Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hearts In Darkness Treasure Hunt Giveaway

I am hosting my first ever Treasure Hunt on my blog

In celebration for National Talk in an Elevator Day
(not kidding, folks)

On Friday, July 29, 2011, I will posting a guest blog from Laura Kaye-author of Hearts In Darkness and Forever Freed.  Along with the guest post, I will have a treasure hunt badge and a hidden word somewhere on my blog. You have to search and find it.  Rules of the contest will be in the guest blog.  

I have reviewed this fantastic book (Hearts In Darkness) on my blog--take a peek and read an excerpt. I loved it so much that after reading it, I contacted Laura and asked if she would grant an interview.  You can find that interview here as well.

Laura portrays such sexual heat and sizzling chemistry between two strangers that are stuck in an elevator-in the dark no less- that I felt breathless. And maybe a bit claustrophobic. LOL. It's truly a spectacular read and I'm now a big fan of her work.

Great Prizes to give away!!!

Grand Prize:  $50 Amazon Gift Certificate
First Runner-Up:  $20 Digibooks Cafe Gift Certificate with 20% off code.
Second Runner-Up:  BAG OF HEARTS swag bag

You will find buried treasure here and at ten other awesome blog sites (links will be provided on that day) ~ and also Laura's blog, where she will offer another fun giveaway.

Don't forget to return here to participate on Friday, July 29--the guest post will be available until Saturday, July 30, 3pm EST.

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