Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Tuesdays have never been so sexy!

Sexy Snippets is a weekly feature hosted by Reading Between the Wines for the 18+ crowd. To join in just grab the button, post a sexy paragraph or two from your current read and share the author & title so other participants can add the book to their TBR list if they like. Then add your post to the linky over at RBtW's blog post so everyone can follow along. Have a sexy good time!

My Pick for this week:

"I can't wait to suck on these." His hot breath seeped through the cotton weave of her top. She felt her nipples tighten, almost painfully, as they strained toward him, begging to be taken. "I've tried to imagine what your nipples look like. I bet with your fair skin they're a pretty shade of light pink."The deep vibrations from his voice skimmed over her body. "And I bet they'll turn cherry red after I suck them deep into my mouth and flick them with my tongue, maybe give them a nibble." From somewhere in the back of her throat, a moan escaped at the thought of his white teeth clamping on the hard nubs. "Ah," he said, looking up at her from chest level, "again I get a reaction with biting. I think you and I are going to be quite compatible in bed, baby." 

First off ~ Holy Shitcakes! This man (Jackson) is smoking hot in the dirty talkin' department. He turns poor 'ol Vanessa on just with his words alone. And in this scene, he NEVER touches her. Just uses those words and stirs her into a frenzy. 

I love and adore this series--this is book two--and highly recommend them.  

Now it's your turn to show me your sexy! 


  1. AH! I just read that scene and about melted! So frackin hot! I loved the first book too and so far this one is just as good. Back to reading now...thanks for joining in SS!

    1. Crystal ~ :)
      I know, right????!!! I walked kind of funny for a while after reading that :)
      Thanks for stopping by ~
      Have a fantastic weekend!


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