Tuesday, January 1, 2013


WOW! Amazing just how fast time flies, right? I hope all of you had a safe and fantastic New Year's Eve--and wish you all the best in the upcoming year. 

I have truly enjoyed working on this blog and the friends that I have made along the way (**cough, Francesca, **ahem). I have seen some beautiful and creative blog sites and try to visit often. It's important to support those up-and coming sites as well as spread the word of those you visit frequently. The community and friendship I have found with all of you guys has simply blown me away!. Thank you so much for your support. 

As most of you know, it's just me behind the curtain. And my time will be supremely limited in this coming year. I will try to keep Where's My Muse as a priority, but I MUST finish my manuscript if I ever hope to get it published. 

So, if you see that things sometimes slow down over here--don't give up on me--I'm just holing up in the writing cave and will eventually come out to give a shout to all of you. 

I will still post Book and Author Spotlights, participate in weekly memes more regularly, and do the occasional Blog Hops and Giveaways. 

And as a way to show my appreciation for all those that visit me regularly and keep me entertained with their snarky sense of humor, I'm gonna do a year long giveaway. 

Currently, I have 68 likes over on my facebook profile for Where's My Muse and my followers via GFC is at 350. I have 455 friends over at Goodreads. 

My New Year's Resolution is to increase these numbers and offer a few giveaways as I reach my goal. 

1000 Likes on Facebook Giveaway

If I can reach 1000 followers by the end of the year, I will offer up a $25 Gift Card from Amazon.

1000 GFC Followers

If I can reach 1000 GFC followers by the end of the year, I will offer up a $25 Gift Card from Amazon.

1000 Goodreads Followers

If I can reach 1000 followers over at Goodreads, I will offer up a $25 Gift Card from Amazon.

I'll be working on more details and as I get them will add a page so that you all can check it out. I've never had such a giveaway, so I'll need to look into how to select the winners. I want everyone to have a fair shot at this. And I want this to be fun. So as the year goes on, I'll be doing book giveaways in relation to this one. Keep on the lookout for more information.

You will find my links to these accounts over on the left upper side of my page--
In the meantime ~ have fun clicking that 'Like' button :) and happy reading! 


  1. Posted the link to the book group I help administer (Nikki owns it). So I posted it in the group "Up All Night Books" to help generate you some likes and stuff.

    1. Rao ~ :)
      Hope you had a fantastic NYE--mine was pretty tame, lol.
      You know you rock, right?
      I also saw that you tweeted this and a huge thank you!

    2. Pretty tame here too. Hubby took off on me, leaving me with the boys but he did get KFC for us all and bought me Mike's Hard Lemonade.

      No problem. Glad I could help out in the small way.

      Now if only Winter will just disappear..

    3. RAO~
      Hubby and kids and I went to this restaurant named Chedders which has become one of my fave places to eat. GREAT food.
      Then off to grocery store--home--and in jammies :)
      Ahhhhh....the excitement never stops, lol.
      Waiting for warmer weather myself :)

  2. Damn....I just realized...and don't know...how the hell wasn't I following you before? Well, I am now! :)

    1. Nikki~ LOL
      No worries. I haven't been on writeminded in like FOREVER--I miss all you ladies, but I had to give up some things to reduce so much time on the internet. But part of my New Year's resolution is to stop by more.
      Thank you so much for the follow:) It was great hearing from you~


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