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Title: King Cobra ( Hot Rods, Book One)
Author: Jayne Rylon
Release Date: April 16, 2013

Reviewer purchased own ebook for review 

After Eli’s mother died, his father honored her life’s mission as a social worker by taking in several kids from the wrong side of the tracks. Not all of them stuck, but those who did became Eli’s quasi family.

Their bonds, forged in fires set by their personal demons, are unbreakable—or so Eli wants to believe. Especially since he and Alanso, his best friend and head mechanic, witnessed the overpowering allure of polyamory while visiting the Powertools crew.

Much as Eli would like to deepen the relationships among his foster brothers and sister in the Hot Rods Restoration Team, he’s hesitant to risk everything on a quick romp behind a stack of tires.

But when Eli catches Alanso exploring their mutual fantasy at a known hookup spot in a public park, all bets are off. And Eli must decide if it’s time to jump in full throttle—and trust his instincts to guide him through the night. If the pair of mechanics can dodge the potholes in their own relationship, maybe they can race together toward the unconventional arrangement with Mustang Sally they both desire.

Warning: Fasten your seatbelts, this is going to be a wild (and naughty) ride!

Book Review

Jayne's books are not for the faint of heart--they ooze such highly charged erotic scenes to literally melt your eyeballs.

I was a fan of her Powertools Series which contained sizzling sex, as well as an emotional punch to the solar plexus. Her heroes are drool worthy, loyal, and sweet for the women in their lives. 

And it looks like Jayne will be spinning another sensual series with the Hot Rods.

Eli and Alanso pay a visit to Joe ( a character from the Powertools series--and cousin to Eli) and are shocked at the poly-amorous relationship that the crew have with their wives. This highly unusual relationship works for them and the love between them is evident. 

But watching a sensual scene between some of the crew,  leaves Eli wondering if such a relationship can exist between the men and one woman that work at his garage. 

Eli has felt a stirring of sexual attraction for the sexy Cuban, Alanso, but the others of their elite group are like brothers and a sister to him. Can he risk starting something between all of them and risk losing them all? 

Despite Eli's sexual frustration he refuses to act on his desires. That is, until Alanso throws down with others and Eli is left watching. 

Holy. Shit. Cakes. Erotic doesn't begin to cover the steamy scenes in this novella. But let's not leave out the closeness between these people. It's not a free-for-all of open sexy times without any emotions.

Eli, Alanso, and the others have grown up together and have been close almost their whole lives. They have stood by each other, working side by side and the bonds of friendship and love for one another is strong. 

But when Eli and Alanso finally come together in one night of passion, someone will get hurt and run away--leaving Eli and Alanso determined to get their woman back.  By their side, in their bed. Where she rightfully belongs. 



Mustang Sally will be released June 4, 2013. 


  1. You are spot on about Jayne's stories. They are full of intense emotions and sexy that is smoking hot!

    1. Paula~
      Thank you for reading my review of Jayne's King Cobra. I cannot wait to see where she takes us in this series.!


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