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Title: Curio (The Curio Series)
Author: Cara Mckenna
Release Date: September 28, 2011

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Caroly Evardt never expected to find herself patronizing a male prostitute. Then again, she never expected to be weeks from her thirtieth birthday and still a virgin.

When a friend mentions that a gorgeous male model in Paris sells his body as well as his image, Caroly's intrigued. Finally, a chance to sample the gifts of a beautiful man—no strings, no stakes, no fear of rejection.

But she soon discovers that Didier Pedra amounts to more than a striking face and talented body. He's a kind, charming, damaged man, and after a few evenings of pleasurable education, Caroly's interest blossoms into something far deeper than mere lust. Her simple arrangement is suddenly feeling downright dangerous . . .

Book Review

Thank you, Cara McKenna. You have gotten me out of my current reading slump. Or should I say, Thank you Didier? After all, it was this sexy, yet vulnerable character who made my weekend. 

I devoured McKenna's Curio series over the weekend and am sad to see the end of these very tantalizing vignettes. 

The story starts with Caroly Evardt, an American transplant, who has lived in Paris for the past two years. She has studied art, admiring the boundless beauty in paintings, sculpture, etc. And has always admired beautiful men. But her admiration has always been from a distance--fear keeping her from reaching out, afraid of being rejected.  

So, when her thirtieth birthday draws near--and she is still a virgin--she seeks the help of a professional. 

Didier Pedra, a sexy prostitute she has only seen pictures of. He is utterly beautiful, the kind of man that pulls at her, but has always been afraid to approach. 

Until she finds herself outside his loft, ringing his doorbell, in hopes that he will be the answer to her dreaded virginity. 

What I loved about these stories is the pacing. It was spot on. A slow seduction well worth the wait. 

And of course--there was Didier. 

Didier has always loved women. And has had a desire to please them. His exotic good looks and charm initially led him to modeling, which in turn, led him to his current profession. Prostitution. Whoring himself out to please countless women with his hands, his mouth, his body. 

But when he opens his door to find the very innocent, yet alluring, Caroly Evardt, his small world is turned upside down.

I don't want to give too much away with this review, but Didier is much more than what he seems. He may sell his body for a woman's pleasure, but he has facets that are both sexy as hell and intriguing. He is well educated, coming across as philosophical and more than just a pretty face. I fell for him hard. And the fact that he has his own secrets made me want to peel back his layers until I knew what he was hiding. 

Cara McKenna is an expert when it comes to portraying the not-so-ordinary heroes. And I have become an avid fan of her off-centered tales that are so refreshing after a lot of predictability. 

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