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The year 2013 will soon be just a memory. 

I am two books away from reaching my goal of 200 books for the year. Some of my friends and family think this number is outrageous, but when I see what others have set over on Goodreads, I feel like I'm about average. 

What goals did you set with your reading? What were some of your favorite reads of the month? 

Here were my favorite reads for the month of November:

Hard As It Gets ~ Laura Kaye

Jake Undone ~ Penelope Ward

The Fifth Favor ~ Shelby Reed

The Curio Series ~ Cara Mckenna

Surprise Reads of the month were from Cara McKenna--Her Curio series is about a male prostitute who was simply delicious. Also, The Fifth Favor, by Shelby Reed. Her character, Adrian, was a very expensive male escort, who had become jaded with his life. Apparently, it was a month for men who liked to please the ladies.  

And now, for an update on my reading challenges:

~ 2013 Immortal Reading Challenge ~ 

Challenged: 20  Read: 38 

Hosted by UTC 

1. Vampires 
Challenged:  5  Read: 13 
Bonus reads: 13 

*Lover At Last ~ JR Ward
*Up From The Grave ~ Jeanine Frost
*A Kiss of Blood ~ Pamela Palmer
*Twice Tempted ~ Jeanine Frost
*Immortal Ever After ~ Lynsay Sands 

2. Angels/Demons
Challenged:  5   Read:5
Bonus Reads: 3

*Fifth Grave Past the Light ~ Darynda Jones
*Death, Doom, and Detention ~ Darynda Jones
*The Collector ~ Victoria Scott
*Forbidden ~ Syrie James
* Natural Born Angel ~ Scott Spear

3. Fae/Witches/Magic
Challenged:  5  Read:7 
Bonus Reads: 4

*Iced ~ Karen Marie Moning
*Glass Heart ~ Amy Garvey
*Shadow of Night ~ Deborah Harkness
*Winterblaze ~ Kristen Callihan
*Endure ~ Carrie Jones 

4. Shifters/Were
Challenged:  5  Read:11 
Bonus Reads:8

*MacReive ~ Kresley Cole
*Fury of Seduction ~ Coreene Callahan
*Fury of Desire ~ Coreene Callahan
*Black Moon ~ JD Tyler
*Hunter's Heart ~ JD Tyler

Men In Uniform Reading Challenge
Challenged: 13 (Captain)  Read: 21 

1.  Forged In Fire ~ Trish McCallan 

2. Hold 'Em ~ Katie Porter 

3. Shades of Gray ~ Maya Banks

4. Battered Not Broken ~ Ranae Rose

5. SEALed Forever Mary Margaret Daughtridge

6. Heat of the Moment ~ Elle Kennedy

7. Because of You ~ Jessica Scott

8. Love Irresistibly ~ Julie James

9. Bare It All ~ Lori Foster

10. One Sweet Ride ~ Jaci Burton

11. Taking A Shot ~ Jaci Burton

12. Thrown By A Curve ~ Jaci Burton

13. Hard Way ~ Katie Porter

Bonus Reads: 18

The 2013 Romantic Suspense Reading Challenge is hosted by The Book Vixen

The 2013 Romantic Suspense Reading Challenge is hosted by The Book Vixen

Romantic Suspense Reading Challenge
Challenged:  13    Read:18  

1. Scorched ~ Laura Griffin

2. The Heart of a Killer ~ Jaci Burton

3. Underground Guardians-Protector ~ Lisa Renee Jones

4. Fatal Destiny ~ Marie Force

5. Heart of Danger ~ Lisa Marie

6. Mr. Real ~ Carolyn Crane

7. Mystery Man ~ Kristen Ashley

8. Because of You ~ Jessica Scott

9. Shades of Gray ~ Maya Banks

10. Crazy Hot ~ Tara Janzen

11.  ?

12.  ?


Bonus Reads: 16

Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge 

Challenged: 10  Read:  31

**NOTE--with so many books coming out and 

considered New Adult, I had to look at my books  

and take out those I consider New Adult Genre. 

1. Unbeautifully ~ Madeline Sheehan

2. It Had to Be You ~ Jill Shalvis

3. Kissing Under the Mistletoe ~ Marina Adair

4. Fall Into You ~ Roni Loren

5. Love Irresistibly ~ Julie James

6. Getting Rowdy ~ Lori Foster

7. Bare it All ~ Lori Foster

8. A Shot of Sultry ~ Macy Beckett

9. Caught Up In You ~ Roni Loren

10. One Sweet Ride ~ Jaci Burton 

*Bonus Reads: 24

TBR Reading Challenge 
Challenged:  12   Read: 10
Hosted by Fiktshun   

1. Scorched ~ Laura Griffin

2. Fatal Destiny ~ Marie Force

3. Because of You ~ Jessica Scott

4. Forbidden ~ Syrie James

5. Iced ~ Karen Marie Moning

6. Shadow of Night ~ Deborah Harkness

7. Endure ~ Carrie Jones

8. Fury of Seduction ~ Coreene Callahan

9. Black Moon ~ JD Tyler

10. Battered, Not Broken ~ Ranae Rose

11. Sealed Forever ~ Mary Margaret Daughtridge

12. Hold 'Em ~ Katie Porter

Bonus Reads:  6

I think for next year, I'm gonna have to put more thought 

into my selections, lol. I didn't read a lot of the books I 

thought I would. 

Are you doing any reading challenges? If so, what ones, 

and how are you doing in finishing them up? Leave me a 

comment, I'd love to hear from you. 


  1. I did the Immortals Challenge too, but I didn't make a list first. It was fun. I also did a TBR challenge, but through a different blog.

    I'm planning to do the Men in Uniform and a Historical Romance challenge this next year.

    I think it would be harder to make the list first like you did, but would probably get me to read what's in the pile better. ;D

    1. Sophia~ Thanks for stopping by. Somehow, I missed your comment. Whoops!
      I thought it would help me read what I already had, too---boy, was I wrong.
      I can never say no to a good book.


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