Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I have been to three conventions over the last three years--RWA in New York City 2011, Authors After Dark in New Orleans 2012, and now--RAGT in West Chester, OH 2013.

This has been the best one so far and for several reasons:

Gayle Donnelly and CS Maxwell 
1. I got to hang out with my awesome friends: CL Parker, Britta U, Gayle Donnelly, Robyn MacKenzie, and Darynda Jones. I also met some of the peeps I talk to via Internet and the phone--Francesca from Under The Covers and Alicia Justice, owner of Jitterbug PR. 
Jowanna Kestner, admin of  Pimpin' Reads, and aspiring author. 

Gayle Donnelly and Robyn MacKenzie 

And last, but NEVER least, Kimberly Rocha--she wears so many hats, she scares me. She started Book Club Chicks, does PR, runs a blog, AND takes amazing photos.  And did I mention, she's sweet as hell? 

CS Maxwell and Francesca

Kimberly Rocha and CS Maxwell 

CL Parker, Jowanna, Darynda, and CS Maxwell 

2. I met some fabulous authors who inspired me and made me want to put them in my suitcase and take them home. I would have poked holes in the suitcase for oxygen--swear. They were sweet, fierce, and funny as hell.

Robyn Peterman and Darynda Jones 
Robyn Peterman, who I just adore now and might become a bit stalkerish, made my convention all the more better. We had a few private chit chats that lit a fire under my ass to get my manuscript done. 

Macy Beckett, who I think is my cousin, is not only gorgeous, but smart, funny, and a kick-ass writer. Seriously.

CS Maxwell, Amanda Usen, Alicia, and Britta
Amanda Usen, who knows how to make the best caramel on the planet, also writes about sexy chefs who heat things up with their  mad skills. 

Donna McDonald made me cry after I read her dedication in one of her books. She has a sweet nature and such a giving heart. I will be hosting her soon on my blog and promoting her romance books. Can't. Wait.

Jeffe Kennedy. OMG. She came in wearing these smokin' hot shoes that I will forever covet. She also sat in my brainstorming session, along with CL Parker and Darynda Jones. She is now my idol. I LURVE HER. 

Jm Madden, who I am forever grateful for how she took me under her wing. She has been a huge inspiration for me to pay it forward whenever I can in this industry. 

3. SWAG. I got some serious swag while I was there. And I want to pass some of those goodies along to you, my followers. More info later, swear!

4. Networking. I am trying like hell to finish my manuscript (and should be working on it now as I'm typing). But for the past several months, I have hit a huge brick wall. I can't through the fucker. But after sharing my ideas and my story with Darynda, CL, and Jeffe, I feel amazing! And writing like a fiend. Er...when not posting, lol. 

I am just starting out my career as a writer and I have met the most awesome people in this industry. People that are genuine and WANT me to succeed. So I will be forever grateful for everything that they have done for me, as well as pay it forward to those who are starting out. It's awesome to have someone at your back. Thanks, ladies. I love you hard! 


  1. Welcome Back! Love all your photos and post. Sounds like you had a blast and glad to see you have gotten your butt in gear with your novel. Love checking out your away trips post. Fun!!

    1. WD~ Thanks---I had a blast and did NOT want to come back home. I miss my gal pals so much. But I got my black moment for my manuscript, so I'm pretty much in my happy place.
      Off to write :)
      Love ya!


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