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This week's question:
Share your experiences with blogging!

List TWO "Don't" and one "Do" when it comes to blogging and reviewing.
* Do try to respond and answer to readers comments--Of course, I don't have a very huge following, but I think it's important to let the ones who write in know that you ARE actually reading them. Nothing is worse, I think, than feeling ignored. I may be late in responding, but I haven't missed very many comments.
*Do try to keep your page current (as possible) with new releases and frequent updates. I love it when I see info about a favorite author and his/her newest book. I am such a cover HOOR and love to see new covers.
*Do try to find the time to visit other blogs and get to know the bloggers. You can meet many a great people out there and it's also nice to help out those that are just beginning to blog.

*Do try to proofread your posts--I admit to not being the smartest being on the planet and grammer isn't my thang, lol. But there is a spellcheck feature. It makes reading your post much easier on the eyes. **update--I just re-read my post and two errors that I had to edit, lol.
*Don't BASH or SLASH anyone's works--be it an author or another site. BE RESPECTFUL.
*Don't  sign up for a post and/or giveaway and then not post anything about it--I have  seen this one in regards to blog hops. It pisses me off because someone was counting on you. I know that it is hard to remember EVERYTHING, and I, too, can be pretty forgetful. I have learned to keep a calender near my laptop at ALL TIMES to remember things that I sign up for. And sometimes, it does happen--I had a mix-up with dates and didn't receive an email about a past giveaway. Once I discovered this faux pas I immediately fixed it by owning up to it. And then I ASAP'ed out a post right then and there.

I love to blog a great book-and I LURVE to talk about books. So, this blog has been a great haven for me. I try to be fair and know what I can and cannot handle with other events in my life. Right now, my house is on the market and time has become a very precious commodity right now. So, I have not really signed up for a lot of reviews in the future. But it's easy to do a simple blog post and promote or spotlight an author. And since I have discovered that I can write a post ahead of schedule, it has helped tremendously in freeing up the time I need to pack and clean, and clean, and catch my drift.

OH---and be thankful!!!  Thankful to your followers, thankful to those help you out, and thankful that you can do what we do. If you don't enjoy it--stop doing it....

And right now?  I enjoy the hell out of this!

Thanks guys!!

CS Maxwell

Now it's your turn to share me your DLS!!


  1. Now that blogger has the "preview" feature that helps a lot with making sure the post looks exactly the way I want it to before it goes out. Although sometimes I will read a post after it's been published and realized I spelled something wrong and someone missed it the 5 times that I read it. LoL
    Book Sniffers Anonysmous

    1. Kristin, LOL --I know that I use the hell out of the preview, and then when it comes up--nine times out of ten, I am like, "WTF? How did that happen?" And I just had to update this post because of 2 grammatical boo-boos. So, yeah-it happens :)
      Thanks for stopping over and leaving a comment. I truly enjoyed this meme. It's been fun going over to see what others think.

  2. Good advice. I find it much easier when participating in a book tour or whatever to write up a draft post immediately so I can see it there in my dashboard as a reminder. That way it won't slip through the cracks.

    I'm new at blogging and haven't been good about new releases/covers etc. That gives me something to think about. I've just mostly been posting my reviews.

    1. barklesswagmore--BWAHHH--I just s-l-o-w-l-y read your name and giggled. GREAT penname!
      I am soooo for drafting. I am 2 weeks ahead right now with writing posts just because of my house being on the market. I still have to remember to keep it up, as it can catch up rather fast.
      If you want a great site for seeing newly released covers, check out--
      Under the Covers, of course ;)
      and consider joining a readers yahoo group.
      I am a member of two really good groups-->
      writeminded readers
      and danger women writing--the pics and links are on the left side of my page. Check 'em out if you want.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I love talking to peeps about my posts!

  3. Great advice CS!!
    I keep a wee diary at hand before I go on the computer, just revising notes I've made about upcoming tours etc -it's a lifesaver!

    And about being able to write a post ahead of schedule, this is a great feature! I'm moving house/ country soon so I'll not be able to blog for the second half of June, at least with this I can schedule a few things to be posted!

    Vix @

    1. Viktoria-
      Love your idea of a diary--which mine is a notebook/datebook...and as soon as I sign up for a review/hop/whatever...I write it down. And yes, it's a definite lifesaver.
      Hope you have a smooth move..if I may ask, where are you moving to?
      My move is just one state over--from SC to NC--1.5 hours away.

  4. Couldn't have said it any better. And I totally agree with replying to comments as much as the host can and avoid SLASHING anything. It's ok if you dislike but you don't have to go bananas and hate the person's work. Always balance it with things that you DO like.

    Thanks for dropping by ours.

    1. Braine--I really like reading comments and I always try to respond. Took me a bit longer today as we drove to the house we wanted to buy to give it one more look before we make an offer tonight.
      Thanks for stopping and I agree---if you weren't really keen on someone's book, at least try to find one positive thing they did.

  5. Great post! I try to reply to all my comments, but sometimes one or two will slip past me because I'll forget. I'll have to work hard. Also, I try to visit the other person's blog if they leave me a link to reciprocate the comment. It's always to visit new blogs. thanks for stopping by my DLS!

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

    1. Ning-
      I am better at commenting than visiting--sometimes I plan on visiting later though, especially if its a really cool blog that I enjoy reading.
      Thanks for leaving a comment :) and have a great weekend!

  6. Hi sweetie. Great advices. I am new to blogging so this is nice to know. I have to use my spellcheck all the time. LOL!! My grammer is bad. So much going on in my head, but I never can put it in words. I am too busy right now to do any kind of sign up for a post and/or giveaway, so I will not do any. I love blogging. I have met some wonderful friends and have been introduce to new authors. I try my hardest to keep my blog updated (Will not this weekend, have to make a quick trip up north to the in-laws). Have a nice week babe.

    1. Wickedly Delish--I totally believe in paying it forward :) so if you have questions, feel free to ask away. I am pretty new, too--under a year--so I don't know very much.
      My fingers tend to fly faster than my brain and I will make an error along the way. LOVE the spellcheck and preview feature. And I LURVE your blog and what you have done with it in the short amount of time that you have been live :)

    2. I am blushing...You are too sweet with your kind words. Thank you. I so agree with doing post early then posting. I usually do when we go up north because my in-laws live in the middle of nowhere land and have dial up. But not this time, my father in-law just had a stroke (he is okay) so can not think straight to post anything at the moment. Urgh that reminds me have to finish putting my laundry in. Haha. My brain is everywhere at the moment. Love your blog too. Have gotten alot of good reads from it. Have a nice week.

      P.S. I went to Barnes and Noble Weds. to get I love Candy by Susan Dobovan (thought I would get paperback, so I can send it to my mom after) and was bummed they did not have it. I do miss Borders.

  7. Great post! Love all of your Do's & Don'ts! About the comments, I think it's great to reply to all of the comments you receive, I myself reply when I can, but I do make a habit out of replying to everyone who's left a comment on my blog, as well as revisit the blogs that I've posted comments on. AMEN for spell check! I know that, while being in the mist of writing your review/post you're just typing typing away, but laaawd do I get irritated by all the grammar mistakes. It's not pleasant to my eyes. *wipes glasses* hehe... BTW, I don't know if I should be happy that you're moving to the mountains or sad that you won't be near any beaches! anyhow *hands you a package with sand, seashells and ocean water* hehe :)


    1. Ana,
      Bless you for the seashells; I so miss the beach. I grew up near Topsail Island and miss it terribly.
      We are supposed to go to the Outer Banks this summer, but with trying to move and sell/buy a house?....don't know if that will happen. Sigh--there is always next year.
      LOL---I hear your southern accent coming through with the Lawwwwwd....hehehehehe...I used to be embarrassed about my "twang", but there's no fighting it-it is what it is-and it gets worse when I'm home.
      Thanks for commenting--Have a super fun weekend!

  8. Great Advice! I do agree with it all. And I have a calendar above my desk, so when I'm reviewing I post when I need it by :P It's definitely gonna save my life that's for sure! >.< Lol And I love the schedule feature blogger has :D THAT'S a definite life savor!!

    1. Neyra~
      Thank you for stopping here! It was awhile before I noted that feature--and then I felt like a huge dumb ass, lol :)
      It has saved my butt many, many, times :)
      Have a great weekend!

  9. Wonderful advice! There is so much to being a quality and successful blogger than most people think. Thank you for these tips!

    And thank you for stopping by Wickedly Bookish!


    1. Jess--GAH, I am soooo behind in responding to commentst this week. Having a house for sell is wrecking my free time to work on my blog or write.
      Glad you like the tips, even though I am falling behind on my own one re: comments, lol.
      thanks for stopping by and glad that you did!

  10. I so agree with your first Do. I try to respond to all comments/visits.
    Also agree with your don't bash/slash anyone's work. I hate it when that happens. Say it respectfully.

    1. ruby:)
      Thanks for stopping ~ respect is important to me. Both as a blogger and as a reviewer.


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