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Title: Born Wild ( BKI, Book Five)
Author: Julie Ann Walker
Release Date: November 5, 2013

ARC provided by NetGalley

She's got three rules:

1. Trust no one… Eve Edens has been abandoned, used, or manipulated by almost everyone she's ever met. Born into ridiculous wealth, she's dealt with the petty jealousies and sordid little resentments for nearly thirty years. But after three botched attempts on her life, she can no longer ignore the truth. Someone wants her dead.

2. Avoid the bad boys at all costs… William "Wild Bill" Reichert, the wonderfully sexy boy who abandoned her years ago, is back in town. Only he's no boy. Now he's a covert operative - and he's all man. When Eve hires Bill to help her discover who is behind the attacks, Bill soon comes to suspect it's someone much closer to Eve than she dares to believe.

3. And never fall for the same ruse twice… The search for the killer takes Bill and Eve deep into the dark secrets and strange world of the rich and famous, and into the heart of red-hot passion re-ignited by the peril that threatens to consume them both. But does Eve dare risk her heart on Bill a second time?

Book Review 

Billy Reichert and Eve Edens have a tangled past that has left Billy's heart broken and hurt. He has built a fortress around his jilted heart and will never forgive Eve how she ended things between them. 

While overseas, Billy learns of Eve's betrayal and forthcoming marriage--to another man--and the crushing sensation to his heart makes it impossible to forgive the woman he gave his heart to. 

Eve Edens, a rich socialite, never intended to hurt the one true love of her life. She and Billy made vows to stay true to each other, but after continuous persuasion from her father, she agrees to go out on a harmless date with another man. 

But that harmless date turns out to be the biggest mistake of her life.

Years later, Eve and Billy run into each other once again, and old feelings come rushing back--for both of them.  Yet, Billy refuses to act on those feelings and be hurt again. He fights the attraction that still lingers and reinforces those impenetrable walls around his heart.

But Eve needs Billy. Someone has tried to kill her--three times now--and no one believes her. Not even the police. And Eve knows that Billy and the men of BKI can help her. But being this close to the man she still loves makes it difficult to keep the truth to herself.

That twelve years later, Eve still loves Billy.  

But can Billy forget and forgive her? 

And will the killer who waits silently in the shadows finally complete his plans to get rid of Eve Edens...once and for all?

Julie Ann Walker has created a great romantic suspense series with her BKI men. All of the Alpha men in this covert group are sexy, fierce, and kick-ass baddies that will make a woman swoon.  And I love the fact that Julie gives the reader more than just the H/h to get to know and understand. The secondary characters are used wisely and you can see the sexual tension build between Delilah and Mac. My only complaint would be that I would have loved to have seen more of other past characters (Big Smile). 

While some of the plot and story structure came across as cliche, I still love reading this series. It's solid characters and continued building story line will definitely keep me around. 

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