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Title: Mr. Virile and the Girl Next Door
Author: Gwen Hayes
Publisher: Entangled: Indulgence
Release Date: January 4, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Novella

ARC provided by NetGalley

Book Blurb

Online virile.com dating columnist Dane Martin has no plans to give up his reign as bachelor extraordinaire. He has a reputation to uphold, especially with the upcoming release of his book Coming on Strong.

Holly Winters, everyone’s favorite girl next door, thanks to her blog of the same name, gives advice, but she doesn’t always take it. When she meets Dane Martin, every fiber of her being warns her to turn tail and run. Instead, she risks her future as an authority on relationships, jeopardizing her upcoming self-help book for women struggling to find commitment among the Virile sycophants.

Has the Girl Next Door tamed the most Virile man alive, or is she just another notch on the bedpost?

Book Review

Mr. Virile is the sexy, suave, Dane Martin, who knows how to pleasure a woman. He loves women. He loves sex. But he doesn't do relationships. He knows how to read women. He knows how to charm the panties off of them...literally. And he does it with unerringly accuracy. In fact, Dane helps his fellow man by giving them advice with his blog.  

The Girl Next Door is the cute and snarky Holly Winters. She is looking for that perfect relationship. And she won't settle for meaningless sex. She has rules, morals, and an advice blog helping other women who are out there searching for their Mr. Right. 

Completely unaware, Dane and Holly are set up by their agents. They have their own agenda. (and hopefully, their own story???) Both Dane and Holly agree to "date" to help promote their blogs and book deals. 

But feelings are slowly changing during the faux dates. Dane wants Holly, true. But he starts to want something more than just sex. 
And Holly wants it all...but is afraid that Mr. Virile is just after one thing.

Gwen has penned a charming, humorous, yet, short tale of two people who discover that sex with someone you care about changes everything. It is often predictable, but well written and has engaging characters. 

This was my first time reading Gwen Hayes, but it certainly won't be my last. 


  1. Awww I like this trope! I always find it enjoyable when a playboy gets tamed by a good girl.

    1. Braine~~It's a short, sweet, charming read. Let me know what you think of it. :)

  2. The title is kinda funny, glad you liked it - it's already on my list :)


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