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Title: Turn Up The Heat: Love Won't Wait ~ Lori Foster
         Beach House Beginnings ~ Christie Ridgeway
         Strong Enough To Love ~ Victoria Dahl

Expected Release Date: December 31, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin HQN
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Anthology
Paperback, 336 pages

ARC provided by NetGalley

Book Blurb

Three sizzling tales from three bestselling authors 

Love Won't Wait by Lori Foster 

Brendan "Brick" Carlisle is used to women falling at his feet, so shy waitress Merrily Loveland is a breath of fresh air—and an irresistible challenge. But before he can make his move, Merrily comes to him with an offer he can't refuse. If only their "no-strings" pact didn't leave him wanting so much more…. 

Beach House Beginnings by Christie Ridgway 

She might have avoided Crescent Cove, California, for years, but no-nonsense Meg Alexander is confident she can handle a brief trip home. What she doesn't count on is the spark of desire she feels for Caleb McCall. Can a weekend in paradise convince her to give love a second chance? 

Strong Enough to Love by Victoria Dahl 

Photographer Eve Hill had always told herself that sexy Brian Stewart was off-limits. But now he's back in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Eve can't resist their long-denied attraction. When the reality turns out to be hotter than the fantasy, Eve might end up getting more than she bargained for….

Book Review

Love Won't Wait ~ Lori Foster

Lori Foster is a master at creating sizzling romance with engaging characters. A perfect blend of sweet and spicy to steam up the pages and just the right amount of depth for a story featured in an anthology. 

Brick was amazingly sexy, funny, and he knows how to make a girl's first time unbelievably HAWT. 

Merrily is a sweet and funny virgin who plans to give up her "V" card to the very charming Brick. Although not an original plot line, this story had me chuckling aloud and swooning in all the right places. Foster is amazing at writing sizzling chemistry between her characters. 

And the secondary character of Jesse should get his own story. Just sayin'. 

Love Won't Wait is a great example of Lori Foster's writing style. 

Beach House Beginnings ~ Christie Ridgeway

Meg Alexander has returned to Crescent Cove where she runs into Caleb McCall. Both are recovering from their own heartache. 

Although Caleb is from Meg's past, she only had eyes for Peter as a young girl. Now, with Peter gone, can Caleb convince Meg to give love another chance? 

I would have loved to had more of the past in this short story. It was difficult to get a true feel for Meg and Caleb's character. I am a sucker for the nerdy, skinny kid who's crushing on the girl who is out of his league. That story would have grabbed my attention more, I think. 

All in all, Beach House Beginnings is a sweet/sad story about second chances at love with a little bit of magic tossed in for good measure. 

Strong Enough To Love ~ Victoria Dahl

Eve Hill has spent the past two years putting her life back together after having her heart shattered by Brian Stewart. He had started out as her boss, her mentor, and her best friend. And she had fallen in love with him.

Brian was separated from his wife, Julia, for the third time. But when he leaves Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to return to his wife, he leaves behind a devastated Eve. The only goodbye Eve got was a letter he had sent telling him that he was falling in love with her, but he had to leave. 

Now, two years later, Brian shows up at Eve's door. Divorced and wanting a second chance with Eve. 

To say that Eve is angry is an understatement. Angry at him for thinking he can return after so long and think that she would just be waiting with open arms. 

Despite his begging, Eve struggles to turns him away. But unresolved sexual feelings and unbelievable sexual chemistry has Eve telling Brian that she will give him one night. No commitments, no promises. 

Strong Enough To Love deals with a lot of complicated feelings--should Brian get another chance after leaving the way he did? Was he right to stay with his wife and try to work on their problems when he obviously had feelings for Eve. Was it fair for him to ask Eve to give him another chance? 

I was frustrated while reading this short story and felt a boat love of anger for Eve and what had been done to her. But in the end, this story (for me, at least) was about choices and the power they have in our lives. And while I wasn't Brian's biggest fan, Dahl did an great job in explaining both points of views. Brian hated the choice he made, but he stuck with it. Moved away and gave his twenty year marriage another try.  And Eve was rightfully hurt and angry and didn't let Brian back into her heart. 

But after one mind boggling night of passion will Eve be be strong enough to love him again? 

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