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Question of the Week: Are you planning on attending any book conventions this year? Are you a con newbie or an old pro? 

Me and Suzanne Brockmann

I would definitely say I am not an old pro, but I did start attending conventions two summers ago. It was fmy irst and it was in NYC~ RWA. And it was FANTASTIC!  I met a ton of great authors and got to talk with them. I met my favorite author, Suzanne Brockmann, who I just LURVE and adore. That woman has mad writing skills. And I got to meet one of the sweetest authors out there who just simply has a heart of gold--Darynda Jones. She was genuine, warm, and extremely funny. Not to mention, her writing and her books kicks ass!

I also got to see NYC for the third time and it has grown to be one of my favorite places to visit. 

More importantly, I got to see my BFF for the first time and it was SWEET! CL Parker and I had only communicated via phone and internet for almost two years before we finally came face to face. It was like one of those dream sequence moments, where two people are running towards each other slo-mo in a field of wild flowers, lol. 

My second convention was this past summer (AAD--Authors After Dark) in NOLA~ New Orleans. I got to again take this trip with CL and another bestie, Britta. We had a blast!

Defining moments for this trip was (1) I got to meet two ladies who rock my hoohah! Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie. Otherwise known as the author, Donnelly Mackenzie. These two ladies have become very near and dear to me and I am so damn happy that I got the opportunity to meet them. I have never laughed so much and enjoyed so much with all of the fabulous women. 
Not to mention, we had some FUCK-tastic biscuits at this little hole in the wall--Willie's Chicken Shack. OMG. The Best.Biscuits.EVER, people. 

Starting from the left: Robyn Mackenzie, Gayle Donnelly, ME, and CL Parker

(2) I got to meet the fabulous and super-smexy Dakota Cassidy. Have you seen her hair people? It is like sex hair. GORGEOUS.SEXY.WOMAN. And funny as hell.  She writes a very witty and laugh out loud paranormal series that I love to read. 

(3) I GOT A FREAKIN BOOK DEAL! Can't say too much about it write now except that it is still and WIP and I am in edits...speaking of, I better wrap up this post and get back to it. 

This Year:

I will be attending Lori Foster's Reader Get Together in Cincinnati--I used to live there and it will be nice to go back again. Also, I will be hanging out with gal pals CL, Gayle, and Robyn again--I'm in my Happy Place.  

I would love to attend the RWA in Atlanta as well, since it's almost in my back yard, lol. But that is something that will have to be a "we'll see" for now. 

And if for some great and unexpected reason I happen to win the lottery, I'll attend as many conventions as I can...maybe even meet some of my followers here. 

What about you? Planning on attending any conventions? I'd love to hear from you! 


  1. I've never been to a convention. I never hear about them until after they happen. I have heard of the RT Convention but it's about $500 not including the airfare and what not so that's a no go. How do you find out about conventions in your area?
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  2. Kristin~
    One way to check it out is to google something like 2013 Romance Writers Conventions...
    I am a member of RWA and I agree--it's very expensive. Unless my manuscript sells well, I don't know if I'll be going this coming summer.
    Lori Foster's is really inexpensive as far as conferences go. It's $50 for the conference and then your hotel fee.
    AAD is somewhat affordable--although it is going up in 2013. It will be in Savannah in 2013.
    There there is the RT convention--it's a biggie and expensive like RWA...can't remember where it will be next year--Kansas City?
    I hope this helps you out. Local chapters of RWA (state-wide) usually do things as well.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Congrats on your Book Deal! So happy and excited for you! You always have the best photos. Love the Dress up photo how fun. I have never been to any book convention. Some day I will go.

    My 18 & Over Follow

    1. I am trying to catch up with all my emails right now since I have been off line. :)
      You must go! I highly rec Lori Foster's as it one of the most inexpensive ones. Would love to meet you!

  4. Wow, it sounds like you have had some fun!
    I went to the signing when RWA was here in Florida in 2010 and that in itself was a blast, I could imagine what the whole convention would be like!
    I was thinking about hitting it up in Atlanta this year since it's not too far of a drive but that's a 'we'll see' for me too.

    Thanks for joining in the follow!

    1. Would love to see you there, Crystal---will let you know if I can make it!


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