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I have recently made it back home after my first trip to New Orleans and the Authors After Dark Summer Camp. And this blog post is about the fabulous time I had with the most amazing group of gal pals anyone could ever hope to have!!

I have looked forward to this trip for so damn long and sad to see it in the past. I had such a blast with some very special friends who will forever be a huge part of my life.

C.L. Parker is one wild woman--and she is also my bestie!  We 'met' roughly two years ago via a chat group for those bitten by that notorious 'Twilight' bug. We just clicked. Since then, we have been to the RWA in NYC last 2011. Our first meeting in person was the highlight of that trip. Well, okay--that AND meeting the faboo Darynda Jones.We share many, many, phone convos that get kind of crazy and we both have the ability to laugh our asses silly at our loco ways.
C.L.--she just gets me. And accepts me, warts and all.
She shares my snarky sense of humor, has a huge heart and is wicked talented with words. She is the author of the Supernova Saga--book three comes out on the 27th of this month. Get it people!!  And see what I am talking about.
I am so damn proud of her. This has been her dream that she has always wanted to come true--and she is living it!  What would I do without this beautiful person in my life? I so do not want to find out. She is brazen, wild, and honest to a fault. I LURVE her hard and consider her to be the peanut butter to my jelly. FLYAS, dahling!

Britta was our Mama Hen for the trip. And I say this with much love and adoration.  She made sure we were always close -- took care of us and spoiled both C.L. and I rotten, people. She has such a true loving and giving nature. That's her in the blue shirt along with author P.J. Schnyder. Her (P.J.'S) costume for the masquerade ball was EPIC and made me want my own. So--yeah, I got one of those bad boys and saw my hips for the first time in like, EVER!  It made me feel all sorts of sexy and can you believe this--comfortable as hell. I'm talking hand-sewn corsets that can make all women of all shapes and sizes look friggin amazing.

The quality isn't the best in the above pix, but that's me in the center wearing my new corset-which I LURVE--and being fawned over, lol, by my wonderful gal pals.
Starting from the left: Robyn, Gayle, Me, and C.L.
 Not only did my rack rock, but Robyn's was hands down the best of the show! You rocked it, woman!  Those puppies were FABULOUS!

And then there's this sexy mama--Gayle never fails to put a huge smile on my face every time I talk to her. She is fucking amazing. Gayle Donnelly is drop dead gorgeous ~ I have a woman crush on her, seriously. Her heart is huge and I am so proud of her as well. Her first book (along with co-writer, Robyn Mackenzie), Infinite  Betrayal, is a sexy shifter romance. Buy it. It's delish.  The book is under the name Donnelly Mackenzie--and expect a giveaway soon of this book-autographed by the lovely ladies while at this event.

Gayle's writing partner, Robyn Mackenzie is just as amazing and I finally got to meet her for the first time (as well as Gayle) and it's like we have always known each other. All of us ladies just clicked. We stayed up late talking, laughing, eating some fucking fabulous biscuits from Willy's Chicken Shack. And danced our slightly drunk asses off at the Cat's Meow. And did I mention the delish handgrenades that just seemed to find their ways into our happy little hands? Damn, those drinks were addictive and a must ~ "Mama needs a handgrenade!"

To top off the post, I leave you with a couple of sights from
Bourbon Street-- This little event happened on Saturday and was something called 'Red Dress', where walkers earned money for Breast Cancer. You would not believe the number of hunky hotties sporting some amazing evening wear. Yum Yum!
and the be all, end all--Beignets! Man, were they delish.  But I still swear that the biscuits at Willy's made the trip for me, lol. 

Alas, NOLA is over--and we all must go home. But this is a trip that I won't forget for a long, long, time.

Love ya, Ladies!!


  1. I'll admit that when I saw your "The Big Easy" pic at the top of the post and then MY pic next, I thought you were trying to tell me something. LOL!

    How do I adore you? Let me count the ways ... I believe Britta counted SEVEN Hand Grenades, which is a lot, but I lurve you even more. My adoration of you is infinite, and I miss all of you so much it haunts me.

    I'll leave you with one line ... okay, so make that two:

    Duh da da duhhhhh!!!
    Look at the titties!!!


    1. BWAHHHHHHHHHHHH...I know you're easy boo :)
      Thanks for leaving me with 2 memerable lines. I don't think I could ever forget them-OR the smokin hot kilted HOTTIE who shaked is bon bon for us and then some :)
      Love you harder--and YES, it is possible ;0

  2. I love you guys dressing up and those men wearing bustiers are crazy fun!

    1. Braine-there is one pic floating around on FB somewhere of a hottie--wearing nothing but a tutu---he was built like a brick shit house, bald, and beautiful.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment!

  3. Love your costume. You look frakin hot in your corset. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories and pics. I am happy you had a great time. I missed you tons and glad you made it home safefly. Added Supernova and Infinite Betrayal to my TBR list.


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