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Title:  Love, Hypothetically (Theta, Alpha, Gamma, Book 2)
Author: Anne Tenino
Genre:  M/M Romance
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: August 27, 2012

ARC provided by NetGalley

Paul's been called many things—graduate student, humanities tutor, jock-hater, even broke—but "forgiving" isn't one of them. When the new women's softball coach at Calapooya college specifically requests Paul to tutor his athletes, Paul's forced to put aside his strict "no athletes" policy for the sake of his paycheck.

Enter Trevor Gardiner, former Major League Baseball player and Paul’s high school boyfriend. Yeah, that one—the guy who sacrificed Paul for the safety of his closet and his future career. But Trevor’s come out and retired from baseball, and now he’s looking for forgiveness and a second chance.

There’s no earthly reason Paul should give him one, but he keeps letting the man state his case. And touch him. And take him sailing. The waters are far from smooth, though, and Paul says awful things to Trevor he isn’t sure he means. Now Paul has to decide: apologize and forgive Trevor for everything, or chalk it up as revenge and move on.    

After reading and LOVING Frat Boy and Toppy by the same author, I HAD to get the next book in the series. Paul was introduced in this story and you knew he had some major issues. He wasn't the nicest person in the world and gave his roommate a difficult time when he got involved with a college jock.

In Love, Hypothetically, you get to see Paul's history and understand where he is coming from--a serious hurt that still remains with him and a first love who broke his heart.

Paul has a sexual history with Trevor. As a teenager, the two boys explored their lust for each other.  However, their relationship was a secret. Trevor was a star baseball player for their high school and a super jock.  He was liked and respected by his coach and his teammates. When Paul shows up at the locker room one night to fulfill one of Trev's fantasies, their secret is outed--and Trevor denies it.  Instead, Trevor plays it off as Paul having coming on to him and taking him by surprise. Hurt, Paul is unable to forgive Trevor for his deception.

Skip ahead a few years and Paul has to tutor the girls of the college softball team and has to meet with their new coach--Trevor.

It doesn't matter that now Trevor is out as a gay man and doesn't keep his sexual taste a big secret. Paul still may have strong feelings for him, but can he forgive him for the ultimate betrayal?

This was an emotional as well as sexy read that is about forgiveness and friendship.  It is also about knowing who you truly are and standing proud for it. I felt for both men--feeling the hurt and damage that Trevor's betrayal did to Paul, and understanding how hard it was for Trevor to accept his sexuality. And when the two finally come together and Paul forgives Trevor, it was an emotionally charged moment that made me sigh and swoon.

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