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Book Review-A Discovery of Witches ~ Deborah Harkness

Title:A Discovery Of Witches: Book One All Souls Trilogy
Author: Deborah Harkness
Hardback: 579 Pages
Publisher: Penquin Group
ISBN - 10: 0670022411
ISBN - 13: 978-0670022410

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Really, I rate this 4.5 stars. I ususally don't do the 1/2 thingy...but as you'll see below, I have my reasons :)
Wow--this book was truly a wild and weird ride.
To be honest, I started this book and wasn't impressed--AT First. It was very difficult for me to get into the characters, the plots, and at times, very confusing. There is just so much going on at the beginning, I felt sort of disconnected. So only after reading around 150 pages, I stopped.
The book sat there taunting me---I so hate to not finish a book. Plus, I had three friends tell me how great it was. I didn't see the charm (no pun intended). The fact that it was also voted  as a possible best book of 2011 on Goodreads made me pick it up again.
I admit I am a sucker for action--and the first half of this book lacks that suspensful, edge-of-your-seat kind of vibe. I swear, they ( Diana and Matthew) spend most of the book in a damn library researching books and it drove me crazy. I am not typically a skimmer, but I was tempted a few times. My warning here--Don't skim--all the backstory is important and little facts will pop back up near the end of the book.
This book is thick--could give a person a concussion if you use it right. The page count is 570 some odd pages. So, it's length can be a bit daunting. But having read Pillars of the Earth--it was a piece of cake for me. LOL
The pace picks up (for me, at least) around 60-70% through the book. I can't tell you when, because I LOATHE spoilers--but something major finally happened, and I did a little squee dance of joy. FINALLY--I thought--We're getting somewhere, lol.
From that point on, I was hooked. And like pieces of a puzzle, things started to fall into place. There are still some huge major questions left unanswered--but that is what an author is supposed to do--hook you in, leave you screaming and banging your head in frustration with questions left unaswered. This book is supposed to be a trilogy--and I can't wait for book two.
This story leaves you theorizing what will happen--Where will Diana and Matthew end up? What exactly did the aromas of cinammon, honeysuckle, blackthorn and chamomile--a haunting familair and FORBIDDEN scent-mean? And what about the bargain with the Goddess of the Hunt?
The secondary characters drew me like a moth to a flame as well. I loved Diana's family--ghosts included. And Matthew's vampy family had me tearing up with the blossoming mother-daughter relationship between Ysabeau and Diana. And just how the hell do you pronounce Ysabeau? 
No matter--I can't wait to see where Deborah takes this truly amazing couple next---and I bet the road will be filled with obstacles along the way. AWESOME

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