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Q & A with Dante and Tori from C.L. Parker’s Nexus ~ The Supernova Saga

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Hello Lovelies! I am excited as hell to have these two characters join me today for an exclusive interview. And because some of you may not have read Nexus yet, I can’t tell you our secret location. Just know that it’s a lot like paradise!

C.S.: Thank you, Dante and Tori for letting me come here today. **gives them a hug and lingers just a little too long with Dante**

Tori: Um, should I leave you two alone?

Dante: **whispers in CS’s ear** Sorry, love, but I’ve met her in the gym on more than one occasion, and I’d never dream of subjecting you to the fury that is Victoria when she gets her knickers in a twist. **gives CS an extra squeeze and then peels her off of him to arms length with a devastatingly sexy smile**

CS: **has the good sense the Lord gave her to blush and back away**

Sorry, Tori, but he’s just all delish and I am a weak woman.

Tori: **wraps her arms around Dante’s waist from behind and nips at his shoulder** Mmm … Don’t I know it? **winks at CS**

CS: I am soooo jealous right now. Mmmm, a Dante flavored candy bar…**bites lips and moans before shaking off the lust that is now running rampant through CS **

So , let’s start with ----

**There is a loud noise coming from behind the trees and a muttering curse, followed by a dramatic, starlet wail**

Gabe: Indie!!! Where are you, Indie??? The young Indie with the beefed up pecks and six pack!!! Not the old wrinkled up one!!!
**emerges from the brush clumsily and then narrows his eyes at Tori when he catches sight of her**

Mini- Me, you’re going to pay for my mani-pedi, and now my clothes are all a mess… **his rant trails off when he finally sees CS Maxwell with her tape recorder, camera, and notepad in hand**
Ohmigod! I run off into the jungle to get away from the paparazzi and end up front and center anyway. Leave Britney alone, my ass. How about some privacy for yours truly?
**sighs dramatically with a roll of his eyes** All right. If I must, I must. **goes to CS, shoving Tori and Dante out of the way before fussing with his hair and plastering a red carpet smile in place** What do you want to know about His Fabulousness?

CS: Um, I’m sorry if there’s been a misunderstanding, but this interview was scheduled for Tori and Dante. Though it’s really nice to finally meet you. I’m such a HUGE fan!

Gabe: **looks at CS like she’s given him the biggest insult** Well, huge would be one word for you.

CS: Let’s not get nasty now, GiGi…I know where you live and I am CL’s BFF…**passes a Bubble-tini to Gabe and points to an empty seat** Park it, zip it, or there’ll be no more of these.

Gabe: **tosses head ** Whatever. I needs to slip into something more appropriate for the location. Whew, it’s hotter than Adam Levine’s nut sack in a sauna…sans towel. **snaps fingers** Later, bitches…**flounces off with major Diva attitude**

CS: Now that we have things settled, let’s start with the interview.

Tori, there are a lot of people out there that have the hots for your Dad, Dominic. I mean, we got to see his story (and Kerrigan’s ) in the first two books, and he was such a sexy character. And I know you certainly don’t want to discuss your dad in that capacity—AWKWARD—So….Let’s not. **gives a big grin** In Nexus, we see the issues your mother had to deal with and the separate issues your father had to deal. They became sort of a mash-up for you in Nexus, and you chose to do it alone. Where did you find the strength to cope with that? Because I’d probably lose my everlovin’ mind, girl.

Tori: I’m not going to lie; it was really hard, and stupid of me to keep the secrets I kept. I probably should’ve learned from my parents’ past.

Dante: Don’t be so hard on yourself, Angel.

Tori: No, it’s true. I can see that now. But I think what got me through was the rock solid foundation in my lineage. My grandmother, Sarah, my Grammy Availia, my mom and dad … they were all incredibly strong individuals and even stronger when they stood together. When you come from a background like that, it rubs off on you. But, I would’ve totally screwed the pooch if it hadn’t been for Dante. His touch was all I needed to put things into perspective. He gave me the strength to take a hold of the reins and be the mistress of my own destiny. He was the stake in the cement that held me tethered to the earth and kept me from teetering on over to the dark side. It would’ve been really easy for me to do, too. I owe my life, everything that I am to him. I will never underestimate the power of sacrifice. And believe me, he made a huge one for me.

Dante: **pulls Tori close and kisses the tip of her nose** I have no regrets. I’d do it all over again, a thousand times. Anything for you.

C.S: **gets all mushy on the inside** Aaaah, he’s so sweet. What I wouldn’t give for a man to say those words to me. **recovers from her teen fan-girl crush moment and returns to business** So, what about your mother, Kerrigan? What was it like growing up with a mother who was a Guardian of the Light? The changes in her life had to have had a profound effect on your relationship with her. Plus, you were slated as the Guardian of Mankind. Did you ever feel the pressure to live up to her legacy?

Tori: Oh, absolutely! I think I knew it depressed her, and maybe I even felt like it was my fault, but … being a teenager … I resented her for it. She was a real slave driver when it came to being ready, and that frustrated me because I didn’t even know what I was supposed to be ready for! My mom **takes a deep breath to compose herself because she’s tearing up – Dante squeezes her shoulder** My mom was a true hero. She sacrificed so much for me and my dad. Seems like a lot of people made a lot of sacrifices for me now that I think about it. I didn’t exactly make things easy for her. I owe her a huge apology and an even bigger thank you because if it hadn’t been for her, I wouldn’t have been anywhere near ready when I had to be.

CS: **passes Kerrigan a box of Kleenex** Girl, don’t you dare make me cry again, dammit. CL had me sobbing like cra-cra at the end of Nexus—that hussy. **snags a tissue for her own leaking eyes**

CS: Dante, you are the Guardian of the Guardian. Was it difficult keeping Tori in line? I mean, she’s a very head strong woman. Did you think she’d fall easily at your feet and be seduced by your wicked charm? Did you want her to?

Dante: **chuckles** Well, yes, I did. I don’t mean to sound smug, but . . . I thought myself a bit irresistible. Though I never thought I’d actually fall for her. It was quite a blow to my ego when she made me work for her attentions. In the end, I’d say it was quite the other way around. She was the seductress. I think I made my point about that abundantly clear whilst we were in the park. The woman was a relentless tease.

Tori: **gasps and smacks him on the chest** I was not!

Dante: CS, love, you read the book. Wouldn’t you agree she’s a tease?

CS: **Doesn’t have the chance to respond because Gabe emerges from the bushes again. Gone are his designer clothes, replaced by . . .

CS: **Gapes at Gabe with eyes wide as dinner plates** What are you wearing?

Gabe: **does the red carpet turn and pose** Make sure you list me as my own personal designer. I think I’ll call it a retro Garden of Eden. It is definitely going to bring sexy back. Holla’ atcha boy, Justin. **giggles**

CS: **looks appalled** But what is that over your crotch?

Gabe: Elephant ear leaves with some kind of vine I found over there somewhere. Honey, I needed something huge to cover this anaconda. **starts singing while humping air** My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun.

Tori: **rolls her eyes** That is so eighties of you.

Gabe: Yet still relevant seeing as how I’m gay.

CS: Allllrighty then . . . Let’s get back to the interview. Dante, using only five words please describe Tori.

Dante: Well, sexy would be the first word that comes to mind. I’d also use witty, strong, stubborn, and fierce.

Gabe: Hey! Fierce is my word. You can’t use that.

CS: **ignores Gabe’s outburst** Tori, your turn. Describe Dante in just five words.

Tori: Seductive, handsome, smart, devilish, and oh my God, have you seen that little trail of hair on his stomach? Okay, so that’s more than five words, but have you seen it?

**starts to lift Dante’s shirt, but Gabe is scratching his crotch ferociously, and it’s hard to ignore**

CS: **a bit ticked that she was this close to seeing this trail Tori has been obsessed with before being interrupted** Gabe? Got yourself a little bugaboo issue there?

Gabe: **narrows his eyes at CS** I’m all itchy, bitch. I think I might be allergic to you.

Tori: **studies Gabe and then giggles** Um, leaves of three, leave them be, sweetie.

Gabe: **gasps** Ohmigod! Poison ivy?? **gives a wicked grin** Well at least now I have an excuse to get Colton to rub some lotion on me. Pink lotion, ‘cause it’s my favorite color.

CS: Once again, let’s get back to the interview.
**mutters under breath, Diva-ness made me miss Dante’s happy trail…bitch…**
How was it working with the author, CL? I hear she puts the reader through the emotional ringer with this story. And I sobbed buckets, so yeah—this story touches some very personal feelings. Was it difficult to get you to bleed out your emotions on the page?

Tori: **looks at Dante lovingly and a tear falls down her cheek – Dante wipes it away and gives her a gentle yet chaste kiss – Tori’s voice is soft, quiet as she continues through the**
CL is great, but yeah, she really put us through the emotional ringer. I don’t blame her, though. She only writes what she sees, and even she couldn’t stop what happened.

CS: Dante, how do you feel about what happened?

Dante: **shrugs** Everything happens for a reason. I can’t fault her for that. She had a very unique way of giving us a happily ever after, but at least we got it.


CS: I hope we haven’t revealed too much about the climax of the story and the ending. I think it’s safe to say the two of you are satisfied with the results.

Tori: **sniffles and smiles up at Dante, genuinely happy** We have our own legacy to pass down now. Don’t we?

Dante: **gives her that gorgeous, flirtatious smirk**
Yes, we do, Angel. Yes, we do . . .

CS: What an amazing interview and I so do not want to leave this little piece of heaven. Can I stay a while longer? Do you get WiFi here?

Dante: I’d say stay as long as you like, but unfortunately, that’s just not possible. I apologize if that’s rude of me.

Tori: Besides, I’d really like some alone time with my Guardian. I’m sure you’ll understand? **waggles brows**

CS: Oh, girl! I totally do. Thank you both for letting me pick your brain a bit. I wish you both the best of luck! And Gabe? I’m gonna miss your drama queen ass **smacks it hard and gives him a wink**

Gabe: Miss what? Honey, you can pick up those books and come visit me anytime. Any of us for that matter. Although we all know it’s me you really want, but who could blame you? Now, give us another smack …**wiggles ass to prompt CS for another swat**

CS: **rolls eyes**….I am so outta here. Toodles!

Blurb from Goodreads

Kerrigan Cruz and Dominic Grayson have fulfilled their destiny, clearing the way for a new Guardian of the Light to emerge. The product of her parents’ mixed bloodlines, Victoria Milena Cruz-Grayson must defend the world as the only Guardian of Mankind in existence.

With the weight of the world on her shoulders, Tori must find a way to keep it from falling before the gravity of her existence sends her crashing to her knees and mankind along with her. The real war is inside her psyche; good versus evil in a battle between Light and Dark. But she is not alone in her quest.

The Guardian of the Guardian, Dante is destined to fight by her side. With an arsenal of wicked charm, seduction, and the ability to ignite a raging inferno, his allure is powerful. Will it be enough to convince Tori to choose him?

Coming between them is a man whose existence is confined to her dreams. The only friend Tori has ever known, a man she has grown to love over her short eighteen years. She doesn’t know his name, or why he’s there, but she can’t deny the feelings she has for him. There’s only one problem; when he leaves, her dreams become nightmares plagued by demonic beings hellbent on viciously murdering her loved ones. Over and over again.

Two men, both pledging their undying love and unyielding loyalty, but one is not at all what he seems.

Torn between her lifelong friend and the man destined to stand by her side, the Guardian of Mankind must choose her path. The fate of the world depends on her getting it right. But how can she choose when she doesn’t really know who she is to begin with?

Nexus: There is one truth . . . Everything happens for a reason.    

You know how sometimes you can read a series out of order and still get the gist of what the author is trying to't do this with Nexus. You will be totally lost and on a different planet.

The Supernova Trilogy is meant to be read as it is written.

That being said, let's move on to the review portion of our program.

I am happy to have watched this series develop from its conception. And to see the final product makes me weepy and a little emotional.

C.L. has grown so much as an author. It's so damn obvious with Nexus. She takes and pulls emotions from me as I read the book. I was laughing, crying and pissed off and cussing at the characters...yes, Tori, that would be you.  That, to me, is the sign of a great read.

Nexus is slightly darker than the first two books and I LURVED it. C.L. can write some wicked dreams that gave me chills.

I feel like I'm rambling with this review, but I don't want to give anything away. It's a twisty, pervy mind that the fabulous C.L. has, and when it's revealed exactly who Tori has been dreaming about, it's like a sucker punch. The ending itself will make you run to your Kleenex box and sob until your throat hurts.

There is a heated chemistry between Tori and Dante and you can feel their connection--in their dialogue alone--and I enjoyed watching these two interact.

Here is a tasty sample of Parker's work from Nexus: 

She cocked her head to the side and met his eyes while unbuttoning his pants. When she grabbed the zipper and began to pull it down, he watched, his hands moving to knead the flesh of her thighs.
"And what exactly to you intend to do with my cock once you've unleashed it?"
Head flooded Tori's cheeks. She had no idea what she was doing. A need for more had taken the driver's seat, and there was no turning back. His baby blues flashed with the same hunger she felt, and the skin of her breasts tightened. She remembered his words that day during their first training.
"Only one way to put the beast back to sleep once it's been awakened," she reminded him.

Oh, Yeah......

If you want a little something different than the usual vamps, weres, witches and fae--take a trip with this book and the Supernova series. It's a mesmerizing read.

I am happy to announce that I am giving away 2 eBook copies of Nexus---to 2 fabulous followers who leave a comment.

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What is your idea of paradise? 
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  1. That was a great interview! I am so happy that the diva himself decided to appear. CL Parker is an amazing writer. Although I already have all the books and really don't need to enter the contest.I just want to say my idea of paradise is couch,The Supernova Saga and a margarita!

  2. Karen!
    Thank you for stopping by here this am--it brought a huge grin to my face, see --> :))
    Love your idea of paradise.
    Mine is the beach, a hot, nekked cabana boy feeding me drinks and grapes, some really cool music softly playing in the background and no tan lines :)

  3. Love the interview. Fun and cute. I have Supernova on my Must get TBR list. Wow I better bump it on my list to get soon. Thanks for sharing the teaser. Loving "Only one way to put the beast back to sleep once it's been awakened,". As for my idea paradise would be also a nekked cabana boy, but giving me a full body masage on secluded island and drinking Pina Coladas.

    1. WD~ Hey sweetie :)
      We share so many pervy things with our pervy minds, lol. Right now, instead of a massage, I'll take a package of several adjustments--I'm seeing a chiropractor for my back/neck/shoulder pain. I saw my X-ray today and it was like, "OH,shit--no wonder I am in so much pain." My cervical shape is the exact opposite of what it is supposed to be.
      Whoops! LOL
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some comment lovin'.

  4. Great interview (very entertaining)My idea of paradise would be being able to read all I want,with no kids interrupting and them getting along.


    1. Thanks, Mary---and I just realized that I never stated in post when the deadline is for giveaway-my bad, lol.
      And I totes agree on the no kids thing--I have nicknamed my daughter, Chatty Cathy--can't find her batteries and off/on switch and she talks constantly!

  5. My idea of paradise is a cozy cabin stocked full of food and wine, a comfortable bed and chair and BOOKS all over the place to read!!


  6. Very entertaining interview! Great job!
    My idea of paradise is someplace where the weather stays cool and clear year round. I grew up in south Texas, so that is my idea of paradise!

    1. Mindy~
      OOH>>>>Texas is where my manuscript is taking a fictional town that is near San Antonio.
      I have always wanted to go to the Hill Country...
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Alison Rush (
    Glad to have found you can't wait to start the series.
    Paradise: white sandy beach, good book, and a cold drink.. Alone.. peace and quiet except the ocean

    1. Alison,
      I'm packing my bags and on my way to your paradise...LOVE IT!

  8. What a wickedly wonderful interview. I especially love the excerpt! And Gabe showed up and gave us an extra shot of tobasco to spice it up even more!

    My version of paradise is Mendocino, California. We have a place on the coast and the mobile service is spotty at best. The views of the Pacific Ocean go on for miles and miles and there is never any doubt how very small you are compared to the power of that beast. The sound of the waves alone make me smile. Wine, Wind, and more wine.

    ~jb ramos (

    1. jb~
      Glad you liked the was a blast putting it together. CL and I love to have a reason to chat....
      And, HELLO????Gabe not showing up? HAH, I knew that little Diva would make an appearance.

  9. I loved the interview!!
    I thought about where paradise is to me, and I discovered it was not a place. If I did not have my love there (anywhere) it would not be paradise for me. Looking into his eyes and seeing his eyes overflowing with love for me is my paradise. Without that, I have no paradise. With that, everywhere can be a paradise. Right now my paradise is my bedroom in front of a laptop talking to someone six thousand miles away every night. That is when my room is transformed into paradise, while looking into his eyes, and only then. The rest of the day it is just a room. So I figured a beach, a cabin, a cruise, none would or could be my paradise without my love there. Seeing and feeling love is the answer to being in paradise to me.

    1. Bonita!
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    1. Bobbie~
      I'm glad you liked the interview ;)
      And I know your secret indentity, Bobbie---hehehehehehe
      Can I vaca at your paradise at least 2 or twenty times a year? I promise not to be too much of a long as you feed me, change me, and keep me surrounded by books and my gal pal, CL :)
      Thanks for stopping here and leaving me a comment.

  11. GREAT interview! Loved it when Gabe showed his sassy self coming out of the bushes.Poison Ivy? Ouch, but Colton will help, I'm sure, lol! I already have Nexus, so no giveaway for me. Yes, CL's writing is improving with every book she writes! I sobbed like a fool when I was reading, too. BUT, what a great ending!

    Paradise to me is about 40 minutes down the road, it's Clearwater Beach. I love it, especially at sunset. It soothes my soul.

  12. Great post!! Loved it. :)
    My idea of paradise...
    Real world - Either a great book with absolute quiet to enjoy it and a wonderfully yummy drink at arms reach, or a live concert that gives me goosebumps, brings back wonderful memories in technicolor, and leaves me feeling floaty.
    Fantasy - Jensen Ackles stalking me like a panther in a setting like the bedroom of the house on Isle Esme from Breaking Dawn part I. ;-)
    ~Chelle (

    1. Literal Addiction~
      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting :)
      Love your ideas of paradise....especially the Jensen Ackles fantasy ;)


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