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Sundays have never been more Sexier

Hello Lovelies. Wickedly Delicious Couple is a weekly feature that is held on Sundays, hosted by me from Wickedly Delicious Book Blog. This is a blog hop geared towards book lovers preferably ages 18+ with the objective to find and visit other blogs that share the same interest as you... a love for Sexy Reads with Wickedly Delicious Couples. It can be an old book or new read.

Who is your Wickedly Delicious Couple?

How to join:

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Pick your Wickedly Delicious Couple candidate with an old book or currant read. Give a reason for your pick or give a little teaser or both.

Place your name and blog title in the linky over at Wickedly Delicious Blog Post, as well as the URL for a direct link to the post.

Visit other blogs on the list and make some new friends.

My WDC for this week:

Candace Carmichael was just getting used to the lavish life when everything went sour. Now the down-on-her-luck real estate agent is back in Bigler, North Carolina, jobless and illegally rooming with her her mother in a swank retirement community. All this makes her wonder why she ever considered her BFF Cheri’s invitation to move back home. Life in this small mountain town may not be as glamorous as the one she had in Tampa, but she knows a girl can’t be too choosy in this market. Besides, everyone’s happy to welcome Candy back—especially one handsome widower named Turner…

Turner has grown up to be one fine-looking piece of man candy—and looks even tastier in his sheriff’s uniform. Maybe that’s why she couldn’t resist kissing him when he pulled her over for a traffic violation. Even if a relationship was part of Candy’s business plan, Turner would be off limits—he still wears his wedding ring, four years after his wife died. If falling in love too fast is a crime, Candy is soon guilty as charged and ready to be fingerprinted. But is she ready to lock away her dreams and hand Turner the keys to her heart?

This is who I picture as Turner...except Turner has hazel eyes in the book, if I remember correctly.

And as for Candy...

And now I'll share a bit of smexy...

"Let me get hard in your hand."
Candy glanced up at Turner's face, seeing the pleasure wash over him as he stared at the ceiling. His Adam's apple danced as he concentrated on the gentle movement and squeeze of her hand.
"Um, you mean you aren't hard?"
Candy let her head fall back against the wall.
" Does that scare you?" Turner looked down at her, nothing but seriousness in his eyes-- serious lust.
"Not at all."
"Good," he said, propping his hands on the wall over her head and leaning closer to her. "Because you're going to be spending a lot of time with that big dick and the last thing you need is to be scared of it."
She swallowed and nodded.
"I want you to love it. Crave it. I want you to get to the point where you can't go a day without it."

I so loved Turner--he was a Master Dirty Talker that had me swooning. Great Book and GREAT read!

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Now, who is your Wickedly Delicious Couple for this week?


  1. Hi sweetie. Thanks for joining in WDC. I have not read Susan Donovan in a long time. I do not remember them being this HOT. WOW love the sexy teaser you gave. I am all in for dirty talking and add in a Sheriff. I am getting this book. Thanks for the sexy picture so I can vision a sexy man for him. Have a nice week.

    1. Wickedly Delish~
      Susan D rocked me with this book. I swooned over Turner and his dirty talking mouth...LOL
      Let me know how you likey, kay?

  2. Hi,
    I haven't heard of this one before. I will have to add to my TBR pile!! Thanks for sharing!!

    My WDC:

    1. Mariann~
      Thanks for stopping---and let me know if you read. I love to hear what peeps think of a book that I suggested.
      Hope you have a fantastic week!


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