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Title: Spread Your Wings (Men In Blue, Book )
Author: Jayne Rylon
Expected Release Date: October 15, 2013

She’s through playing it safe…

Waiting. Watching.

Jambrea was patient long enough. After nearly ten years pining over a man with whom she’d spent a single night, her job set her on a collision course with two sexy cops who turned her head…and ignited her passion.

More agonizing. Debating.

When it became clear that Matt and Clint would never admit to the bisexual attraction making an equilateral relationship possible, she couldn’t choose a favorite. So she had to turn away and move her life forward—without them. Jambrea approaches Mistress Lily and Master Jeremy to arrange a wild night at their sex club—never expecting her friends would pull a bait and switch.

Time’s up.

Just when happily ever after dangles within reach, it becomes clear someone has Jambrea in their crosshairs. Is it one of her lovers’ old cases coming back to haunt them, or a ghost from her military past? One thing’s for certain. Now that they’ve made the leap, they’d better learn to soar…or they’ll all crash together.

Why I picked this--Well, it's really very simple. 

1. Tatts
2. Two smexy men sandwiching heroine.
3. Jayne Rylon

What about you? What cover are you lusting over? Leave me a comment, I'd love to know! 


  1. LOL. Great reasons! I APPROVE! :D

    I've never read this author before, but I'm off to put this one on my list! Thanks for sharing!


    1. TBQ~ If you haven't read Jayne's books, BOY are you in for a treat :)
      They are NOT for the prudes of the world, lol.
      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my L4C!

  2. Great pick. Once I finish Powertools series I will have to dive into this one. Yummy!

    Happy Belated Mother's Day. Hope you had a beautiful day with your family. It was cold here but hubby, son and I still had fun antique shopping.
    My L4C

    1. P.s. Read King Cobra and Loved it! Thank you for having it on your blog.

    2. WD--why is it that whenever I see your gorgeous face on my blog, I get a huge smile on my face?????
      So, I'm assuming you are enjoying your "voyage" into polyamorous romance, no? **evil grin**
      I wish I had some cash to go antique shopping, but, alas, I have to wait to do that AFTER we move...and first, we have to sell the damn house, lol.
      Glad you enjoyed King Cobra :)

    3. Because you Lurve me. :)

      Yes I am enjoying Polyamory romance. Still new to it. I have read Maya Banks which a few of her novels has the heroine involved with more than one partner, but never read anything where there are M/M/F/M.

      Good luck in moving and selling the house.

  3. I do admire the guy on the left, very nice tattoo ! And I realised I have 2 books by Jayne Rylon on my to-read shelf, "Dream machine" and "King cobra" ;)


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