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Here is my L4C:

In celebration to all the great Dads out there---I have a Two-For for this week's L4C!

Exptected Release Date: August 2012

This is Book Two of a new series for Elisabeth Naughton---

~ Here is the cover for Book One ~

Careful what you wish for…

Sentenced as a pleasure slave, Djinn Prince Tariq of the Marid tribe has but one duty: travel into the human realm and corrupt souls by granting wishes to the women who possess the Firebrand opal, a gemstone of magical power. Ten years of imprisonment have left Tariq bitter, but to save his brothers’ lives, he’ll submit to his endless personal hell, even if it means giving up his own hope for freedom.

When Mira Dawson obtains the Firebrand opal, she’s sure the rumors about its magical qualities must be fiction. Until, that is, she touches the stone and a dark and dangerous warrior appears in her living room, offering to pleasure her beyond her wildest dreams. Soon, fantasy becomes a temptation she can’t deny. The only question left is…will the pleasure be worth the price? Because as Mira’s been warned, nothing…not even fantasies…are free.

Click here for an excerpt from Bound to Seduction.

Order links for Book One--Bound to Seduction:

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I admit, I am swayed more towards Book One's cover -- I love the possessive hold the hero has on the heroine. And her total surrender to it. To him.
It's like he's devouring her with his eyes, trying to burn the sight of her in his memorty---right before he devours her with his mouth, his lips, his tongue...***fans self***

Okay dokey---need to go take a dip in a bucket of ice now---
What is your Lusting For Covers this week?


  1. Hey,
    Thanks for stopping by and for telling me about my link!!!! I love these covers -- saw them the other day and added them to my TBR pile!! LOL I need to find a place for them on my blog!!! LOL ;)
    Have a great day!!

    1. Mariann
      No problemo:)
      Love Naughton's Eternal Guardian series and will have to add these as well.
      Hope you have a great week!

  2. I don't know babe it is a tie for me. I am getting all tingling from the 2nd cover. Do Love against the wall sexing. I have to say I am also getting a little excited about the 1st cover as he is holding her neck. I still have not read Elisabeth Naughton other paranormal series. Thanks for sharing these books. I will have to check these out. Always love when you stop by my L4c. Have a nice week.

    Wickedly Delicious

    1. WD---Love the fantasy of wall sexing, but have never done it--and to ask my hubby to do it now would probably put his back out of commission, lol. Should have done it 20 years ago when I weighed 99lbs. :))
      I loved Naughton's Eternal Guardian series--super sexy reads.
      Have a great week!

    2. Maybe this is why I love wall sexing so much cause my hubby can not lift my big butt anymore either. Got to dream with my sexy books. Really my toosh is not that big he is just getting weak in his old age.

  3. Thanks for participating in this week's L4C! :)

    I'm with WD on this--both of them are definitely lust-worthy, I'd kill to trade spots with the heroine on both. [I'm extremely violent today, willing to do many things for these, should I be concerned?!] lol.

    I haven't read Elizabeth's books, either, but they are all my list. Hope to get to them soon!

    TBQ's Book Palace

    1. TBQ~
      Violent? You?.....Meh...can't see it, lol.
      Of course, we book addicts can get a wee possessive over books and their lusty covers.
      For me, JR Ward's book can't get here soon enough, and I'd have to hurt someone who stood between me and some QHUAY lovin'!
      Have an awesome week!

    2. C.S. I am stalking your blog today.

      What? Our sweet and loving TBQ way...she is just feisty this week. I think TBQ needs therapy at Wickedly Delicious house and let it all out with a nice glass of wine and "me time" by the pool.


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