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Top Ten Book Boyfriends of 2011

I love to read because I love to put myself in the wonderful, vibrant worlds that the author create. I guess that's why I seem to gravitate to paranormal more so than any other genre. But, if the author does his or her job, I will read almost anything.

I get excited when a writer creates such vivid three-dimensional characters-so vivid, that they seem "REAL".
And when an author creates a world that has me wanting to pack my bags and move there in the series? Well, that's just the icing on the cake.

No one does that better than the WARDen in my world., er...her world...ahem...whatever. I want to move to Caldwell, NY--

Ah...I seemed to have gotten a little side tracked.
We were supposed to be talking about Favorite Fictional Boyfriends, right?  I heard the words and my brain immediately went to the BDB.
I'll take them all please and thankyouverymuch. I tend to be a greedy bitch, my bad.

So I'll start with...

1. Vishous ~Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Warden 
The name alone makes mah hoohah perk up and wave the white flag of surrender. He is one of the baddest bad-ass fictional characters-NOTE--I said one of....there are just so many to choose from. And I CANNOT pick a top one. It's just impossible. So these are in NO WAY in any type of order.

I have seen tens of thousands, okay maybe not that many--but a lot--of pictures that fans have made. And I'm sorry...none of them do V justice to the vision I have of him nekked..er...in my head. But the cover of the book is pretty damn close---

And I just found this one surfing the net...and GAH--it's a really great interpretation, too.  **SHIVERS**
V is by no means touchy-feely. He's hard, abrupt, gives the cut direct, and loves to 'play' in his dungeoun of toys-please take me there.
"When I want you to beg, I'll tell you."

2.Bones ~ Night Huntress Series by Jeanine Frost
I hear his voice in my head and he says very naughty things to me. And what he can do with his fangs to your girly bits is just so damn HAWT-it puts me in my happy place just thinking about it. But he slays me with the romanctic things he says--

"Kitten your hands are heaven and your eyes are my home."

3.  Acheron ~ Dark Hunters Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Ash's story is pure torture to read. I cried, sobbed, and have re-read it. But it's painful-the torture he survived will rip you to shreds. His silver swirling eyes, shit-kickers, rock T's, his ever changing hair and Simi tatt are down right sexy. He has strength and honor and his vulnerabilities will tug at your heart strings. There are many Ash-isms that I love, but my fave is "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."
And I couldn't find a decent fan pic of him, so I'll just post a pic of his tatt.

4.  Sam Starrett ~ Troubleshooters Series by Suzanne Brockmann
Three words--BAD ASS SEAL.  Sam is a Navy SEAL that we meet and get to follow in several of Suzanne's books. He first appears as a jerk--He's tall, Texan, and loves peanut M&M's. Oh....and chocolate syrup.

...Oh, he liked the sound of that. He liked the way she was looking at the syrup, looking at him. His body was responding enthusiastically, even though it was still just a little too soon. But give him fifteen more minutes with Alyssa Locke and a bottle of chocolate syrup...Oh, baby, he'd be ready for anything.

She opened the top, squeezed some of the syrup onto one finger.

He took her hand, looked directly into her sea green eyes, and slowly licked her finger clean.

Alyssa shivered.

And Sam knew that no matter how much he'd loved chocolate in the past, from now on, it was going to hold an even more special place in his heart.

As a reader you get to see his character grow and just how huge his heart is. The bond he has with Jules is heart-warming. And the things that fly out of his mouth are just so damn funny.
"Yeah, I was just practicing being an asshole.  It takes hard work and constant dedication to my craft to excel the way I do..."
5.  Nathan Malone from Elite Ops Series by Lora Leigh (Wild Card-Book One)
Nathan is another tortured hero who fights his inner demons-hides his identity-and watches over his wife, Bella, to protect her. And in order to do that---he must remain "dead".
Bella, a widow, is fighting the growing attraction to the man working as a mechanic in her late husband's garage. He seems so damn familair....

6..  James 'Dawg' Mackay ~ Nauti Boy Series by Lora Leigh (Nauti Nights)
Dawg is dirty---a very, very, dirty boy--and me lickey...er likey. LOL.
Did I mention he rides a motorcycle and he likes it dirty?

7.  Jace Seymore ~ Sinners on Tour Series by Olivia Cunning
He may be the shy, quiet one out of the loud, obnoxious, and partying boys of The Sinners--but don't let that fool you. It's always those quiet ones that you need to look out for. And did I mention? He's into kink. Yep, I'm sold.

8.  Cullen ~Master of the Shadowlands Series (Lean On Me) by Cherise Sinclair
Two words---Master.Cullen.
Yes, sir.
I'm starting to see a theme here, lol.

9. Reyes ~ Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones
Satan's son--he HAS to be sinfully delish, no?

10. Jericho Barrons ~ The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
When I think of Barrons, I think DARK, Delicious, and DARK...he and Mac verbally fuck each other for months--and the sexual tension is HIGH in these books. And when Mac is fighting the lust after the 3rd book? Barrons is such a gentleman, lol.....Mac stays in his bed for days. Me=Jealous.

Who are your Top Ten MEN?


  1. OK....you know damn good and well that Dawg is MINE! You are clearly mistaken when you name him as one of your boyfriends!! Just wait till I get a hold of you at Lori's! At least you had the smarts to not name Wrath! Now that would have made me get on a plane and kick some ass!!

    Love you!

  2. Ok, here are mine, in no particular order. I know Gayle is going to kick my butt for #1 tho LOL!

    1. Wrath (BDB)
    2. Smoke (He's in the Mageverse series by Angela Knight)
    3. Bran (Velvet Haven by Sophie Renwick)
    4. Mercury (Mercury's War by Lora Leigh)
    5. Lucan (Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian)
    6. Gator (Night Game by Christine Feehan)
    7. Ty (Eternal Pleasure by Nina Bangs)
    8. Lyon (Desire Untamed by Pamela Palmer)
    9. Lucas (Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh)
    10. Brody (Coming Undone by Lauren Dane)

  3. Least she did not mention my Bear Deveraux Peltier. I would have to put a world of hurt.... Hey I had a campaign going about white outing Samia/Sam's name to instert Rao/Raonaid

  4. i so need 2 read about bones


  5. Gayle,
    LOL--Come and get me, beeotch. :) I KNEW you would have something to say when I put Dawg on my list. We have to rotate him on a schedule. HAH!
    Wrath is ALL yours, mate. He doesn't do it for me. However, making me into a Butch/V sandwich? THAT sounds yummy, no?

  6. Connie-
    LOVE your list and the fact that you invited Gayle's wrath (heheheh) at your number one pick. I haven't read your number 2,3,6,or 7 choices. 2012 will be a busy year for me to catch up, lol.

  7. RAO--
    It's all Rao's fault,lol.
    How the hell are ya?
    I didn't forget your fixation on the BEAR--there are some yummy-delish men in the Dark Hunter series...I have a thing for Vane...and Fang...YUMMMMM

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Roro--and YES--you MUST read Bones....

  9. Well Smoke is in a few of the Mageverse series before he gets his own book. And OMG you have to read 3, 6, and 7!!!!

  10. Trish - LOL!! Never gets old seeing that.

    Doing alright. Getting over a crappy Christmas. Reading Elisabeth Naughton's WAIT FOR ME waiting for my ARC of Kleypas's Rainshadow Road. Use to have a thing for Acheron but well after a funny thing that happened in dark hunter chat I started after Dev.

    Seriously need the first two book in the Bones series. I got At Grave's End, Wedding From hell, Destined for an early grave, Eternal Kiss of Darkness and One Grave at a time.

  11. 1 - Wrath/JR Ward
    2 - Zsadist/JR Ward
    3 - Bones/Frost
    4 - Barrons/Moning
    5 - Dawg/Leigh Nauti Series
    6 - Mac Canfield/Burton Wild Riders
    7 - Howard/Jo Davis - Firestation 5
    8 - Wraith/Ione
    9 - Logan/Bella Andre - Wild Heat
    10- Dean Connor/Foster Causting Havoc

  12. Gayle...I have Mac's book in the TBR--I've gotta read that one. Howard was one that I almost chose too--and where the hell is Reseph on your list? Have you dropped him like a hot potato? Why?
    Man I love Foster's Fighter series-My fave was Sublime...
    Damn, now I gotta read Wild Heat...too many great Alpha males out there.

  13. RAO---Where is your list, boo? Or is all of that just for Dev? LOL

  14. Procrastinating...
    Plus I've been reading Naughton's Indie release and letting a friend distract me

  15. Take it the top ten has to be from books I read in 2011 right?

  16. RAO,
    You're excused, lol. And yes, the list is from your top ten of 2011.


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