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Title: Unfiltered and Unlawful (Unfiltered, Book One)
Authors: Payge Galvin and Ronnie Douglas
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: January 14, 2014
eBook, 224 pages

Reviewer purchased own copy of eBook for review

Book Blurb

After a night-shift shooting of a drug dealer in The Coffee Cave, twelve strangers each walk out with more than $100,000 in dirty money, a pact never to meet again, and the chance to start over… 

Until that night, Sasha "Sugar" Kovac spent her days selling coffee to the co-eds at ASU Rio Verde and her nights trying not to run back to her ex… or join the throngs of girls lusting after her friend, Adam. 

But why should Sugar give in to the Harley-riding tattoo artist when his longest relationships haven't lasted more than a weekend? 

Sugar's life takes a turn for the dangerous when someone comes looking for the people connected to the Cave shooting and the cash they split. To protect herself and those she cares about, Sugar has to get out of town–and fast. When Adam insists on coming with her, Sugar finds herself holed up in a tiny house with a hot man, a stash of cash, and a lot of secrets. 

Can Sugar protect both her life and her heart when temptation is so close? Or is the past she's fled going to catch up with her?

Book Review

After seeing author, Jeaniene Frost, rave about this book on Facebook, I had to purchase it. And I am glad that I did. Although, reading Unfiltered and Unlawful was at times frustrating and had me wanting to pull out my hair. But sometimes, those kinds of reads are what keeps you turning the pages. 

I will say that I wasn't sure how it would play out as I started the story. It seemed a bit far-fetched at the beginning. But I hesitantly continued on...

What seemed a little hard to swallow was the fact that these 12 strangers ALL agreed to say nothing about a murder and keep dirty money AND cocaine. Okay, Sasha was the only one who asked for the drugs (she had a reason). And they all had their reasons for keeping quiet, even though the shooting was done in defense. 

Sasha "Sugar" Kovac works at the local coffee hang-out place and has been clean of drugs and ended a bad relationship with Tommy. Tommy is a LOSER with a capital "L". He sells drugs, snorts blow, and likes it on the rough side (sex). Despite his effed up character, he says he still loves Sugar. Even though when they are not together, he sleeps with other available women. See? LOSER.

Sasha has stopped using drugs, broken things off with Tommy, but can't seem to pull completely away from him. And Tommy's cousin, Adam, wishes she could see what is right in front of her---HIM. Adam wants Sasha, but he never comes out and says it. See? That's the hair pulling part right there. Frustrating. 

Sasha realizes that she needs to leave town--pronto--since she is now in possession of illegal drugs and cash, so she tries one last time to get Tommy to come with her. (ARGH!) She thinks they only need a fresh start and Tommy will turn his life around like she did and stop using drugs. 

Tommy agrees, but he wants to sell the coke to help pad their nest egg before they take off.

But Tommy is greedy and his greed ends up costing his life.  

With nowhere else to go and no options available, both Adam and Sasha flee on the back of his motorcycle. 

And now the two friends find themselves at a divide. Will they take that next step from friends to lovers? And will they remain safe and hidden from those out there looking for their drugs and money?

A frustrating, yet entertaining read, where the characters are FLAWED, FLAWED, FLAWED. They make huge mistakes and struggle to make the right decisions. Their lives are anything but perfect. And sometimes--those are the kinds of stories that keep me coming back for more.  

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