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Title: Wicked As They Come (Blud, Book One)
Author: Delilah S. Dawson
Release Date: March 27, 2012

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First in a steampunk-tinged paranormal romance series in which a woman is transported to a world filled with vampires and magic. 

First in a steampunk-tinged paranormal romance series in which a woman is transported to a world filled with vampires and magic. 

When nurse Tish Everett forced open the pesky but lovely locket she found at an estate sale, she had no idea she was answering the call of Criminy Stain, from the far off land of Sang. He'd cast a spell for her, but when she's transported right to him, she's not so sure she's ready to be under the spell of another man. (It didn't go so well last time with controlling, abusive, domineering Jeff.) If only Criminy wasn't so deliciously rakish. 

Half the inhabitants of Sang are Pinkies--human-- and the other half are Bludmen, who in Tish's world would be called vampires. But they don't mess with any of the bat/coffin/no sunlight nonsense. They're rather like you and me, just more fabulous, long living, and mostly indestructible. (They're also very good kissers.) But when the evil Mayor of Manchester (formerly Bludchester) redoubles his efforts to rid Sang of the Bludmen once and for all, stealing Tish's locket in hopes of traveling back to her world himself for reinforcements, Criminy and Tish must battle ghosts, sea monsters, wayward submarines, a secret cabal, and thundering Bludmares to get the locket back and allow Tish to return home, but has she found love with Criminy? Could she stay in Sang forever?

Book Review 

I love to find a book that isn't like all the rest out there in the world of fiction. And Wicked As They Come is about as different as it gets.  I found it strange, yet very provocative. I couldn't put it down. 

Tish Everett is a likable heroine who has just come out of a bad relationship. Her ex was very controlling--to the point where Tish swears she will never be under a man's control ever again. 

When one of Tish's patient's dies, her estate is put up for sale and Tish attends -- and finds an odd locket that calls to her. Inside the locket is a picture of a man; one that is dark, sexy, and seems to be daring her with a knowing look. Not meaning to, she 'steals' it, and that night finds herself transported to a different world. 


And the man from the locket is waiting for her. Has been waiting for her. 

Sang is unlike any world I have read in fiction--unique, quirky, and appealing. With pink clouds that you can almost touch, Bludbunnies that want to suck you dry, and a traveling circus guarded by a cute clockwork monkey. 

Criminy Stain is a very different hero. He's a Bludman who has paid for a love spell to find the one woman who will be his match in every way. And that woman is Tish. 

Although Tish fights the attraction, she is pulled to this strange man. And the bizarre world that is known as Sang charms Tish as well. But how can she stay in this strange place, when she is needed in her own world? Can she choose desire over her responsibilities back home? 

If that weren't enough to confuse a girl, Tish discovers she isn't the only human from her world making a life in Sang. And someone in power wants Tish and the locket she wears. 

And will do anything to get it. Even if it means her death.

Or Criminey's. 

If you are craving something a little different, strange, yet very bewitching in its entirety...Wicked As They Come promises to deliver. 

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