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Title: Heavy Metal Heart (Demon Rock, Book One)
Author: Nico Rosso
Release Date: September 30, 2013

ARC provided by NetGalley

Rock Star. Front man. Demon. A descendant of satyrs and the lead singer in a band that feeds on the energy of its audience, Trevor Sand is growing weary of the constant need to perform. He needs the legend of the Muse—a woman destined to be a demon’s eternal companion and only source of sustenance—to be true.

Misty Grant has never been bold, but when Trevor singles her out among hundreds at a concert, she takes him up on his explicit offer. During an erotic night in his hotel room, she learns that his touch is as electric as his lyrics. But when Trevor’s demon is aroused, her desire turns to horror and she runs.

Knowing that he’ll die if he loses her, Trevor must find Misty before his enemies do. But even if he can save her, he knows that regaining the trust of his fated Muse will be his greatest challenge.

Book Review

I have to admit I was attracted to the cover instantly. Bared torso with tatt sleeves on a very sexy Rocker. I am so there. Even the blurb grabbed my attention.

Demon. Rock Star. Mythological history. Sex and Rock 'n Roll.

Trevor Sand is the lead singer of a heavy metal band, and he and his band mates are immortal. The live as long as someone listens. They "feed"  off of the energy of their audience.

Unless they find their muse.

Misty Grant cannot help but fall under the spell of the sexy rock god, Trevor Sand. It's like he is actually singing songs about her. Despite feeling sometimes fan-girly when it comes to Trevor, she attends the rock concert at the Rascal Room. She throws all her inhibitions away and is dressed for sex.

Cut me open, Green Eyes.

There is that instant connection across a crowded room-- a moment when everything else falls away--as Trevor sings to only Misty.

At times Rosso's words were poetic, despite the often used cliches. After the concert, Misty searches for the rocker in the darkness and is swept away in world surrounded by fog and magic. What follows next is a night of sex and sin, with reality returning with the first rays of light in the morning.

As Trevor tries to explain to Misty the truth of what they shared and who he is--a demon born of the elements--Misty runs away thinking the wine the night before had been drugged. There was no way what she had seen could be real. Trevor had changed into some sort of half-man/half-beast right in front of her eyes.

When Misty flees, Trevor goes out to find the one woman who can sustain him. The legends of the Muse are true--and Misty is Trevor's Muse. The energy Trevor needs to stay alive can only come from Misty.

She is his Muse.

Faced with truth that is startling, yet undeniable, Misty returns with Trevor and the world as she once knew it is completely shattered.

Ancient myths are absolute. Magic is abundant. But a dark magic waits to destroy Trevor and Misty.

Rosso uses lyrics, and poetic words throughout her story, but sometimes, I felt a little lost and over burdened with all the musical prose. And all that heaviness led to me skimming pages, wanting to hurry up and finish before I totally lost interest.

Heavy Metal Heart started out very promising, but the lyrical aspects of the tale were not always gratifying.

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  1. Sounds like what I'm reading now : it's a good book, but not a great book !


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