked ribs, collapsed lungs, you name it. As I said above, crazy, but nonetheless admirable. My friends and I have a joke about hockey players, too. If one of them was to sever a limb they'd simply skate off the ice with it and tell the trainer to hurry and re-attach it so they can get back in the game. These guys break noses, feet, hands, and still play. And that's not even in the playoffs.

What do you think of my reasons? Got any to throw in?

Thank you, Cassandra, for stepping in my shoes for the day!  What a terrific post. And I have to agree--both hockey players and bull riders are great heroes to read AND write about.

Book Review

Title: Cold As Ice
Author: Cassandra Carr
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand
Published: March 7, 2012

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Luc, Carter, and Jake make up the Buffalo Intimidators' top scoring line and play together both on and off the ice, with a history of sharing women. Each of them is also a client of massage therapist Eva. When they decide they want to be more than just clients, they approach her about having a menage a quatre. Eva's been secretly lusting after the guys for months, but was afraid to say anything in an attempt to keep her relationship with the guys on a strictly professional level. Besides, how could she pick just one when such mouthwatering displays of masculinity are spread out on her massage table every day? She agrees to the menage, but when serious health problems begin to plague members of the team, will she want more than a quick score with her hockey boys? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.


Cold As Ice moves at a very, VERY, fast pace. If you are looking for a gradual build-up of a menage relationship, you won't find it here. That fast pace made it difficult for me to to build up my own relationship with the characters. It was sort of like a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kind of moment from the get-go.

The sex is hot, STEAMILY so, and a no-holds not for the faint of heart and definitely NOT your mama's Harlequin romance. But if you like adventure and smexy times with three studly men, Cold As Ice is your cup of tea.

I would have preferred a more gradual build-up and more background with the characters, but for what the book is--an erotic menage a quartre--then you are delivered exactly that.


  1. Thanks for having me here today and for the review. Some of the books in the series will have more of a buildup, but with only 40k to work with it was hard for a menage a quatre. ;-)

    1. Cassandra,
      Thank you so much for stopping by - Sorry I am getting back so late to this, but my house in being put up for sale and we are moving--ACK--talk about stress!
      I can totally understand that it's hard to build a back story with only 40K. I must go back and read more of this series, because I did like the premise :)
      Thanks again!


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