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I'd like to welcome author, Parker Kincade, to Where's My Muse as my Guest Blogger today. I am happy to be a part of her blog tour with Sizzling PR.

Thank you so much for allowing me to hijack your blog today C.S.!

My debut novel, One Night Stand, is out today – and I’m excited to be spending my very first release day with all of you.

In One Night Stand, we meet Amanda Martin, the youngest of the Martin siblings…and the only girl. Toss in three overprotective brothers, a wickedly outspoken best friend and a sexy stranger and the results are, well, you’ll find out.

Is it too early for champagne? Wine? Beer? Coffee? Well, whatever your drink of choice, grab it up and get ready to meet the Martins. I know they are ready to meet you!

Go on now. You know you want to…

Releasing and Available for Purchase August 20, 2012
Publication Date: August 20, 2012

Liquid Silver Books

ISBN 978-1-59578-964-8

Amanda Martin has the worst taste in men. After being cheated on not once, but twice, she’s lost all faith in men…and in herself. Determined to regain her confidence, Amanda decides to have a one-night stand. No relationship, no promises, no threat of being hurt again…just sex. What she doesn’t anticipate is meeting a handsome-as-sin stranger who will give her pleasure unlike any she’s ever known.

Joe Sterling has spent his life avoiding relationships, his former job as a military sniper not allowing for such commitments. Now he’s come home to Texas, to let go of the past and to prove he is more than the killer he’s been trained to be.

When Amanda’s life is threatened, Joe’s killer instinct is tested while Amanda struggles to protect her heart.


Joe couldn’t believe his ears. Did Amanda just ask him if he wanted to leave with her? Before he could recover his shock, she was hightailing it out the door. From the moment he’d walked into the bar tonight, he’d been captivated. First by the way she defended herself, next by the vulnerability he felt as he’d held her hand, and then by the way she looked at him as if he were a treat she’d like to eat.

Now he was just plain curious. He’d had women come on to him before. What surprised him was his desire to follow through with this one.

“Hold up, sweetheart.” He snatched her money off the bar. “Jake’s gonna cover your tab tonight, aren’t ya, Jake?” Joe looked at his brother expectantly.

Jake shrugged. “Sure, no problem.”

“Give me one minute.” Joe walked behind the bar and grabbed a full bottle of whiskey. “Don’t leave,” he added as he caught her looking between him and the door.

Jake wagged his eyebrows. “Someone’s finally gonna get laid,” he taunted.

Joe smacked him on the back of the head as he walked by. “Just for that, dickhead, you can pay for this bottle too.” He tried to sound irritated, but he just couldn’t keep the smile from his voice.

It had been a long time since a woman had caught his interest and it felt nice. He’d spent his life avoiding commitments. His former job with the military wasn’t really conducive to the white picket fence kind of lifestyle. He’d been alone most of his life, refusing to get attached to anyone or anything. But this woman…

Damn, she looked good. She dug her hands deep into the pockets of her low-riding jeans as she tapped the sexiest pair of cowgirl boots he’d ever seen against the concrete floor. Her blonde curls tumbled downward, teasing the lower part of her back where her T-shirt had ridden up. Imagining the feel of all that temptingly tanned skin under his tongue made his mouth water. He swore he could already taste her. He grunted as his cock swelled at the thought of licking every inch of her.

He was suddenly very glad he’d stopped in tonight.

Joe held the bottle up as he approached her. “Whiskey okay?”

Her vibrant green eyes latched on to his. “Sure.”

Smiling, he just barely resisted the urge to lean in and kiss her. Instead he trailed his fingers across the exposed skin on her back, resting his palm in the sexy little bend above her belt. The feel of her warm skin had his already engorged erection pressing painfully against his zipper. “Ready?”

“Sure,” she said again.

“Things are gonna go very well for us tonight, Mandy, if you stay so agreeable,” he teased with a wink. He chuckled at her sharp intake of breath as he guided her out the door.

The cool air hit them as they walked outside. Amanda was quiet beside him as he led her across the gravel to the only car left in the parking lot that didn’t belong to Jake. Joe had ridden in on his Harley and there was no way he was putting her on the back of his bike without the proper gear.

He glanced at her apologetically. “While I’d love to take you for a ride on my bike, tonight isn’t that night. Only one helmet,” he said at her puzzled frown. “I can follow you or…” He waited to see if she’d jump in, hoped she’d jump in. Anything to get her talking. “Mandy?”

She shook her head slightly. “No, no. It’s chilly out. Why don’t you ride with me?”

“You okay to drive?” He looked at her with mock sternness and gently raised her abused knuckles to his lips. That earned him a sweet smile.

“I’m sure I can manage.”

Joe sighed and let her hand drop. Maybe she was having second thoughts. He wasn’t sure what had caused her to close off all of a sudden, but one thing was for sure—he was going to play this out. He suddenly wanted to break down her walls and see what was there. He wanted to hear her laugh. He wanted her to cry out his name in pleasure.

He wanted her naked.

Oh yeah, he was going to play this out. “Lead the way, Mandy. I’m all yours.”

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  1. Thanks again for having me today! It's a pleasure to spend my release day with you! ~Parker

    1. Parker~
      Feel free to spend any day here!!! Hope you have a fantastic release day!

    2. Aw, thank you! And I'll come back anytime! :) Love your blog!

    3. Parker,
      I'm glad that you liked my blog-it's hard work with only me...and I am not as computer savvy as I wish :)
      And now that my first manuscript was just accepted, my time really will be limited.
      Feel free to stop and visit any time. It was a joy to have you here.

    4. Yay!! Congrats on your manuscript! I can't wait to hear about it! :)

  2. Congrats, Parker!! This is going to be an awesome book... and love the heroine's name, btw. ;-)

    1. Thanks Mandy! I hope you enjoy it! :)

    2. I really, REALLY, can't wait to read this---Military sniper as a smexy hero? And it takes place in Texas? I am so there!

    3. You'll have to let me know what you think! You can read more about the characters on my website too! :)

    4. Parker,
      I will try to post a review as soon as I read it. Love the blurb!

    5. I can't wait to hear what you think!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it! :)

    2. WD~ Please come back and let me know what you think when you read it. I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

    3. Me too! Let me know that you think!

  4. Where can I buy your book today? I'm very excited!

    1. Right now, you can get it at Amazon and Barnes and Noble will have it soon!

  5. Congrats on your debut novel Parker, it really sounds great and I'm looking forward to reading it.. Best wishes

    1. Thank you, Christine! I hope you enjoy it! :)


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