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Today, I started reading Jennifer Bernard's book that released this month: The Fireman Who Loved Me. I can already tell that this will be a really great series.

And someone needs to call 911 to have a hunky fireman come put out the fire in my panties after reading this little scene:

Her breath came in quick pants, and her hands roamed his back, loving the feel of those hard muscles she'd dreamed about since the other night. She ran her hands down his backside to his strong thighs, feeling his muscles clench at her touch. Her head swam. "I want you," she whispered. "Right now, against the door."

Her words seemed to set him off. He spun her around so her back was to the door, firmly placed her legs around him, and crushed his bulging erection against her groin. A stream of rough, hot whispers came next. "I want to open you up...touch you all over...make you scream...spread you wide..." All the while he kept her pinned to the door, so only her hips could move.


And here's a few pics to help you understand why I have a thing for firemen...

And if you enjoy reading this genre, you also need to check out Jo Davis and her sexy Firefighter Series. Seriously~ After reading these books, everytime I drove by my local fire dept, I practically broke my neck craning to see if Howard Six Packs worked there...(His story is book One of Davis's books.***WARNING--will cause spontaneous combustion of girly bits.***

Book Four

Book Five

Book Three

Book Two

Book One


  1. OMG...I knew I was going to LOVE you!! LOL We have the same taste in books and as I can see, men also!! ;) I LOVE this series from Jo Davis
    <3 Howard <3
    Great choice--I have The Fireman Who Loved Me in my TBR pile waiting for me to read--After this, I will have to move it up!! LOL :)
    Thanks for stopping by my SCO!!

    1. Mariann...lub you too, boo :)
      My fave in this series, was masterbation scene EVER...and then Julian having sexy times on the hood of his porsche? Jaysus...yeah...all good. But Howard sure knows how to treat a gal in his hot tub, no?
      Thanks for stopping and commenting.

  2. I really want to read this one. I thought the 2nd book sounded more intersting but I have to say OH MY....Fanning my self here with that little teser with a fireman...dirty talking...sexing against a door. Lusting over your pics. SEXY!!! haha you are gonna have us all stalking our fire depts. This 1st book in Jo Davis is that the one where his first encounter with his girl was in his bar or a bar he was working out? Thank you for participating. Have a nice weekend sweetie.

    1. Wickedly Delish~
      I haven't read the blurb of the second book--must go check it out. I am almost finished reading the first, and yummy's great.
      What's so funny is that whenever I pass a firetruck on the hwy, I do a double take--so far, nothing great has caught my I. But then, what the hell would I do if I did see some great man-candy? BWAHHHH
      Jo Davis'....the first book is Howard, and he meets the girl he falls for at a house fire...she is watching her parents house and I think the neighbors house catches fire....funny part in book was when she attacked in later in the book with one of his fishing poles.....Hot smexy scene was in his hot-tub...and one word for you--anal...MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    2. Road Trip..Fireman Bachalor Auction..oops I mean A Book meeting etc..yeah thats what we tell our hubbys..wink. Ok babe had to buy it. I could not wait. I am so bad. Loving it so far. I am at where Grams won Ryan and the boys at the station are messing with him. Loving these guys. I am still at the beginning and love the writing style and great funny moments. I am curious and can not wait to see how Melissa and Brody (got to call him by his last name he doesn't fit a Harry) get together. Already loved their first encounter in the ballroom when she was leaving.
      I think I read the first book Jo davis. The scene with her parents neighbor house catches on fire sound familar. Will have to dig in my boxes of old books and see if I have that one. I do not remember the hot tub smexing..Wow how could I have forgotten that...
      P.S. Thank you for your sexy snippet and great review for About That Night by Julie James. Loved it. Just need to write my review I am serisouly behind. Have like 10 books to review...No pressure babe but keep up the good teaser and reviews..So far bought 2 books I would of never bought if it was not for you and your great work you do on your reviews and your blog. Have a great rest of the week JoLee

    3. Wickedly Delish~
      I am so glad that you bought and loved Julie James's book. It makes me happy that I influenced you :)
      And if you fogot that hot tub scene, shame on you. That scene still tingles the back of my eyelids, lol.
      I am very behind in reviews...I have at least 4-5 that I have finished reading that I HAVE to write today,dammit! :)
      Then, looking at my list, I have 12 yet to read---ACK....thank GAWD I read about 4 books a week.
      Hope you have a great weekend. And thank you for the kind words regarding my blog--it makes me smile hard.
      I love and adore yours as well :)

    4. BTW---Finished The Fireman Who LOVED Me....and her next one comes out May sounded just as great and I can't wait.
      LOVED Brody and Melissa.

    5. Haha those two have a thing for door smexing. I am hooked on this series. At least the next one comes out end of may. Have a nice weekend. Thank you for adoring my blog that also makes me smile.

      P.S. on sundays if interested I host the Wickedly Delcious Couple meme. I can not wait to see what Your lusting for cover is this sunday.


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