Sunday, September 22, 2013


Lusting for Covers is a weekly meme, held on Sunday, that allowsbloggers to share their current cover obsession with fellow book lovers.

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Here is my candidate for this week: 

Just a weekend…

Laura Nilsson knows what she wants: a successful career as a broadcast journalist—and a little fun between the sheets now and again. What she doesn’t want is marriage or kids. When a ripped and sexy stranger intervenes to stop a couple of drunks from harassing her in a hotel bar in Dubai City, all she can think about is spending the rest of the weekend with him—in her bed. There’s just one little problem. Unmarried sex is illegal in Dubai.

… of no-strings sex …

Navy SEAL Javier “Cobra” Corbray is on his way home from a rough deployment in Afghanistan when he finds himself having dinner with “the Baghdad Babe.” What she wants from him—sex with no strings—could land them both in prison. Still, he’s more than happy to oblige her. She’s confident and sexually assertive, and he’s secure enough to lie back and let her make the first strike. But, as she’s about to find out, he’s more than her match.

… or the beginning of something more?
Yet, neither Laura nor Javier has any idea what lies ahead—or how this weekend of mind-blowing sex will impact their emotions. Will they act on their new-found feelings in time, or will they let something special slip away… perhaps forever?

Why I chose this cover ~

First off, it's Pamela freakin' Clare. I love her I-Team series. It's packed with nail-biting action, sexy Alpha heroes, and strong women who know how to handle such dominating men. They simply rock.

And this cover is H.O.T.

Check out the hero's thighs. **wipes drool off chin. He has a sexy five o'clock shadow, strong jawline, nice skin complexion...did I mention those rock-solid thighs? UNGH!

Now it's your turn to show me what cover you're lusting over this week. Leave me a comment; I'd love to hear from you. 

Have a great Sunday! 


  1. I'm with WD---love your reasons, and the cover! :) Everyone on the blog's been drooling over this one, and Kame will be reviewing it in October (she *loved* it, by the way!). I'm way behind on this series, but I'm dying to dig out some time this winter to catch up---screw my review books! LOL. Not very professional, perhaps, but sometimes it has to be done or else I go *nuts* reading only review books day after day...


  2. Oooooh, I think you are the one who picked the hottest cover of the week !


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