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Title: Twisted
Author: Emma Chase
Expected Release Date: March 25, 2014
Publisher: Gallery Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Humor 
eBook, 272 pages

ARC provided by NetGalley

Book Blurb

There are two kinds of people in the world. The ones who look first, and the ones who leap. I've always been more of a looker. Cautious. A planner. That changed after I met Drew Evans. He was so persistent. So sure of himself – and of me.

But not all love stories end happily ever after. Did you think Drew and I were going to ride off into the sunset? Join the club. Now I have to make a choice, the most important of my life. Drew already made his –in fact, he tried to decide for the both of us. But you know that’s just not my style. So I came back to Greenville. Alone. Well, sort of alone....

What I've come to realize is that old habits die hard and sometimes you have to go back to where you began, before you can move ahead.

Book Review

I fell in love with Emma Chase's writing with her first book, Tangled. It was told from Drew's POV and was the story of the very rich, and very man-whorish, Drew Evans and how he succumbed to Cupid's mighty arrow. He fell hard for Kate Brooks. Tangled was sexy, funny, and filled with angst.

Twisted is told from Kate's POV and picks up two years into their relationship. But things aren't as rosy as them seem. And it's all because of a HUGE mis-communication between Drew and Kate. Drew still has some insecurities and when Kate isn't upfront about meeting up with Bob (who is a woman), things quickly unravel between the two lovers. Both characters over-react, their emotions at an all-time high. And something that would have taken a few minutes to work out, if they had just stopped and TALKED, turns out to devastate the both of them. Of course, without the mis-communication, there would be no story. 

Twisted is everything I expected it to be: A highly entertaining read with sex appeal galore. Drew is still the charming ass as in Tangled. But the moment when he realizes that no matter what happened, he cannot live without Kate, and he falls to his knees? S-W-O-O-N. Despite his flaws, Drew is a great character to watch as he muddles his way through his mistakes.

Tangled wraps up with  Drew's POV , voicing his pearls of wisdom and what he has learned throughout the terrible debacle he and Kate suffered through. And it is his blunt honesty is what makes Drew such the funny, flawed, yet charismatic man we, the reader, love to read about.


  1. I will read this and book 2, binge on it, sit back and let EChase entertain me!

    1. Braine---definitely an entertaining read. I'm glad we get a little bit of Drew's POV at the end. He never fails to turn me mean, make me smile. Yes, that's it, lol.


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