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My Favorite Top Reads of 2012 

Okay, 2012 is almost over (WTF) and 2013 is tapping its foot impatiently around the corner. 

As I am writing this post, I have read over 200 books in 2012. I met and surpassed my Goodreads Challenge of 125. So what were some of your favorite reads of the year? 

~ Here is my list for my favorites ~ 

*Best Book (CR, E PN, UF, H) ADULT ( in no particular order)

1. Lothaire ~ Kresley Cole
2. Shadow’s Claim ~ Kresley Cole
3. Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet ~ Darynda Jones
4. Bared to You ~ Sylvia  Day 
5. Rapture ~ JR Ward
6. Seducing Cinderella ~ Gina Maxwell
7. Firelight ~ Kristen Callihan

8. The Fireman Who Loved Me ~ Jennifer Bernard
9. Lover Reborn ~ JR Ward
10. Crash Into You ~ Roni Loren
11. Fury of Fire ~ Coreene Callahan
12. Fever ~ Joan Swan
13. Born To Darkness ~ Suzanne Brockmann
14. Echoes at Dawn ~ Maya Banks
15. Double Down ~ Katie Porter
16. Undeniable ~ Madeline Sheehan

*Best Book in Young Adult and New Adult Fiction ( C, PN, UF)

1. Poison Princess ~ Kresley Cole
2. Pushing the Limits ~ Katie McGarry
3. What I Didn’t Say ~ Keary Taylor
4. The Golden Lily ~ Richelle Mead
5. Immortal City ~ Scott Spear
6. Death and The Girl Next Door ~ Darynda Jones
7. City of Lost Souls  ~ Cassandra Clare
8. Obsidian ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
9. The Immortal Rules ~ Julie Kagawa
10. Easy ~ Tammara Webber
11. The Edge of Never ~ J.A. Redmerski
12. The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden ~ Jessica Soreson 

*New-to-Me Favorite Authors of the Year—haven’t read author prior to 2012 – Not necessarily first published in 2012, although some are debut authors. 

1. Cassie Alexander ( Edie Spence Series-Paranormal)
2. Jessica Clare  (Blubonnet Series)

3. Cherrie Lynn (Ross Siblings Series)
4. Roni Loren (Crash Into You)
5. Samantha Young (On Dublin Street)
6. Toni Aleo (Taking Shots)
7. Katie Porter (Vegas Top Guns Series)
8. Gina Maxwell (Seducing Cinderella)
9. Macy Beckett (Sultry Springs Series )
10. Cari Quinn (No Flowers Required)
11. Elle Aycart (More Than Meets The Ink and Heavy Issues)
12. Pamela Palmer (I-Team Series)
13. Jessica Sorenson
14. Laura Griffin
15. Kelly Jamieson

*Best New Series for 2012—Must Reads 

1. Julie Ann Walker’s Black Knights Inc.
2. Jeaniene Frost’s Night Prince
3. Laura Kaye’s The Hero Series
4. Cassie Alexander’s Edie Spence Series
5. Kresley Cole’s The Dacians: Realm of Blood and Mist
6. Samantha Young’s On Dublin Street Series
7. Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series
8. Macy Beckett’s Sultry Springs Series
9. Joan Swan’s Phoenix Rising Series
10. Lori Foster’s Love Undercover Series
11. Pamela Palmer’s Vamp City Series
12. Gina Maxwell’s Fighting For Love Series
13. Kristen Callahan’s Darkest London Series
14. Jessica Clare’s Bluebonnet Series
15. Elle Kennedy’s Killer Instinct Series
16. Jennifer Bernard’s The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel Series
17. Roni Loren’s Loving on the Edge Series 
18. Coreene Callahan’s Dragonfury Series

*Favorite Covers of 2012 –again, has original publication date of 2012.

1. Lothaire ~ Kresley Cole
2. A Perfect Storm ~ Lori Foster (Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor Series, Book Four)
3. Fever ~ Joan Swan (Phoenix Rising Series)
4. Crash Into You ~ Roni Loren Couple 
5. Bared To You ~ Sylvia Day ( The Original Cover) Couple
6. Her Forbidden Hero ~ Laura Kaye (Hero #1 Series) Couple
7. Savage Awakening ~ JD Tyler (Alpha Pack, Book 2 Series)

8. Echoes at Dawn ~ Maya Banks 
9. Double Time ~ Olivia Cunning (Sinners on Tour) Couple-Triad
10. Seducing Cinderella ~ Gina Maxwell (Fighting for Love Series)  Couple 
11. Rogue Rider ~ Larissa Ione (Lords of Deliverance Series, Book 4)       Couple 
12. No Flowers Required ~ Cari Quinn (Love Required Series, Book 2)    Couple 
13. One Night With A Hero ~ Laura Kaye (Hero #2 Series)   Couple 
14. The Mighty Storm ~ Samantha Towle (Storm, Book 1)    Couple 
15. Leave Me Breathless ~ Cherrie Lynn    Couple 

*Looking forward to in 2013 (Adult)

1. Lover At Last ~ JR Ward 
2. Up From the Grave ~ Jeaniene Frost 
3. Twice Tempted ~ Jeaniene Frost
4. Styxx ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon

5. MacRieve ~ Kresley Cole
6. Entwined With You ~ Sylvia Day
7. Fifth Grave Past The Light ~ Darynda Jones
8. Shades of Gray ~ Maya Banks 
9. Hot Ticket ~ Olivia Cunning
10. Striking Distance ~ Pamela Clare
11. One Sweet Ride ~ Jaci Burton
12. Winter Blaze ~ Kristen Callahan
13. Ours To Love ~ Shayla Black
14. Thrill Ride ~ Julie Ann Walker
15. Fall Into You ~ Roni Loren

*Looking forward to in 2013 (Young Adult)

1. Clockwork Princess ~ Cassandra Clare
2. The Indigo Spell ~ Richelle Mead
3. Inferno (Chronicles of Nick) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
4. The Eternity Cure ~ Julie Kagawa
5. Death, Doom, and Detention ~ Darynda Jones
6. Swear ~ Amanda Hocking
7. Black Fallen ~ Elle Jasper
8. Just One Day ~ Gayle Forman
9. Natural Born Angel ~ Scott Spear
10. Antigoddess ~ Kendare Blake

*Sleeper of the year--didn't think I'd like it as much as I did

*Book that made me sob aloud until I could no longer see the words

*Book that gave me a complete WTF moment with the ending

*Best M/M Romance of the Year

*Author of the Year
Kresley Cole

*Best Fictional Character of 2012
Lothaire ~ Kresley Cole

*Best sex scene that to this day still echoes in my head--made me laugh out loud and squirm...a lot.

Lothaire ~ Kresley Cole

"My poor, poor vampire" -- she tongued one of his nipples, making him shudder -- "all you ever wanted was me in a red teddy, giving you head."
Somehow he tensed even more. Voice gone hoarse, he asked, "Am I to have what I want at last?"
"No." She removed her gown all the way, tossing it aside. "Only the head."
"I suppose I'll have to make do."
Her lips curled. "I'm hungry for you, Lothaire."
"Are you, then?" His tone was dubious.
"When I sucked your thumb, I imagined it was the crown." She continued her trail downward. "I've dreamed of it, too."
So that is what she dreams of? "Your behavior is...unexpected."
"Now, I've never done this before, so I won't be quite as expert at it like I was at riding you." 
Insolent chit. 

And yeah--this book also made my favorite audio book of the year. Although, truthfully--I only listened to two books. (Big Smile).  

Please leave a comment and let me know what some of your favorite reads of the year were--I'd LURVE to hear from you.

Happy New Year!


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I loved your list :) There are quite a few you put that I really wanted to add to my list (Leave Me Breathless, The BDB books, etc.) but my list was getting out of hand so I kept it to 20! I like how you broke them all into categories! Happy and healthy New Year! And new follower <3

    1. Whoops...I wrote my comment below separately. My bad.
      Hope you had a great New Year!

  2. The Book List Reviews:
    And a huge thank you back at'cha! :)
    My list was a wee-bit crazy as well. There were some that I so wanted to add. But I had to stop it somewhere:)
    And a huge HUGE huge thank you for the follow back!

  3. Great list! I loved Lothaire, Easy and Obsidian too! New follower by the way from Heather's Book Chatter

    1. Heather~
      Thank you soooo much for the follow. It made me smile hard.
      You had some great pics of your faves.
      Happy new Year!


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