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Title: Rock Star (Groupie, Book 2)
Author: Ginger Voight
Release Date: September 25, 2012 

Reviewer purchased own copy of eBook 

"Rock Star" is the highly anticipated sequel to Ginger Voight's Rock and Roll Rubenesque saga, which began with the sizzling debut of "Groupie." For those who have been anxious to see what has become of Andy, Vanni and Graham... buckle your seat belts. You're in for a thrilling new ride right through the dark underbelly of fame. 

In the second book in the series, readers get insight into the mind of the romantic hero, Giovanni Carnevale, as he reaches the pinnacle of success as a world wide rock star. Everyone wants a piece of him, but all he wants is the one thing he can't have. He's angry and he's entitled, with ample opportunity to make really bad decisions. The combination proves explosive.

Andy must watch from the sidelines as her beloved Vanni falls victim to grifters, scandals and alcoholism thanks to this self-destructive behavior. Things come to an emotional head when his estranged father comes on the scene just when Vanni thinks things can't get any worse.

Darkness shadows Graham Baxter as he begins his journey as a paraplegic. The powerful mogul bitterly handles this new vulnerability by lashing out at the people who could help him the most. He needs Andy more than ever, pulling her in yet another hopeless direction. Andy is put in the impossible situation of keeping the most important promise she has ever made, or saving the man that she can't help but love.

Author Ginger Voight turns up the scandals, secrets, passion and heartbreak to 11 in a very Jackie Collins type of way. Flawed characters face excess and all the pitfalls that entails. They fight as hard as they can to hold onto anything real in the fake world of celebrity.

Book Review

I fell in love with this series back in October 2011. The writing of Ginger Voight's book, Groupie, just sang to me. I couldn't stop reading the book and had to finish it! It was like watching a horrible train wreck or car accident. My eyes were wide open, devouring every word as fast as I could read them. Vanni and Andy's relationship was brutal. It was like a kick in the gut and made me curse aloud. 

Thank god there was a sequel! I had a huge WTF moment at the end of the first book. 

Rock Star takes place pretty much immediately where Groupie ended. Vanni returns to his home in L.A. He is hurt, angry, and turns to the bottle to drown his sorrows. He cannot believe that Andy has turned him down. He finally gave his heart to a woman and she decides to stay with another man. Unable to deal with his loss, he drinks his pain away and turns to several nameless women to help ease the ache. 

Andy sees things a bit differently. How can she leave Graham when he took a bullet for her? He's paralyzed and needs someone to be by his side. Guilt is the main culprit to why Andy stays, but she does love Graham. It's just not the all consuming passion that she has for Vanni. She views her time with Graham as temporary and hopes that Vannie will hold out and wait for her. 

Both Vannie and Andy have some major growing up to do and some heavy issues to solve. And along the way, some people are very determined to see that Andy and Vanni never get back together.

There are several new players in Rock Star that will become very important for different reasons:

(1.) Maggie, a nurse who specializes in treating paraplegics, shows up and pushes Graham to find the will to want to walk again. She ignores his threats to fire her (which he does numerous times) and and forms a bond with Andy--the two women become friends, despite the strangeness of their situation. Maggie has her own reasons for not giving up on Graham. Could one of them be that she is falling in love with him?

(2.) Holly, aka The Bitch, as I like to call her. She comes across as this sweet and innocent girl who wants nothing more than to help Vanni when he needs a good friend. Her brother, Julian, is the newest guitarist of Dreaming in Blue--Vanni's band--and her sickeningly sweet persona was about to make me puke a little in my mouth. You know she has a hidden agenda and you hope Vanni is too smart to fall for it. 

(3.) Leo --who is not actually new to the books, but he definitely has an important role in Rock Star.  I wanted to strangle the S.O.B. on several occasions. He is poison and he helps push Vanni over the edge in the wrong direction. 

The web of deceit in Rock Star is thick and tangled beyond belief. It seems like an insurmountable mountain that Vanni and Andy will never be able to surpass. There is much heart ache throughout for all and at the end, just when you think the pieces click in place--FINALLY--there is an evil waiting around the corner, just waiting to ruin the bit of happiness that Vanni and Andy have finally found. 

Mogul, the last book of the emotional trilogy is expected to be released February 5. And if you visit my website on February 15, I will have a spotlight/review of Mogul for your perusal. 

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