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I often get asked how it is that I can have four children and still have a full-time job too as a working writer. And honestly, there is no cut and dry answer.  Not for me.  I’m sure there are women out there who have children and write who are regimented and scheduled, so they write every day.  Regardless of what is happening around them.

I’m not one of them.  My life is too busy for that.  Try as I do (and I’m pretty darned good at it, actually) I just can’t organize my life well enough to carve out a two hour block every day.  Mostly because life with young children is unpredictable.  Or maybe it’s because I’m just not built that way.
So, how is it that I have four children and still manage to produce books regularly?  The answer is this:  I’m flexible.  I wish I had a set schedule every day in which I sat at my desk and wrote.  Uninterrupted.

But I don’t.

So I’ve learned to work around my life.  And, I’ve learned how to drop every chore I’m doing at the drop of a hat when opportunity to work comes knocking.  You know, those precious few minutes when all the children are occupied and not calling, “Mom!” for one reason or another.  Or, when the house is quiet and everyone is sleeping (although I can usually only put in about an hour of work before sleep lures me under too).  I have even been known to write in my car while I’m waiting for my kids to meet me after school.
My point is this: When it comes to writing, if you love it you will find a way.  For me, I’ve found a way that doesn’t compromise my desire to be a fully engaged and present parent.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t ever feel frustrated by the lack of structure.  I do.  And I know that some day in the near future when my two littlest are in school that I’ll have it.

But right now I have a house full of life and commotion, laughter and love.  I also have a job that I adore and am so thankful for.  It’s always a juggling act between the two.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The sexy baseball players of Jennifer Seasons' Diamonds and Dugouts series slide into home with a final fiery romance worthy of a World Series win. 

Nightclub manager Leslie Cutter has never been one to back down from a bet. So when Peter Kowalskin, pitcher for the Denver Rush baseball team, bets her that she can't keep her hands off of him, she's not about to let the arrogant, gorgeous playboy win. Especially when the prize could put her business on the map. She's got this in the bag, just so long as she can stay out of his arms … and his bed. 

Peter struck out once before with Leslie, but this bet is sure to be the second chance he's been waiting for. Determined to stoke the passion he knows is there, he'll do anything to win—even if it means playing a little dirty. 

But as things heat up, this combustible pair will have to decide just how much they're willing to wager on one another … and on a future that just might last forever.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome giveaway love a good sport romance added to my list

    1. Lorie~ You are welcome. I love a rugged athlete in in romance :)


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