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Who is your favorite Wicked Lover? Have you met them? If not, you need to be introduced, don't you? But I must warn you...once you meet these Wicked men, you will be ruined for anyone else. 

Wicked Ties
Wicked Lovers, Book 1
Jack Cole

She didn’t know what she wanted until he made her beg for it...

Morgan O’Malley has seen a lot of kinky things as the hostess of a cable sex talk show. But she’s never met a man like Jack Cole before. A self-proclaimed dominant, he’s as alpha as a male can get–and good for Morgan to have around when an obsessed stalker ratchets up his attempts to get to her.

Though Jack is a bodyguard, Morgan feels anything but safe in his presence. Because slowly and seductively, Jack is bringing her deepest fantasies to the surface. And when he bends her to his will, what’s more shocking than her surrender is how much she enjoys it–and starts to crave his masterful touch. A willing player in Jack’s games, Morgan knows that his motives aren’t pure, but she has no idea how personal they are…

Wicked Lovers, Book 2
Deke Trenton

Two men are better than one…

How can a virgin seeking happily-ever-after with a hot pop star who has a penchant for threesomes win her fantasy man? Kimber Edgington desperately needs a plan to convince Jesse McCall, who’s been her friend and secret crush since they spent a summer together as teenagers, that they are meant for each other. But all the tabloid stories about his sexual escapades make her feel oh-so inadequate.

Determined to prove she’s woman enough for Jesse, Kimber turns to bodyguard Deke Trenton for sexual education. Bold and brash, Deke warns Kimber that playing with him is playing with fire. But he can’t bear to imagine the innocent beauty in someone else’s arms. So Deke and his super-sexy friend, Luc, take Kimber under their wings and dangerously close to the edge of ecstasy. Though she’s saved herself for Jesse, Kimber soon learns, he’s not the man adept at stoking her aching, endless need. That’s Deke, and he can’t resist when Kimber begs for more–and more…


Wicked Lovers, Book 3
Luc Traverson

He can’t control his desire.

Luc Traverson’s entire future is planned out—but there is one very sexy obstacle in his path: Alyssa Devereaux . She’s a former exotic dancer turned strip club owner and restaurateur. Recently, Alyssa and Luc shared one night of wild abandon that left Luc terrified by his loss of self-control—and Alyssa desperate for more.

And that’s just the way she wants it.

Fulfilling a promise, Luc is the guest chef for Alyssa’s restaurant debut. The sight of her makes Luc wild, so how can he survive a week without letting loose and ravaging her—especially when she’s begging for it? Luc’s desire for her explodes when he realizes he isn’t the only man desperate to have her. But one of the others is deadly. And that’s not the end of Alyssa’s secrets…which are as dark and mysterious and enticing as her fantasies.

Surrender to Me
Wicked Lovers, Book 4
Hunter Edington

A secret fantasy.

Hunter had everything until a bullet put his career as a Navy SEAL on hold. Restless and in need of distraction, he accepts an intriguing proposition. Restless and uncertain about his future, he accepts an intriguing proposition: share an acquaintance’s girlfriend and fulfill her fantasy of a ménage. It should have been just a night of sexual adventure between three consenting adults. But Kata is like no other girl Hunter has ever met. By turns audacious and sexy, then vulnerable and aloof, she’s a heartbreaker he’s determined to master. But he needs more than one night. And he wants to do it alone.

An uncontrollable obsession.

Kata never expected to leave her comfortable relationship and explore something so dangerously forbidden with a stranger. Hard as she tries to resist, the guilty pleasure overwhelms her, and she surrenders herself, inch by inch, to the hardcore man who wants her for himself. Consumed by blazing desire, they’re soon threatened by the shadows of the past. And now to keep Kata safe, Hunter makes her a bold proposition of his own. Saying yes will destroy her heart. But saying no could cost Kata her life.

Belong to Me
Wicked Lovers, Book 5
Logan Edington 

She’s undercover and in over her head…

When FBI analyst Tara Jacobs’ fellow agent and best friend goes missing while investigating a sex ring, Tara goes undercover as a submissive in a Dallas BDSM club called Dominion. But no man can top a woman with Tara’s moxie convincingly enough—until an edgy, dangerous Dom takes control of the scene and sets her heart racing with a single, commanding glance. Too bad he’s also the man who stole her innocence years ago—and the one to whom she will never submit.

He’s got everything under control…until he falls for her again.

Navy SEAL Logan Edgington once left the woman he loved to save her life. He knows Tara will never forgive him, but he has no doubt that he possesses the knowledge to master her fears and the strength to guide her through an unfamiliar world of pleasure and pain. He alone can protect her on a dangerous mission that reveals both wicked depravities and terrible secrets. Logan relishes the exquisite torture of holding her again, feeling her uninhibited response. No matter how much Tara insists their fling will end after this mission, he’s determined that she will be his again—and this time, he’ll never let her go.

Mine to Hold
Wicked Lovers, Book 6
Tyler Murphy

A friend’s duty.

Tyler Murphy was an LAPD detective, single and happy—until a near-fatal tragedy crippled his friend, fellow detective Eric Catalano. While he supported Eric, he also became a shoulder for Eric’s wife, Delaney, to lean on. But with one naughty suggestion from Eric, a drunken night with Delaney spilled into erotic abandon. Before it was over Tyler saw his best friend’s wife as a woman and yearned for more. When Eric struggled to deal with the aftermath, Delaney begged Tyler to leave. Crushed, he fled to Louisiana, hoping to escape his longing for the one woman he could never have again…and unaware of what he’d left behind.

A lover’s desire.

After two years of living with regret, Tyler finds Delaney on his doorstep, her husband having abandoned her long ago. She’s protecting a shocking secret and desperately needs refuge from a killer determined to see her dead. As they fight to stay alive and catch the stalker, they struggle to resolve the guilt of their past pleasures. But they can’t deny that what was once a spark is now a flame burning out of control. To possess Delaney—body and soul—Tyler must heal her pain and thwart the evil that’s a mere breath behind her…

Ours to Love
Wicked Lovers, Book 7
Xander Santiago 
Javier Santiago

Between two brothers…
Xander Santiago spent years living it up as a billionaire playboy. Never given a chance to lead his family business in the boardroom, he became a Master in the bedroom instead. His older brother inherited the company and worked tirelessly to make it an empire. But while the cutthroat corporate espionage took its toll on Javier, nothing was as devastating as the seemingly senseless murder of his wife. It propelled him into a year of punishing rage and guilt…until Xander came to his rescue.

Comes an irresistible woman …
Eager to rejuvenate Javier’s life, Xander shanghais him to Louisiana where they meet the beautiful London McLane. After surviving a decade of tragedy and struggle, London is determined to make a fresh start—and these sexy billionaire brothers are more than willing to help. In every way. And London is stunned to find herself open to every heated suggestion…and desperately hoping that her love will heal them.

And inescapable danger …
But a killer with a hidden motive is watching, on a single-minded mission to destroy everything the Santiago brothers hold dear, especially London. And as fear and desire collide, every passionate beat of her heart could be her last.

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  1. The only one I've read so far is Delicious, but I did love Luc. I would love to read Wicked Ties.


    1. Kelsey~
      Thank you for being the first to comment :) And Decadent was my fave. YUMMY! You must go back and read them all.

  2. Oh wow! I can't believe it's book 7 already (not including all the novellas in between) and... I still haven't had the chance to start the Wicked Lovers series :( *hangs head in shame* I've been hearing great things about Shayla's books, but frankly, with the state of my current finances, umm... the price is a bit steep for me. I would love to start with Wicked Ties (book 1)! Thanks so much for the giveaway! :)

    Tess xx


    1. misshalim~ I know! This series is such an addictive read. I have book 7 waiting for me on my kindle tonight--it's been so patient, lol.
      I totally can understand the financial bit--and my dang library doesn't carry a lot of the great authors (like Shayla Black) in their inventory.
      Enjoy the hop!

  3. I ADORE Shayla Black and Wicked Lovers series <3

    1. Aleksandra--what book would you request if you won and how do I contact you (via email). I hope you enjoy hopping to the other great blogs that are participating...

  4. Wow these books all look sooo good. I have not read this series but would love to get started! I would like to win Wicked Ties please! Thank you.

    1. krg~
      I have really enjoyed this series--it rocks! Hope you enjoy visiting the other great blogs out there!

  5. Wicked Lovers, Book 1, new author for me and it looks really good. Either that or Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey.

    1. divaviexnqueen :) Love your name, LOL
      I love and adore this series. If you love alpha,dominating men, you'll enjoy these.
      Enjoy the hop!

  6. I've been wanting to read these, so I'd get Wicked Ties. Thanks for the chance! lfacchini(at)tampabay(dot)rr(dot)com

    1. Laurie~
      You are so welcome--I hope you enjoy the rest of the hop!

  7. Belong to Me because I don't have it. I like the new covers!

    1. Anne-I am a fan of the older covers, lol. But either way, the books are great. Belong to Me **fans self** was hawt!
      Enjoy the hop.

  8. I can't believe I haven't read any books from this series yet. I need to start at the beginning, so WICKED TIES thank you.


    1. Mary,
      GAH---You're killing me, woman!!! LOL--just kidding.
      Yes, you must start at the beginning.
      Enjoy the hop.

  9. I loved this series..but I haven't read Kimber's story yet! My favorite is Logan's!!!

    realityfun2 at gmail dot com

    1. Michele~ Me too!
      Kimber's was my fave--Decadent :)
      Although Logan was a great one, too.
      Thanks for stopping at my blog.

  10. I haven't yet read the series but Wicked Tied has been on my to read list for awhile (:


    1. Elizabeth---Thanks for stopping at my blog and I hope you enjoy the Wicked Lovers series.

  11. I can't wait to start this series I love her books. Thanks for the chance.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  12. I haven't read all the books yet but I do love Luc :) Not sure which book I would want right now :)
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

    1. Carol~ Sigh...Luc...he WAS very yummy, too. Thank you for stopping by my blog during the hop.


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