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Title: Talk Dirty To Me (Plum Orchard, Book One)
Author: Dakota Cassidy
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Expected Release Date: April 29, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Humor
eBook, 400 pages

ARC provided by NetGalley

Book Blurb

Notorious mean girl Dixie Davis is back in town and it's payback time. Literally. Dixie is flat broke and her best—make that only—friend, Landon, is throwing her a lifeline from the Great Beyond. Dixie stands to inherit his business…if she meets a few conditions:

She's got to live in Landon's mansion.

With her gorgeous ex-fiancé, Caine Donovan.

Who could also inherit the business.

Which is a phone sex empire.

Wait, what?

Landon's will lays it out: whoever gets the most new clients becomes the owner of Call Girls. Dixie has always been in it to win it, especially when it comes to Caine, who's made it clear he's not going down easy. (Oh, mercy.) Can Dixie really talk dirty and prove that she's cleaned up her act? Game on!

Book Review 

I am so happy I decided to pick up Cassidy's newest book in her upcoming series. Talk Dirty To Me was like a huge glass of iced tea on a hot, summer day. It has a little bit of everything I relish in a book--a sexy leading man, a sassy heroine who is hiding her vulnerable heart, southern humor that has me giggling aloud (and sometimes inappropriately), and moments that have me sobbing and resembling Tammy Faye Baker...that is, if I wore mascara and shellacked a ton of make-up over my face.

The small town of Plum Orchard is getting ready to have their feathers ruffled. Or at least have the snooty ladies of the town gasping in outrage. And it's not enough that their southern sensibilities have been compromised by "housing" a phone-sex company in their quaint corner of the world....Oh, no...Dixie Davis, former resident and queen-of-mean, has returned after leaving Plum Orchard years ago in the likes that still has tongues wagging.

Dixie returns to Plum Orchard after the death of her best friend, Landon. Her life is in tatters--a failed business with an empty bank account. Her past behavior has also made some of the people wary of this new-and nicer version of Dixie Davis. There are those who are just waiting for the other shoe to drop and the old Dixie to show her ugly side. But Dixie is determined to make a life change and make up for past mistakes.

That is, IF the residents will let her.

Caine Donovan is one person who is not swayed by Dixie's change of heart. Years ago, he believed Dixie loved him. But it was all a big fat lie. Now he is stuck living with a woman he wants to hate, but ends up falling back under Dixie's spell. And he's determined not to make the same mistake twice.

Emmeline has been cut by Dixie's sharp tongue one too many times in the past. But as mediator to Landon's will, she is stuck with the job of making sure Dixie and Caine adhere's to the stipulations of the will. They (Dixie and Caine) must reside in Landon's mansion while competing for clients in the phone sex biz.

What happens is hilarious, unexpected, and knocks those prissy southern belles on their as---er, derriere.
Be prepared to go through a gamut of emotions when you read Cassidy's tantalizing southern tale of redemption, passion, and friendships--It's a keeper.

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  1. A glass of iced tea on a summer's day... small town romance... Girl, this is the type of book I love curling up with! Thanks for the head's up, I'm adding this to my TBR


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