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Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by  Under the Covers. Every Thursday we get to know other bloggers and our readers more intimately by asking them a question hoping to reveal their dirty little secrets. We hope that you will all join us!

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This week's question:

"Book abuse! What's the worst thing you've done to a book?"


Hmmm...As a kid, I wasn't all that kind to books. But now, as an adult, I have a deep respect for them. I cringe at the thought that I used to just throw away (GASP) books whenever I  moved, instead of donating them or giving them to Goodwill. So that is the worse I have ever done. **Hangs head in shame.

And looking at the ladies of UTC--some of their responses are similar to mine.

Francesca: Yep. I'm a roller--it saves on wear and tear of a book. I used to bend the book (GAH) and that ended up breaking the spine.

Annie: Yep--Faefever was a hardback that I did throw across the room. Also threw Breaking Dawn across the room when the honeymoon scene severely disappointed me. "WTF?! This is a YA Book? GAH!!"

Suzanne: I used to dog ear pages too, but now I use a bookmark when I remember. What I AM bad about is resting the book opened to where I am at....which isn't so good on the spine either.

Angela:  I have sticky noted an ARC once-- but now I usually get ARC's on my kindle. I LURVE and ADORE the highlight feature. Saves on sticky notes and wear and tear.

Hate me?

Share with me your DLS!


  1. LMAO I don't feel so bad now :) I guess I should get in this habit of sticky noting ARCs huh? It would make my life easier. My current method is to have my iphone handy and take a picture of what I want saved, I have a folder of those pics on my phone now and at the ready when I sit to write a review.


    1. Francesca, Your ARCs seem to be in print more than mine...that is why I love getting them on my kindle---I love the highlight feature :)
      wow---but you have a cool way with your phone thingy :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. the e-arcs are the best invention ever!!!!
    but something about maybe just an obsession, just to have you know? lol

    Did you vote for the best meme yet? it's linked with the DLS post. much appreciated.

    1. Angela :)
      I know what you mean about having a print ARC--I have one of Jaci Burton's--Changing the Game. YUM!! First one ever so it holds a special place in my heart.
      And Yes, I already voited for the best meme--did you have any doubt that I not vote for you ladies? .....PFFFFFTTT...easy peasy decision :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I feel so bad...everyone is taking care of there books ;) good for you guys.

    Have a great weekend C.S.
    Here's mine

    1. Sharonda-
      Don't feel bad, lol. I am far from perfect with my books. Sometimes damage happens even with the best intentions.
      Going to check out your DLS :)
      Thanks for stopping!

  4. Yeah, we all did things as

    1. Maria~ LOL....I was a bad kid with my books--LURVED to write in them. Maybe cause I wanted to be a writer? LOL
      Thanks for stopping by here !

  5. LOLOL THANK YOU! Faefever! arghhhhh Oh man and Breaking Dawn, yes I know what you mean!


    1. Ann---WARNING---sexual vag/cock blocking WILL cause your book to be thrown against the wall.


  6. Funny you should ask this. When I was little, I would scribble in books. My Mom showed me my scribbles, this summer, while we were looking through my baby book. She commented on it & said that she never knew why I did that. And I also did it to the hymnals she used to have in the piano bench. This had to have been prior to age 8-9.

    1. Jessiel~
      LOL---I did too--In fact, you know those little envelopes for you to put your cash in for offering? They weren't safe either from my pen. OHHHHH....we were bad...LOL


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